University Conducts Workshops on Digital Transformation

King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University recently conducted several training workshops under the Digital Transformation Initiative. King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, sponsored the events in collaboration with the General Directorate of Information Technology.


The first workshop was titled 'Techniques to Managing Electronic Content Using Drupal'. This presentation focused on the development of original content specifically utilizing images and translations. Other issues addressed include web page design and website management (ie. Bootstrap). The workshop finished with a discussion of content archiving procedures.


The second session was titled 'Tools to Enrich Arabic Electronic Content'. It explored the importance of Arabic language content on the internet. The presentation reviewed current Arabic language websites and internet resources. In addition, there was a lengthy discussion about strategies and resources for publishing original Arabic content and ways in which certain resources support multi-lingual content. The session concluded with a presentation on Wikipedia publishing and languages.


The third workshop titled 'An Overview of Digital Virtual Laboratories at King Khalid University and its Components' explained the laboratories on university campuses utilize virtual hardware technology (VPCC), to effectuate centralized management of laboratory equipment and technology.


The event also included a session titled 'Digital Ambassadors Meeting for Google Account Services'. The presenters reviewed the uses for Google Cloud Services, which is provided through the IT Department to all university employees free of charge. This technical training session explained how to create and modify spreadsheets and documents using Google Drive to save files on the worldwide cloud. The team also provided explanations on how to use Google for task management and keeping notes, along with a brief review of optional services available to university faculty and staff.


Another session titled 'Automating the University's Services and its Impact on Digital Transformation' discussed the concept of digital transformation, the goals of digital transformation and the strategies for re-engineering IT procedures at the university. Dr. Khaled Suhaim, CIO Salim Alelyani, and Vice CIO Mohammed Al-Saqer discussed the Kingdom's digital vision and the role of universities in digital transformation.