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25 Engineering students from King Khalid University have completed the requirements for their summer training in the United States of America. The training has helped them to acquire critical skills and uncover untapped potentials during specialized workshops and lectures on advanced engineering topics presented by experts and practitioners. Additionally, they were trained on skills such as creative thinking and analysis of engineering systems, professional practices, problem-solving, communicative skills and scientific contacts as well as entrepreneurship.       

The training program included conducting experiments in specialized research laboratories, which are considered among the best international research centers. The students also visited some factories and large engineering companies. This training program was organized in cooperation with Purdue University, which is regarded as one of the world's leading universities in engineering disciplines.

From his part, the Dean of the Engineering College, Dr. Ibrahim bin Idris Faki, has pointed to the significant impact this experience has left on trainees. It helped them to broaden their perceptions, enrich specialized knowledge and refine the required professional skills in the labor market.    

Dr. Falki has clarified that "The university sought to design a training program that balances between technical and professional skills." Moreover, he related that the reports presented by the students at the end of the program had motivated the university to continue the external training program. And he added, "Such feedback from the trainees would help the University to continue improving the program in the future."

The Supervisor of Trainees, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs at the College of Engineering, Dr. Mohammed Al Musfir said," The approach of sending accomplished students of the Engineering College to train in the USA comes within the framework of strategy embodied in the College's vision and mission through the use of modern educational and research styles. These methods are grounded in the pursuit of the acquisition and improvement of the scientific and research skills for students which in return, result in quality and excellent outputs."

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The Faculty of Engineering of King Khalid University (KKU), held recently, a training course for 50 persons, some of them students and some of them those who have recently graduated. The training course was in cooperation with the Saudi Commission of Engineers,  and it took place in the headquarters of the university in Abha. The training course aimed to familiarize students and graduates with the rules and regulations of the engineering career, in addition to work skills in public and private sectors. The training course was held for 25 hours.

On the occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ibrahim Falki, clarified that the course was presented by 5 trained specialists, with long experience in the field. He said, "Specialists engineers are from different areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in order to take part in rehabilitating undergraduates and graduates engineers, and to provide them with information and skills they need in the labor market." Dr. Falki also explained that the course was a rapprochement between the theoretical and technical side of one hand, and administrative aspects, and the practice of the profession, on the other hand, linked with the rules and regulations applicable in the labor market". He added, "The course is suitable for those who wish to join public or private sectors, or who are interested in running their own business after possessing appropriate expertise."

The President of the Saudi Commission of Engineers in Asir branch, Eng. Ali Ben Ayed Marzn, had this to say, "This course is part of many courses organized by the Saudi Commission of Engineers for undergraduate students. We extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al dawood, and the Dean, Faculty of Engineering, for hosting the event and for providing facilities to make the training course a success."

It is noteworthy that the course included axes of preparation and processing specifications of projects, and preview and evaluation of buildings and supervision of small enterprises, in addition to the concept of project management. Also included are the axis of modern engineering concepts (value engineering, green architecture, smart cities) as well as communication skills (self - marketing).

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A group of students from King Khalid University paid a visit to the headquarters of the General Secretariat of Saudi Council of Engineers on Thursday, 4th December 2014. They were received by Dr. Ghazi bin Saeed Alabasi, the Secretary General of the Council, and Engineer Ibrahim bin Saleh Aldhobaie, the Deputy Secretary General, and other officials and employees at the Council.

Dr. Alabasi confirmed that the Authority is ready to harness all its experiences and potentials to serve the engineering sector of King Khalid University. He showed how it is important to strengthen the engineering relationships between the Council and the university for the benefit of the two parties. He further pointed out that the Council is playing an essential role in organizing the engineering profession and improving the level of its stakeholders in order to enable them to cope up with all developments in the various engineering sciences. Alabasi added that it is necessary to strengthen cooperation between the engineering sectors by taking advantage of the laws and regulations that promote joint engineering work.

