Stressing the Role of Female University Students

King Khalid University - Media Center

Recently, Vice Rector of Student Affairs, Dr. Khalood Abu Melha, and Academic Center Supervisor, Dr. Samiya Al-Hakami, held a meeting with students at the King Abdullah Road Campus. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the important roles of female students at King Khalid University.

After the opening remarks, Vice Rector Abu Melha delivered an inspirational speech to the program participants. She acknowledged the many achievements of female college students at King Khalid University and at other colleges throughout the Kingdom. Vice Rector Abu Melha also stressed the importance of female students to pursue knowledge continually and strive to improve academic performance in their chosen disciplines. She also noted that female students should always be mindful that they have great responsibilities. College-aged women will play a major role in the continued development of the Kingdom, especially with respect to both economic and technological goals as set forth in Vision 2030. Also, women in universities must set an example for younger females so that subsequent generations continue to focus on education and successful personal development.

Vice Rector Abu Melha then provided specific objectives for the female campus. She noted that it is critical to establish academic centers at female campuses. These centers will assist in helping the students improve their academic performance on an ongoing basis. The centers also improve student services and help make sure academic programs comport with the latest higher education standards and performance models.

At the conclusion of the presentation, there was a question/answer session. The students raised several issues and concerns. The presenters and participants followed up with additional information and recommendations for implementing these programs and achieving the various objectives.