Students Take Leadership Role in Intellectual Security and Social Media Awareness

King Khalid University - Media Center


Recently, the university held an Intellectual Security Forum (Digital Citizenship). The Intellectual Awareness Unit conducted the forum on behalf of King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy. On Monday morning, there were two plenary student sessions regarding practical application of intellectual security theories.


Five participants attended the first scientific session. It was led by Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University student Mohammed Al-Aqeel. He presented a research paper on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking and their impact on society.


Next, Taif University student, Basma Al-Qurashi, discussed the social, cultural, and economic implications of social media and modern internet-based communication in the modern age. She further explored both the benefits and social burdens of social media usage in the Kingdom.


King Faisal University student, Salman Al-Aeed, presented a paper on the new media concept and its implications for intellectual integrity. He explained how the low-barriers to entry in modern publication and broadcasting have both advantages and disadvantages. Beneficial ideas can now be spread more easily by well-meaning citizens. But on the other hand, the same publication and broadcasting technologies are equally available to those who are either misguided or of mal-intent.


In her paper, Raghad Al-Jareed, Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University, presented research in which she concludes that it is essential to maintain communications with the younger generations in the Kingdom in order to enhance intellectual security.


The second session focused on the role of social media in the promotion of intellectual security. Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University students, Salman Al-Maliki and Abdulrahman Al-Rashedi, Hail University student, Mashari Al-Samel, and Tabuk University student, Adel Al-Balawi, took part.


Of noteworthy mention, King Khalid University student, Rafta Al-Shahrani, presented a paper on ways in which social media can be a benefit to users with respect to digital citizenship and national unity. She explained the critical importance of the proper use of social media among the youth.


King Khalid University is committed to educating young people on the risks of social media and electronic communication and enhancing intellectual integrity through raising awareness and education. Forums such as this one, are at the forefront of digital citizenship and national unity.