On his part, the President of the student delegation of King Khalid University, who is also the Faculty Leader of Student Activities, Engineer Osama Yahya Msheebh stated that the aim of the delegation's visit to the Commission is to let the students explore closely the role of the Commission in serving the Engineering profession in Saudi Arabia, and to consolidate some of the concepts, as well as setting up communication between engineers and their Commission. He further added that the visit aimed to benefit from the Commission's message and identify its different departments through the presentations that included necessary information about the Commission. The President of the delegation pointed out that the delegation has noticed the Commission's great organization and the large efforts exerted in the area of controlling the profession in accordance with determined plans, and a supervisory dimension to the engineering product.

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Engineering Collage in KKU branch in BIsha has two departments Civil and Mechanical.      

 Alqarni : Collage of Engineering students will begin studying in King Khalid University branch in Bisha next year

General Supervisor of KKU branch in Bisha (Bisha University ) Dr. Mahdi Bin Ali Alqarni has clarified that Collage of Engineering students will begin studying in King Khalid University branch in Bisha next year. He also pointed to that the university have prepared what makes students and faculty have a  successful academic career  by equipping and supplying workshops and labs in this new collage .

In return, Projects Administration Manager of KKU branch in Bisha , ENG Sultan Mohammed Mtihen said that, these workshops includes industrial, ,specialized electrical, welding, metalwork and  carpentry workshops and labs.

He indicates that, it covers all engineering collage curriculums and courses  of Preparatory Year. He also added the college signed contracts with contractors and specialized companies to provide this collage with devises and necessary equipments.

In the same context, Dr. Mahdi Ibn Ali Alqarni has recently met King Khalid University Vice President for Health Specialties Dr. Khalid Saad Al Jalban (Committee President that works on making reports and defining the final status of starting medicine and engineering collage in Bish University).

This committee visited the rental buildings of the tow collages and reviewed their detailed charts and their developing. 

Then they visited the male academic campus to review its constructional development and its lecture halls.

And by the end of the visit, they held a meeting with a number of University leads in Bisha.

It worth to mention that engineering collage in KKU branch in BIsha has two departments civil and mechanical.      

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A research team from the Faculty of Engineering at King Khalid University, Engineering and Electrical Mechanics Disciplines completed the first phase of a scientific research project, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV. It is the stage of designs, with support from the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university.

In this regard, Dr. Tawfiq Khatab,  a professor at the Faculty of Engineering, the Head of the research team on this project stated that there are many and varied researches in this area, so the development is moving at a rapid pace. He said, "Most prestigious universities pay great attention and interest to such projects in order to have a technical reference in development process. He added, "Those universities also seek to its designs and own product to be unique scientifically to teach students modern technologies in design, production and tasks development."

Khatab clarified that the research process for the project will be in three phases. Finally, we will capable of manufacturing and testing an integrated model of the UAV.

The first stage is the design, and the second phase includes manufacturing operations, which include the manufacture of the raw material (fiberglass) which will be used to make the drone, synthesis graphics, design and manufacture of the fuselage, engine assembly, control mechanism in the drone, the manufacture of wheels, manufacturing fungible wings, cover the body and the wings and then the final finishing of the drone.

 The third phase is for tests and performance analysis (such as tensile test - determining Centers shear - Analysis of bends - measurements of engine thrust - Installation of useful load -connect the power source - proceeding necessary tests – plug in the connection of data transfer and remote control and making necessary tests - determine the plane center of gravity after covering the body – prepare the drone to make necessary tests and record the results - make the final report)

Khatab clarified that this model will be used as a reference to all students, and as an advanced technology that could benefit the Mechanics Discipline in graphics engineering designs for all parts, measurements of Aero Dynamics on all parts, balance measurement, center of gravity and momentum, and the weight of the useful load.

The specialization of Electrical Engineering is also useful in  features of data transfer link, the autopilot , the control unit in the moving parts, in addition to the software used in the ground transmitter and receiver units, and how to control the drone remotely.

 The importance of research in this area as it contains advanced scientific techniques in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering, in addition to its many uses in practical life.

