Scientific Research Methods Workshop Held in Tehama

King Khalid University - Media Center


Under the supervision of the College of Applied Medicine in Tehama, Department Head, Tahani Asiri, held a workshop titled 'The Correct Methods to Scientific Research and How to Access the Saudi Digital Library (SDL)'. At the beginning of the workshop, which is part of a series of planned scientific research workshops in Tehama, faculty members and students alike were encouraged to utilize SDL – the largest source of academic information in the Arab world.


The workshop consisted of two sessions. The first session was dedicated to the methods of scientific research and was delivered by Dr. Thrwa Yon from the English Department. Dr. Yon discussed scientific research writing methodology, research paper structure, and scientific research significance. The second session introduced the SDL as a platform for books, periodicals, dissertations, conferences, and seminars. Led by Maram Motab, the steps to creating an account, the most important features, and the host of services offered were explained. Shortly after, the Female College of Applied Science in Tehama in collaboration with the Intellectual Awareness Unit, held an open meeting with Dr. Fowaz Abdulateef Kurdi from King Abdulaziz University on the role of families in protecting children from the dangers of misguided thoughts and the impact of social media networks on the behaviors and attitudes of children.