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The Academic Development and Quality Unit held two workshops at the College of Applied Medicine in Tehama. The topics covered in the workshops were preparing examination questions and different forms of learning. These workshops are part of a series of future scientific seminars to be held at the university in the Tehama facility. These focus on practical ways of improving scientific and medical education.


Department of Nursing Assistant Professor, Dr. Raja, delivered the first workshop titled 'Preparing Objective Test Questions'. Her presentation reviewed the various types of examination questions, and she discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each. She later provided recommendations for methods of preparing questions of different types. The workshop attendees were fully engaged and offered much feedback and more in-depth questions to the speaker.


Department of Nursing Professor Fatima Adam Jaber delivered the second workshop titled 'Active Learning'. She presented the fundamentals of 'active learning' as they relate to medical education. Prof. Jaber then reviewed the advantages of 'active learning'. She noted that King Khalid University's Nursing Department is at the forefront of applying active learning techniques and the success of which is manifest. She then provided examples of how various institutions apply active learning techniques in a broad range of academic disciplines.


The university is fulfilling its commitment to provide highly useful conferences, symposia, workshops, and the like on many campuses throughout the university system. World class universities involve all faculty members, staff, and other stakeholders in the quest for continuous improvement. King Khalid University is assuring that everyone is involved in improving education in accordance with Vision 2030.

King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University Medical School Professor, Dr. Safer Al-Shahrani, issued a statement regarding influenza prevention. Flu season is now upon us, and we all want to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the disease. Prevention is especially important for vulnerable populations such as the aged, infants, and those who have compromised immune systems. Prof. Al-Shahrani noted that the flu viruses - unlike common colds - spread primarily through the air. He further noted that the flu virus can be spread through surface contact as well. We are all subject to contact with flu viruses at home, at work, and at social events.


The good doctor stated unequivocally that the best way to prevent the disease is the flu vaccination. In fact, he described the prophylactic flu vaccination as one of the most significant discoveries in the field of medicine, which has dramatically reduced disease, disability, death, and suffering worldwide. The vaccination includes a large number of proteins from dead viruses that cause influenza. Prof. Al-Shahrani related that according to last year's reports, vaccinations defeated 90% of the viruses causing the flu. It is worth noting that there are a wide variety of influenza viruses and their effects on individuals vary greatly. Al-Shahrani proudly added that flu vaccinations are free at all MOH hospitals and primary health care centers in the Kingdom. While this excellent service is provided at no cost, there are still those who are hesitant to be vaccinated. Many people fear the vaccine and/or are more inclined towards home remedies. As the vaccine is effective on 90% of known flu strains, the prophylactic vaccine is still the best method of prevention. 'Many people fear the vaccination because the viruses injected are the same ones that cause the illness. However, the critical difference is that the viruses contained in the vaccine are dead rather than alive', said Prof. Al-Shahrani. These non-living viruses boost the immune system without actually causing the disease. He also dispelled many common myths. One is that antibiotics will prevent colds and flu. This is simply not true, as antibiotics are a treatment rather than preventative medicine. Another common myth is that the side effects of the vaccine are significant and often fatal. It is true that the vaccine does have some side effects. But in the vast majority of cases, the side effects are mild and short-lived. The benefits of the vaccine substantially outweigh the risks in all but extreme individual cases.


Influenza pandemics have been recorded since ancient times. In days of old, Muslim scientists described it as 'The Nose of a Goat'. As Arab scientific progress spread to the western world, this knowledge was translated into other languages such as Latin. Influenza remains a significant problem in almost every part of the world to this day – as it was in ancient times. Therefore, prevention is paramount.


Prof. Al-Shahrani explained that Influenza viruses are able to mutate. As a result, humans may have no natural immunity to new strains of the viruses. The medical scientific community is engaged in a constant battle to discover rapidly mutating forms of the flu virus and adjust prophylactic medications accordingly. By preventing the spread of the viruses, we can all do our part in controlling outbreaks and needless human suffering.

King Khalid University - Media Center


Since its establishment, the Institute of Research and Consulting Studies at King Khalid University has entered into more than 40 cooperation and partnership arrangements with various entities within the Kingdom. These relationships are designed to support the university's primary objectives and provide scientific research studies that serve the community.


