KKU Goes Big Screen

King Khalid University - Media Center

The Media Club hosted an event in which more than a dozen original films were screened. Our students showcased 11 original films, and 2 were offered by creators from outside the university. This event represents the culmination of the KKU Cinema Program which is designed to enhance student creativity and encourage their cinematics talents. This program will likely foster the burgeoning careers of future Saudi filmmakers who honed their skills at the Media and Communication Department.

Many of the films paid tribute to Islamic, specifically Saudi culture. These films were the graduation projects for some of the students, and the quality of their work showcases their talents and high level of motivation for the topics and the process of filmmaking. The competitive portion of the event included appreciation certificates for all of the creators with special awards for the top 3 films based on the judgment of a learned panel of film critics.

"This event is an excellent conduit for cultural exchange and means of preparing the students for serious filmmaking and showcasing their work. Their creative endeavors comport with the objectives of Vision 2030," said Professor Nora Amer, supervisor of the media and communication department.

She added, "The topics covered in the films featured at the event were the natural outgrowth of the subjects they studied during their time in the department."

It is worth mentioning that the cinema events included the following workshops:

  • Theater makeup and special effects by Jawhar Ahmed Al-Maafa and Zahra Ahmad;
  • Professional Filming with Smartphones by Rowaida Al-Shahrani;
  • Screenwriting for Short Films by Hajar Abdullah.