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Since its establishment, the Institute of Research and Consulting Studies at King Khalid University has entered into more than 40 cooperation and partnership arrangements with various entities within the Kingdom. These relationships are designed to support the university's primary objectives and provide scientific research studies that serve the community.


Institute of Scientific Research and Consulting Studies Vice Dean, Dr. Hassan Ahmed Al-Tala, explained that since its inception in the year 2017, the university has established agreements and relationships with civil, military, security, private industry, and charitable organizations. The underlying purposes of these cooperative relationships are to:


  • Enhance the involvement of the university in these sectors;
  • Achieve increased efficiency by virtue of shared ventures and combined resources;
  • Contribute towards Vision 2030 and facilitate continuing development.


Vice Dean Al-Tala pointed out that these cooperative agreements encompass scientific programs, joint research and development, and human resource enhancement programs. These activities are for the mutual use and benefit of all parties.


The Institute of Research and Consulting Studies is both directly and primarily responsible for the implementation and management of these cooperative agreements and initiatives. It provides all of the contracting services and legal documents necessary to establish the agreements. It also oversees the research, studies, consultancies, and related services and functions necessary for the implementation and continuation of these efforts.

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