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Her Excellency the University Vice Rector of Students Affairs, Dr. Khalood Abu Melha, sponsored the Student Activities Closing Ceremony for females. The Deanship of Students Affairs organized the ceremony in the presence of faculty deans, faculty vice deans, supporting subdivisions, employees, and members of the Students Activities Council from the General Directorate of Education in Asir.

Upon Vice Rector Abu Melha's arrival, the ceremony opened with a rousing recitation from the Holy Quran. This was followed by a visual presentation and speech delivered by the Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Fatimah Shanban Aseeri. In her remarks, Vice Dean Aseeri welcomed the guests and highlighted the tireless efforts put forth towards the work accomplished during the year. She also announced His Excellency the University Rector, Dr. Falah Al-Solamy, approved the establishment of the Annual Student Initiative Award. She concluded her speech by announcing the close of student activities for the academic year.

The ceremony continued with a keynote speech by the Vice Rector of Student Affairs, Dr. Saad Dajjam, on behalf of Rector Al-Solamy. Vice Rector Dajjam emphasized the importance of a healthy environment that is drawn from loyalty and respect for nature, the encouragement of a 'green' environment, and a healthy society. He concluded his address by expressing gratitude towards all those who worked and sponsored the successful campaign. Following after, the Clean and Healthy Environment Award was granted to colleges that demonstrated a clean and healthy environment which included: the College of Science and Arts in Ahad Rufaidah, the Khamis Mushait Community College, and the College of Business in Abha. In like manner, colleges that participated in the "Clean Educational Environment Campaign" were honored alongside the winners of the campaign competition. The ceremony also included the crowning of the top student activity clubs which included: the Media Club, Al-Qimam Club, Namariq Club, and the Musk Club.


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