Institute of Scientific Research and Consulting Studies Vice Dean, Dr. Hassan Ahmed Al-Tala, explained that since its inception in the year 2017, the university has established agreements and relationships with civil, military, security, private industry, and charitable organizations. The underlying purposes of these cooperative relationships are to:


  • Enhance the involvement of the university in these sectors;
  • Achieve increased efficiency by virtue of shared ventures and combined resources;
  • Contribute towards Vision 2030 and facilitate continuing development.


Vice Dean Al-Tala pointed out that these cooperative agreements encompass scientific programs, joint research and development, and human resource enhancement programs. These activities are for the mutual use and benefit of all parties.


The Institute of Research and Consulting Studies is both directly and primarily responsible for the implementation and management of these cooperative agreements and initiatives. It provides all of the contracting services and legal documents necessary to establish the agreements. It also oversees the research, studies, consultancies, and related services and functions necessary for the implementation and continuation of these efforts.

جامعة الملك خالد - المركز الإعلامي

أقامت كلية العلوم الطبية التطبيقية بفرع جامعة الملك خالد في تهامة، ممثلةً في لجنة التدريب والتطوير بوحدة التطوير والجودة،ورشتي عمل تدريبيتين، في قاعة التدريب بمبنى الإدارة.

وقد استهدفت الورشتان عضوات هيئة التدريس بالكلية، وكانت الورشة الأولى بعنوان  "إعداد أسئلة الاختبارات الموضوعية"، وقدمت الورشة د. راجي الأستاذ المساعد بقسم التمريض, وذلك تزامنًا مع فترة الاختبارات النهائية للفصل الدراسي الأول للعام الجامعي ١٤٣٩-١٤٤٠ هـ ، ومن خلال الورشة تم استعراض وعرض جميع أنواع الأسئلة الموضوعية، وتوضيح عيوب ومزايا كل نوع، والتدريب على كيفية إعدادها، وقد تفاعلت العضوات مع ورشة التدريب بمناقشة أهم الأخطاء الشائعة في إعداد الأسئلة الموضوعية،  وكيفية تجنبها. 

وكانت الورشة الثانية بعنوان "التعلم النشط" من تقديم الأستاذة بقسم التمريض فاطمة آدم جابر, وقد تناولت الورشة التعريف بالتعلم النشط ومزاياه  ومكوناته، واختُتمت بنموذج تطبيقي على التعلم النشط. 

جامعة الملك خالد - المركز الإعلامي

طالب عضو هيئة التدريس بكلية الطب بجامعة الملك خالد واستشاري الأطفال الدكتور سفر بن مرفاع الشهراني بضرورة الحرص على أخذ لقاح الأنفلونزا للكبار وللأطفال؛ وذلك لانتشار مرض الأنفلونزا بصورة كبيرة في موسم الشتاء والأجواء المتقلبة، وازدياد نشاطه في المجتمعات، وخصوصا شديدة الازدحام. 

وقال: إن لقاح الأنفلونزا مما أنتجته القفزات العلمية، التي كان لها الدور الكبير بعد إرادة الله في خفض عدد الوفيات والخسائر المالية، ويحتوي اللقاح على بروتينات لعدد كبير من الفيروسات الميتة والمسببة لمرض الأنفلونزا حسب أنواعها العام الماضي، كما أنه يغطي ما نسبته ٩٠ ٪ من الفيروسات المسببة للمرض في هذا الموسم، وهنالك العديد من الفيروسات المسببة لهذا المرض، وهي تختلف في حدتها وأعراضها بحسب حالة الجسم ونوع الفيروس، وأضاف: من النعم في المملكة العربية السعودية توافر هذه التطعيمات في بلدنا مجانًا، بينما في باقي دول العالم لا يتمكن المرضى من الحصول عليها لكلفتها. 