Khatab confirmed that the search is scalable in terms of shape, size (only body change) and in terms of desired application to use it. He said, "The Drone often has its basic role in achieving difficult tasks, at a low cost, which It is impossible for the man to do, such as : Exploring mountainous areas with minimal effort. "

He added, "It is clear now, what is the main objective of doing such research in the design of an unmanned aerial vehicle (Mini-UAV) and equip it with air photography system that could be controlled from the ground unit."

Khatab clarified that the real academic goal of this research is purely an educational one for students, as it is the beginning of a new era for both the level and direction of students' graduation projects. He said, "This product, the UAV, will be used as a reference for students' graduation projects to be able to learn the foundations of design, manufacturing and measurements, tests and recording the results and making the technical reports properly."

 Regarding the possible uses of this project in the future, he confirmed that this research will be the start of other multiple researches. Finally, the project will save the following services: photography rugged places - monitoring instantaneous events and traffic - instantaneous monitoring of the borders.

Engineering College at University carried out UAV Project

•        Those interested in this field should be serious and patient. It is usual for an invention to originate with a mistake

•        Dismantling and re-installing devices … a hobby since childhood

•        50 certificates and many awards at university

•        Alarm Pad a project created for people with hearing disabilities


Abha: Afaq Newspaper

Amer Al Harthi realized his talent in the field of scientific creation since he was young, in the intermediate school stage. From dismantling and reconstructing appliances  to patenting ten local inventions, this story tells of the innovative pathway of an engineering student  who shared his story exclusively with Afaq. He explained when he started taking an interest in this field, his representation of the University in more than one innovative forum, and the awards, and certificates of excellence and appreciation he has received.

Who is Amer Al Harthy?

Amer Hammoud Mofleh Al Harthy is a mechanical engineering student and inventor.

In detail, speak about your start as an inventor

The origins of my attempts in invention started when I was in the intermediate stage at school, when I became used to discovering things and tried to solve some of the problems I encountered, while making modest inventions. I loved the discovery of devices, dismantling and re-building them, and I still keep some of my old attempts.

Who supported you to improve your talent?

I used to search online for ways to show inventions in public, and finally I met the Director of the Department of Engineering, Engineer Sultan Mohammed Al Mutihan, who intensively supported me at that time and was also the main support in my getting a number of awards in this area.

What are the most important things you participated in?

In 1428-1429AH, I participated in the Abha Prize Exhibition for Higher Education, which is held under the auspices of the Prince of Asir Province, and in 1430 I represented King Khalid University in the talent tent for Saudi universities, also sponsored by the Prince of Assir Province. I also participated in the exhibition for scientific innovation at the closing ceremony of the university in 1430 AH.

I also participated in the 1st scientific competitive forum for King Khalid University students in 1432 AH, as well as the 2nd scientific competitive preparatory forum for higher education students in 1432 AH.

I represented the university in the gallery of scientific innovations of the Okaz market in Taif in 1433 AH, and in the same year, I participated at university level in the gallery of the scientific competitive preparatory forum at the 3rd Scientific Conference for students of higher education in 1433 AH.

In 1434 AH, I participated independently for the scientific research award held by the Department of Patents and Discoveries, and I represented the university in the 8th Cultural Week for universities held by the Cooperation Council (GCC) in the field of scientific innovations in 1434 AH.  I also participated in the exhibitions at the 1st and 2nd scientific symposiums, which were organized by the Centre for Talent and Creativity at the university.

What are your main achievements during your study period?

I got more than 50 certificates of appreciation and excellence, and placed first and second in the Abha Prize for Higher Education in the field of scientific innovation, besides being granted honors from the Prince of Asir Prince in 1429 AH.

In 1430 I was ranked first in King Khalid University in the field of scientific innovation. I qualified for the final stage of the award for scientific innovation in the Kingdom in 1431AH.

I also obtained second place in scientific innovation at King Khalid University in 1433 AH, and received a certificate for being an outstanding student at regional level in Asir region in the field of research and innovation, besides being granted honors from the Prince of Asir in 1434 AH.

During my studies, I had the privilege to represent the university on more than nine occasions, both inside and outside Asir province.

Do you have patents registered locally or internationally?

