University to hold the first Quranic conference next year.

King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the College of Sharia and the fundamentals of Islam, is intending to organize the first conference of Quran, which aims at employing the studies of Quran in the treatment of contemporary problems. The conference is expected to be held from 15 to 17 of Muharram 1438 AH.

The themes of the conference will include the employment of the studies of the Holy Quran in the treatment of belief and intellectual problems, and using them in the treatment of other political, social, and economic problems. In addition, the conference intends to handle the problems of the concept of jihad, and learning and teaching problems using the studies of the Quran.

The goals of the conference are focused on connecting the nation with the Holy Book of God - the Almighty - which is the source of Knowledge, and the way to happiness, now and in the Hereafter. The conference also aims at highlighting the role of the Kingdom in using the Holy Quran and its Sciences, as well as highlighting the role of Quran in the treatment of contemporary problems, and the advancement of studies; to play their role in the treatment of contemporary Islamic issues, and to contribute to the overall advancement of the society, in addition to the employment of researchers' potential and efforts in the treatment of contemporary problems.

In this regard, the College of Sharia has announced the deadlines dates of receiving abstracts of researches to be on 20/6/1437 AH, and for researches to be on 20/9/1437 AH. Furthermore, officials of the college have stated that they would announce the accepted researches on 10/11/1437 AH. The Research will be received through the link (click here). The college has also placed General Terms of presenting research; it will be based on the adherence to the terms and standards of scientific research, so as to be arbitrated scientifically. Also, the research must be characterized by search originality, novelty, and creativity, as well as taking into account when writing about the themes of the conference, the employment of Quranic studies in the treatment of problems, and activating of different sciences in the field of Quranic studies which are: interpretation of both types (an objective, analytical) Quranic sciences, interpretation principles, commentator's curricula, and readings. The terms also include the idea that the research should handle a clear problem, in addition to selecting only one specific case. It is not allowed to handle more than a problem in a research. Research pages and its annexes should not exceed 30 pages, to be written on A4 size paper, using the Traditional Arabic font, on line 16 and the margins 14. Margins and comments must be on the same page. Research must have been published or presented at previous conferences or taken from a previous thesis or scientific research. The College also requires a copy of the research in word form, and another in pdf.

To have a look on matters about the conference, (click here)