King Khalid University Organizes Anatomy Exhibition

King Khalid University - Media Center

On the 20th of Rabīʿ Al-Awwal, the School of Medicine hosted the 'First Annual Anatomy Exhibition' under the supervision of the School of Medicine Dean, Dr. Suleiman bin Mohammad Hamid. The purpose of the exhibition was to show how modern technology is used to educate future medical professionals about human anatomy and physiology. The exhibition included visual displays, an explanatory booth, and PowerPoint presentations showing the structures and functions of the human body.

Dean Hamid congratulated the students on their hard work and success in delivering a well-organized and useful exhibition. 'The School of Medicine is committed to providing a supportive learning environment that maximizes student potential', he said.

Anatomy Department Head, Dr. Mansour Al-Ghamdi, noted that this exhibition is the first of its kind and that a parallel exhibition was held concurrently at the Al-Samer Campus under the supervision of School of Medicine Assistant Dean, Dr. Sarah Ali Al-Shehri.