University Hosts Cybersecurity Training Program for Government Employees

King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University sponsored a three-day course on cybersecurity. The 3-day course was conducted by the Department of Cybersecurity and titled 'Protecting Individuals and Institutions Against Cyberbullying'. The course was geared to government agencies in the Asir region.


This course is part and parcel of a public cybersecurity initiative. It also falls under the purview of the recently established Cybersecurity Administration. The purpose of the program is to raise awareness of cybersecurity risks and discuss various strategies and methods for mitigating said risks.


Department of Security Governance and Awareness Director, Prof. Firas Shahbi, explained that human beings are almost always the weakest point in any electronic security system. Employee ignorance or lack of diligence with respect to securing information systems is the number one factor in the vulnerability of secured electronic systems. Raising awareness of the risks and educating employees is a critical need and should be a primary objective of any integrated cybersecurity program.


In his presentation, Shahbi reviewed fundamental concepts and basic terminology of cybersecurity. He then presented some important statistics and global cybersecurity trends. He gave examples of the reasons for and basic tenets of cyber-attacks on government agencies. He then explained various security stratagems focusing on internal policies, procedures, and risk management programs. Again, he emphasized the human element as the greatest risk factor in electronic security. Finally, he outlined some of the essential technical solutions that also help mitigate the risk of cyber attacks.


Of noteworthy mention, the Cybersecurity Administration seeks to enhance cybersecurity by raising awareness of relevant issues and conducting workshops for government agencies on the importance of data security.