I registered seven patents at the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, and I recorded three innovations at the city of King Abdul Aziz and his Men of Talent and Creativity (Talent). I also implemented nine innovative works through my university study.

Are you a member of institutions related to your talent?

I have been a member of the Talent and Creativity Centre since 1430 AH, and the World Organization, IEEE, since 1431, as well as Talent Institution since 1432. I am also, thanks to Allah,  a member of the Saudi Inventors Association since 1432.

Do you believe in the need to attend training courses in the field of hobbies and talent?

I believe in the need to refine talent by attending courses and specialized workshops, since there are many benefits, including courses that open up new horizons in which you may meet people and benefit from their experience.

On a personal level, I have joined various training courses, included nanotechnology, computers, robotics and automated control, new media, the formulation of ideas, research management, and the cycle of heat exchangers.

Explain some of your projects to us

The deaf are an important group in society and need care, attention and comprehensive care by inventing tools and devices that help them to live a happy, dignified life.

To contribute to help this dear group, I invented an alarm pad to help them to wake up in time in a way that suits them.

 It is known that when a deaf person wants to wake up at a certain time, it would be difficult because he does not have a tool that awakens him in a way suitable for his condition as most of alarm devices in the market operate with by sound.

That's what made me think of the innovation of a pad attached to a watch and connected electrically in order to cause seismic movements to be felt by the sleeper at the given time.

For my graduation project, I studied the subject of global warming and the widening of the ozone layer, as factories, power stations, and emissions of gases are main the causes of pollution, the changes taking place on the planet, and the emergence of diseases and congenital malformations in living organisms.

In an attempt to invent something that solves this problem, I made a filter for the exhaust gases emanating from factories and refineries before being released into the air by establishing a building at back of the factory, using water desalination and steaming water and then condensing it to benefit from the heat of the flue.

Do you think that this project has succeeded in finding a solution to the problem?

I think my project is a serious attempt to solve this problem, and no one can deny that scientific innovations are built by accumulation, and re we can therefore say that no one claims to perfection in his innovative attempts.

The benefits of the project  are the purification of harmful gases and getting rid of them correctly and in a healthy manner; taking advantage of some of the gases that can be reused in industrial products and food; as well as taking advantage of the heat emitted from combustion processes (heat flue) for water desalination.

After identifying the contaminants found in the exhaust and studying the properties of each element, our aim was to then identify the best ways to eliminate polluting elements, where each element needs the most appropriate methods that can be implemented to reduce the proportion of its presence in the exhaust gases.

 Quantities of air were injected at different rates in the path of the gases after they left the fire engine room to get rid or reduce the proportion of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons, different ratios were also re-used.

Your advice for those who are interested in the field

Work very hard and determine an ambition to reach, and you will. Know yourself, and work for yourself because no one will come to you or looking for you if you don’t do this. Do not stop because of any hindrances, and keep in mind that there is no invention that starts without mistakes.


Represented the University in innovative forums and registered ten (10) patents

King Khalid University Council recommended opening new colleges in a number of medical and engineering majors at Maha’el Aseer after studying this suggestion  thoroughly from the council and nominated committees in the university and it will be raised to Higher Education Council to approve it. This all took place when The University President Pro.Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Aldawood headed the University Council in its first meeting for this academic year 1434/1435AH in the presence of the Secretary General of Higher Education Council Dr.Mohamed Bin Abdul Aziz Alsaleh and the Council members including Vice Presidents, Deans, Supportive Deanships at the university. The Council exposed to group of critical issues such as discussing the final account of King Khalid University 1433/1434AH. The Council thanked our wise leadership for its ultimate support to the University.

The spokesman of King Khalid University, Dr.Mohamed Albehary revealed that the Council discussed many suggestions suggested by different units of the University  which aim to improving the academic work in the University. Also, the council discussed the organizational structure and editing boards for scientific magazines in the University and he gave his recommendations needed towards them.

At the end of the meeting, the Deputy President of the council thanked the wise leadership for its ongoing support to universities in general in order to give a hand to these universities to achieve their goals and aspirations. He also thanked Higher education Minister for his ongoing follow up for the university and for his support on all levels. 

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