Saudi Digital Library Courses

The Saudi Digital Library holds a number of Electronic courses on this link in cooperation with the Deanship of Library Affairs. You can register for any course from this link. Then, registration for the course will be sent to the Registrar. Notice that, the courses will be broadcast using the Blackboard program. It will start, God Willing, this week, Tuesday, 15\6\1435 AH (15\4\2014 AD) in correspondence with the International Exhibition and Conference of Higher Education. There are 30 seats for each course and in the case of added requests, the number may increase.

These courses are very important. We also hope to achieve the goal of the courses which is the trainer and registrar joining the course from anywhere. Later, it will be recorded and added to the Library website so, anyone can view it at any time. We hope from that you attend these courses  because of their importance and accessibility at different times and places. This will increase the number of beneficiaries of the databases.