University Concludes Participation in IECHE 2019 With Keynote Workshops

King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University concluded its participation in the 8th International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education with four workshops delivered by a group of specialists. On the final day of the International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education, Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ahmed Al-Faya, held a workshop titled 'Graduate Programs at King Khalid University and 2030 Vision Alignment in the Labor Market'. The workshop discussed the graduate programs at King Khalid University and highlighted the relation of the programs to the labor market.


On the same note, King Khalid University Chief Information Officer, Dr. Salem Alelyani, presented a workshop titled 'Artificial Intelligence in Education', which discussed artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their practical utilzation capabilities in education. He also elaborated on the use of artificial intelligence in problem-solving in education. Director of the Corporate Governance Center, Dr. Mari Al-Habash, presented a workshop on 'Governance in Saudi Universities: A Model for Implementing the 2030 Vision'. He addressed the concept of university governance, its importance, elements, and methods. He followed with a number of recommendations related to the achievement of Vision 2030.


Dr. Ashraq Al-Khabaz, Senior Education Counselor at the Embassy of the United States of America, held a meeting with King Khalid University's students. She explained the procedures for selecting a specialization for a scholarship program, how to solve visa problems, how to write a proposal and a statement of purpose.


Advisor to the Undersecretary of Higher Education, Dr. Iman Khayyal, visited the university's pavilion along with a number of leading figures from Imam Muhammad bin Saud University, Al Qassim University and the Ministry of Education's Research and Development Office.


Of noteworthy mention, university volunteers staffed the pavilion and provided information about school programs and initiatives to a great number of visitors. The staff had both print and digital media available to the public. The volunteers were available throughout the day to answer questions from guests.