College of Applied Medicine in Tehama Hosts Training Workshops

King Khalid University - Media Center


The Academic Development and Quality Unit held two workshops at the College of Applied Medicine in Tehama. The topics covered in the workshops were preparing examination questions and different forms of learning. These workshops are part of a series of future scientific seminars to be held at the university in the Tehama facility. These focus on practical ways of improving scientific and medical education.


Department of Nursing Assistant Professor, Dr. Raja, delivered the first workshop titled 'Preparing Objective Test Questions'. Her presentation reviewed the various types of examination questions, and she discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each. She later provided recommendations for methods of preparing questions of different types. The workshop attendees were fully engaged and offered much feedback and more in-depth questions to the speaker.


Department of Nursing Professor Fatima Adam Jaber delivered the second workshop titled 'Active Learning'. She presented the fundamentals of 'active learning' as they relate to medical education. Prof. Jaber then reviewed the advantages of 'active learning'. She noted that King Khalid University's Nursing Department is at the forefront of applying active learning techniques and the success of which is manifest. She then provided examples of how various institutions apply active learning techniques in a broad range of academic disciplines.


The university is fulfilling its commitment to provide highly useful conferences, symposia, workshops, and the like on many campuses throughout the university system. World class universities involve all faculty members, staff, and other stakeholders in the quest for continuous improvement. King Khalid University is assuring that everyone is involved in improving education in accordance with Vision 2030.