University Council Committee

Its Mission

Preparing meetings of the Committee of the University Council and reporting its decisions.


The following are its most important duties

1. Receiving topics required to be submitted to the University Council and ensuring that decisions are carried out

2. Preparing the Council agenda and submitting topics to be studied, discussed and reported to members

3. Issuing invitations to Council members

4. Notifying concerned bodies, such as the Department of Public Relations and the university Information Office, of meeting schedules

5. Preparing the meeting venues and ensuring that they are properly supplied and equipped

6. Preparing meeting minutes, ensuring they are printed, signed by members, their procedures completed and that they are classified and catalogued for easy reference

7. Submitting minutes to the concerned persons for approval

8. Reporting decisions, after the approval of the minutes, to concerned bodies for implementation

9. Preparing information required for submission to the Higher Education Council

10. Reporting decisions of the Higher Education Council to the concerned bodies for implementation

11. Submitting requests for financial compensation for Council Members, receiving correspondence delivered to the Council's Secretariat and following up

12. Preparing an annual report project about University Council activities and achievements


Council Authorities

The University Council undertakes carrying out scientific, administrative and financial affairs and implements the General Policy of the University.  In particular, it shall:

1. Approve training and scholarship plans

2. Suggest establishing Colleges, Institutes, Departments, Research Centers, Support Deanships and suggest amending their names or incorporating or canceling them

3. Approve scientific specializations and programs for graduate studies

4. Grant scientific degrees to University Graduates

5. Grant Honorary Doctorates

6. Determine the annual calendar in accordance with the general framework of the beginning and end of study and determine the vacations that will occur during the calendar year

7. Delegate teaching staff members for scientific missions, grant them sabbatical leave and terminate their services in accordance with the applicable rules

8. Approve curricula, study plans, courses and references according to the proposal of College Councils and the competent institutes

9. Suggest rewards and subsidies for students

10. Approve the University's Draft Budget and submit it to the Minister of Higher Education

11. Approve Internal Regulations of the University so as not to imply financial or functional benefits.

12. Suggest or amend Regulations of the University

13. Discuss the Annual Report to be submitted to the Higher Education Council

14. Determine the amounts allocated to each College, Institute, Support Deanship and Independent Research Center and ensure that these remain within their budgetsDeanship and Independent Research Center and ensure that these remain within their budgets

15. Discuss the final account of the University to be submitted to the Prime Minister

16. Approve plans for extracurricular activities within the University

17. Decide on the assignation of teaching staff in accordance with the recommendation of the Scientific Council 

18. Accept donations, grants, gifts, etc, providing this should not be in contravention of the primary purpose for which the University has been established

19. Create rules governing visitor students or who transferred from/to the university

20. Study the topics referred to by the Minister of Higher Education, President of the University or those that are suggested by any member of Council. Council may form permanent or temporary committees from its members or others to study that with which they are entrusted

21. Council will meet, at the behest of its President, at least once a month. The President may call Council to meet when required. He shall, however, be obliged to call a meeting if one third of Council members submit such a request in writing. The Ministry of Higher Education may ask for the inclusion or postponement of any issue on the agenda before Council gathers. The meetings will not be valid unless attended by at least two-thirds of its members. The secretary of Council will be one of its members in accordance with nominations by Council and its President's approval.

22-The decisions of Council will be issued upon majority votes of the members present. In the event that votes are equal, the President's decision is taken.


The University Council Members are:

  • The Minster of Higher Education as President of the Council
  • President of the University as the Vice President
  • Vice Presidents of the University
  • Secretary-General of the Higher Education Council
  • All Deans
  • Three experienced persons appointed by the Minister of Higher Education for a service period of three years​