King Khalid University Hosts Saudi Google Cloud Developer Community

King Khalid University - Media Center


The Computer Science Club hosted the 'Future Technology Workshop' as part of the Ataa Initiative (Digital Tenders). This is a digital initiative managed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and implemented by the Saudi Google Cloud Developer Community. The workshop aimed to prepare and train professionals in Google technologies and to spread digital knowledge among technical communities. Of note, it was attended by more than 200. The workshop included the explanation of two main elements: Google Platform and Flutter. Both topics were introduced in the field of digital clouds while explaining the use of flutter in application programming.


Dean of the College of Computer Science, Dr. Ali Algarwi, confirmed the college's strong interest in workshops that contribute towards the development of the community, adding that the digital transformation 'is with no doubt one of the most prominent pillars in the Saudi 2030 vision'. Dean Algarwi noted that this initiative is sponsored by the university and the College of Computer Science, explaining that it will continue to hold workshops and training courses that help add to the level of awareness and knowledge among students.


Dean Algarwi thanked the Saudi Google Cloud Developer Team and all those who took part in the success and achievement of the workshop. He concluded the workshop by honoring workshop instructors and team members.