King Khalid University Hosts Student Affairs Directors From Universities Around the Kingdom

King Khalid University - Media Center

Vice Rector of Female Student Affairs, Dr. Khlood Abu Melha, hosted several student affairs directors from universities around the Kingdom at the closing ceremony of student activities at King Khalid University for this academic year. In her opening remarks, Dr. Abu Melha explained that her mission is to provide the necessary environment and tools for outstanding student achievement and continuous improvement of major university functions. Vice Dean of Female Student Affairs, Dr. Fatimah Shaban, further explained that all university student affairs efforts are an investment in the professional and civic development of future graduates. Student affairs professionals are there to encourage academic achievement, and support students' latent talents. She also related that young people are the future of the nation and a necessary element of the national development strategy.


Ceremony attendees watched a documentary film that encourages student development. Later there was an awards ceremony honoring various student affairs unit officers including:


  • Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts at Ahad Rufaida, Dr. Salma Abdullah Al-Gharabi;
  • Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science in Rijal Alma, Dr. Abeer Zaher Al-Almaie;
  • Ms. Hanadi Shahrani;
  • Ms. Maryam Al-Mahia.


In addition, awards were conferred upon some of the outstanding clubs and school organizations operating among the universities including:


  • Student Club in the College of Arts and Science at Ahad Rufaida (First Place);
  • Community College in Abha (Second Place);
  • College of Home Economics (Third Place);
  • College of Arts and Science (Fourth Place);
  • College of Arts and Science in Tanumah (Fifth Place).


At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Dean and Vice Dean of Student Affairs thanked His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy as well as the organizers and participants.