وأوضح الشهراني أن هنالك معتقدات سائدة في المجتمع، منها عدم وجود فائدة لهذه التطعيمات، وأن الأدوية الشعبية هي الأفضل، إلا أن الحقيقة هي أن التطعيمات تغطي ٩٠٪ من الفيروسات المسببة لهذا المرض و١٠٪ هي عبارة عن جيل جديد من الفيروسات لم يُعرف من قبل، كما أن هذه التطعيمات عبارة عن أجزاء من الفيروسات بعد قتلها، وقد تسبب ما يشابه المرض، ولكن بصورة أقل بكثير من الفيروس الحي، وأشار الشهراني إلى أن المضادات الحيويه وأي مضادات أخرى لا تعالج هذا المرض، وهنالك بعض الأعراض الجانبية المصاحبة للتطعيمات، ولكن بكل ثقة لا تقارن بالمرض المسبب، ولا يعني ذلك تركها. 

وأكد أن مرض الأنفلونزا يعد السبب الرئيس في الغالب للتغيب عن العمل لفترات قد تتجاوز الأسابيع، كما أنه يعد السبب الأول لزيارات الطوارئ والعيادات التنفسية، وهو أيضًا المرض الحاصل على أعلى كمية لصرف الأدوية الخافضة للحرارة والمهدئة للاحتقان، وتقدر التكاليف المالية لمرض الأنفلونزا في وقت الشتاء بما يفوق ١٥٠ مليار دولار. 

وذكر أن مرض الأنفلونزا  يعد من الأمراض القديمة، والتي عرفها الإنسان منذ القدم، وقد وصفه علماء المسلمين القدماء بمرض "أنف العنزة"، ثم تُرجم إلى اللاتينية، وتتراوح الأعراض من البسيطة إلى المميتة، ويعد من الأمراض الفتاكة، وخصوصًا لدى كبار السن والأطفال وأصحاب الأمراض المزمنة، وقد بلغ عدد الوفيات بين الأطفال في الولايات المتحدة الأمركية ١٨٨ حالة حسب إحصائيات عام ٢٠١٨م، أما بالنسبه للوفيات في الكبار فلا يوجد أرقام دقيقة بسبب تنوع الأمراض، ولكن يعتقد أنها أكبر بكثير منها في الأطفال.

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His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, issued a number of appointments and extensions as follows:


  • Appointment: Dr. Hassan Mohammad Al-Abeid, General Supervisor of Financial Resources;
  • Appointment: Dr. Nasser Abdul Mohsin Al-Sabani, Vice Dean, College of Medicine;
  • Appointment: Dr. Yahya Ali Al-Qahtani, Vice Dean, Deanship of Student Affairs;
  • Appointment: Dr. Saied Zafer Al-Qahtani, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering;
  • Appointment: Dr. Nabieh Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, College of Medicine;
  • Appointment: Dr. Hassan Al-Aryani, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Arts and Science at Dhahran Al-Janoub;
  • Appointment: Dr. Mohammad Zafer Al-Qahtani, Vice Dean for Academic Development and Quality, Khamis Mushait Community College;
  • Appointment: Dr. Ibtisam Al-Qahtani, Female Section Vice Supervisor, iT Administration;
  • Appointment: Dr. Marie Saad Habash, Director of the Corporate Governance Center;
  • Appointment: Dr. Ali Kadran Al-Amry, Head of the Department of Jurisprudence in the Faculty of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion;
  • Appointment: Dr. Sulaiman Hassan Al-Falaki, Assistant to the General Supervisor of the Tuhama Campus;
  • Appointment: Dr. Saad Mohammed Al-Qahtani, Head of Community Dental Health Department, Faculty of Dentistry;
  • Appointment: Dr. Abdullah Ali Al-Nazeh, Head of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry;
  • Appointment: Dr. Zuhaer Motulaq, Head of the Department of Medical Education for Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry;
  • Appointment: Dr. Khairia Ali Aboudadi, Strategic Planning Assistant Supervisor;
  • Extension: Dr. Mohammad Daham, Vice Rector for Project Management;
  • Extension: Dr. Abdulrhamn Hassan Al-Muhsini, Director of the Research and Social Studies Center;
  • Extension: the appointment of Dr. Hamza Faie Al-Fathi, Scientific Coordinator, Faculty of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion at Tehama.


Congratulations to all of our colleagues who have achieved extensions or new appointments. His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy wished those granted extensions continued success in their endeavors. He also explained that we are looking forward to benefitting from the talents and efforts of the new appointees.


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