University Talent Center Announces Winners of the Creative and Entrepreneurship Competition

King Khalid University - Media Center


The Creativity, Talent and Entrepreneurship Center at King Khalid University announced the winners of the student entrepreneurship competition in each category as follows:




  • 1st Place: Fawaz Al-Shehri and his team for their 'Encryption Algorithm Project';
  • 2nd Place: Khalid Ghazzwani and his team for their 'Solar and Water-Powered Vehicle' project;
  • 3rd Place: Adeeb Al-Shahrani and his team, for their 'Pneumatic Vehicle' project.


Graduation Projects


  • 1st Place: Mohammed Al-Ahmari and his team, for their 'Solar Energy and IoT System in Agriculture' project;
  • 2nd Place: Abdullah Meryf and his team, for their 'Smart Utern' project;
  • 3rd Place: Fawaz Al-Qarni and his team, for their 'Morinqa Seeds for Water Purification' project.




  • 1st Place: Ali Amer Asiri for his project 'Healthy Restaurant';
  • 2nd Place: Saeed Masoud Al-Yami for his project 'Flower Hut';
  • 3rd Place: Ziad Abu Daham for his project 'Decoration'.



  • 1st Place: Khalid Al-Asmari and his team, for 'Retail Renting Applications';
  • 2nd Place: Ahmad Al-Samadi and his team, for the 'National Initiative to Teach the Chinese Language' project;
  • 3rd Place: Salha Assiri and her team, for the 'The Art of Coffee' project.


University Creativity, Talent and Entrepreneurship Director, Dr. Mohammed Al-Maghribi, said that the competition was designed to develop and exhibit the innate talents and creativity of the students. He further noted that the goal of the Center is to inspire business innovation and spread cultural awareness. The Center is committed to providing the human capital necessary for the national development plan, and economic expansion within the region and throughout the Kingdom. Creative entrepreneurs will also make the nation more competitive internationally across many fields and disciplines.


Al-Maghribi noted that 90 students competed in the event. Panels of learned faculty members evaluated and judged each of the projects in the various categories. This annual event is an important tool for pushing the boundaries of student achievement in their chosen disciplines.