Announcement of establishing Scholarship Administration.

The Vice presidency of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research announces the establishing of Scholarship Administration. Against this background, Dr. Hassan Abduh Hamli is designated as General Supervisor of the administration.

For Communication, please contact:

00966 17 241 9090                                           


Names of the candidates for Scholarship interviews for King Khalid University Hospital

Names of the candidates for Scholarship interview for King Khalid University Hospital
Date and place of the interviews :

Men :
Saturday : 29/04/1435 AH starting at 8.00 o'clock  in the morning
Location: Al-Gryger complex - Central Stands (Building - B)
For women:
Saturday 04/29/1435 AH starting at 8.00 o'clock in the morning
Location: Girls Students' Study University Center, Asir Central Hospital
For inquiries Mr. . Abdulrahman Aledadi : 54370 05057


Important Announcement Regarding Scholarship Requests for Non-Saudis at the University

scholarship Department at Admission and Registration Deanship announces the arrival of scholarship  acceptance for Non-Saudi Students( male-female) who have already applied for the university during the last period. They can inquire via the following link or the phone No. 0172417955 starting from 9.00 o’clock A.M. till 11.00 P.M. during the period 1 to 10/3/1435AH. It is a must to be restricted to determined time and to call to know procedures and needed documents for those students who are  definitely approved, so they can be in available specialties .  


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