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King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the College of Dentistry, continues its preparations for the organization of a world event representing the First International Dental Conference. The event is going to take place in Abha Palace Hotel from 30/1 to 02/02/1437 AH, corresponding to 12 - 14 / 11 / 2015 AD. The Conference is adopting the title "The new era of dentistry in its global dimension"

On the occasion, the Vice - President of Medical Specialties and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Prof. Khalid Al jelban stressed that the establishment of such a global conference would add a lot to the dentists at the university and all over the region, believing that they would be able to take advantage of the experiences of dentists who are participating in the conference and who have international experience in the field. In addition, the Conference provides a full opportunity for the University to highlight its available potential, and to demonstrate its strong presence on the scientific arena.

Al jelban confirmed that the conference would provide its services to the region by supporting the revitalization of conference tourism, which aims at introducing the province regionally and globally. The purpose is to demonstrate the potential of the region, in line with the approach of the university.

The King Khalid University establishes such international conferences, which affects positively, first, the Kingdom, and then the region, to provide many research partnerships, innovations in addition to holding advanced global partnerships. On the organizational side of the conference, Prof. Al Jelban pointed out that "there are a number of halls prepared for the lectures and research discussions, for men and women. Furthermore, it is prepared to have an exhibition that will accompany the Conference.  The exhibition aim is to display a number of presentations provided by a number of international companies that are specialized in the areas of processing of medical Dental tools. Also, there are going to be exhibitions for medical education in the field of teeth". Prof. Al jelban further stated that "a lot of companies that are specialized in dentistry are showing their interests in participating in the exhibition, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from outside of it". The Professor added that "the university tries to provide sufficient space to receive all companies that applied. He further announced conducting a number of workshops that are going to be provided by a number of guest professors from the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia", adding that "the Workshops will take place in the clinics of the Dentistry School in the University City in Abha, saying further that "the university seeks, from these workshops, benefits for dentists and specialists, as they are specialized workshops on the latest developments in dentistry". Finally, Prof. Al jelban pointed out that the conference would provide a very valuable opportunity for students and graduate studies students attending the workshops

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Under the auspices of His Royal Highness, the Governor of Asir region, His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz - May God protect him - King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Dentistry School, is organizing the 1st International Dental Medicine conference. The event is being organized under the title "The New era of dentistry with its international dimension", and it will take place in Abha Palace Hotel, starting from 30 / 1 to 2 / 2 / 1437 AH, corresponding to 12 / 11 to 14 12 / 2015 AD.

For his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, and the president of the Scientific Committee of the conference, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shahrani has confirmed that the conference "is the first of its kind that deals with dentistry in the southern region". He added, "The Conference is expected to witness a large turnout of a number of specialists from inside and outside the Kingdom. They will present their working papers and researches at the accompanying meetings and workshops". The Dean further stated that "there will be, 26 participants from Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, in addition to scientific lectures program throughout the days of the conference. Also, the conference will witness conducting two seminars specialized in medical education and Preventive Dentistry, while 85 scientific posters will be presented with a special exhibition which will display everything that is modern in dentistry."  Dr. Al-Shahrani added that 5 workshops for dentists would be conducted the day before the start of the conference - 29/1/1437 AH - at the main headquarters of the King Khalid University (Aljrejer). 3 workshops would be from 8 to 12 am, in addition to another 2 workshops from 1 to 5 pm.

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King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the auspices of the Governor of Asir region, His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz - May God protect him - King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Dentistry School, is arranging the 1st International Conference of Dentistry. The Conference will be launched under the title "The new era of Dentistry in its global dimension". The venue of the conference will be at Abha Palace Hotel, and it will take place from 30/1/1437 AH to 2/2/1437 AH, corresponding to 12/11/2015 to 14/11/2015 AD.

The Conference, which is considered the first of its kind to take care of Dentistry in the Southern region, is expected to witness a large turnout from the specialists from inside the Kingdom and from outside as well. The participants are expected to present worksheets and researches during the session of the conference and its accompanying workshops. 9 spokesmen from outside the Kingdom are invited, in addition to 16 spokesmen from within the Kingdom. Also, the conference will witness 4 specialized workshop, and 2 seminars specialized in the Medical Education and Preventive Dentistry. Moreover, the conference will be accompanied by a scientific exhibition which will present scientific posters.

Seizing the opportunity, Prof. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al dawood, the President of King Khalid University, thanked His Highness the Governor of Asir Region, His Royal highness Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz, for his generous sponsorship and unwavering support to the University in all its scientific activities, so that the University will be capable of performing its scientific and social tasks. President Al dawood declared, "Cherishing scientific events is not strange for his Majesty as he always looks forward to serving and elevating science and scientists." President Al dawood further stated that "the University is performing vital roles by instilling in its students knowledge of all aspects of life, thus graduating them qualified and equipped with modern knowledge". He added, "The University relies greatly on the scientific partnerships it is in with important international and local entities in different areas. The purpose of the partnerships is to maximize scientific output, which distinguishes those who join the King Khalid University"

For his part, the University Vice - President for Health Specialties and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Conference, Prof. Khalid Bin Saad Al Jelban emphasized that "the Dentistry School with its distinguished activities reflects the bright face of the University". He also added, "Supporting the efforts exerted by the scientific and professional bodies which emanate from the University is strengthening the roles and message of the University." Prof. Al Jelban also clarified that the participation of the Dentistry School was increasing and developing within the scientific and educational renaissance witnessed by the University.

On the occasion, the Dean of the Dentistry School and the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shahrani confirmed that the Conference would look at all developments in the Dentistry, and also it would provide scientific opportunities to the University stakeholders and those who are concerned with Dentistry in the Kingdom. "The purpose is to keep updated and informed of the new development in the areas of scientific research and the technology that help teeth and mouth health", he said.  The Dean also pointed at the diversity of the participation, especially from foreign countries which have their own experience in the field of dentistry.  Dr. Al-Shahrani said, "These practical benefits are the motive that push the Dentistry School to invite those who have professional and scientific experiences, so that the students of the Dentistry School could take advantage in general."               

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The Governor of Asir region, His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, is sponsoring on Wednesday morning at 11.00 am, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Scientific Meeting of King Khalid History. The meeting is under the title "scientific and cultural movement in Saudi Arabia during the reign of King Khalid (1395 - 1402, corresponding to 1975 - 1982 AD). The two days event, which is taking place at Abha Place, in Abha, is organized by King Khalid Chair for Scientific Research, which is embraced by King Khalid University. 

The Supervisor of the Chair, Dr. Ahmad bin Yahya Al-Faya explained that preparation for holding the meeting had been taking place for a long time. "Since we get the royal decree approval, the event was immediately announced in all different media".

DR. Ahmad Al-Faya noted that scientific participation exceeded 55 participation, with 42 scientific research participation of them accepted. Researchers also have been addressed. Scientific researches started reaching the Chair on time. Then scientific papers were distributed on 8 sessions over two days. The Supervisor further said, "The organizing committee for the meeting has been formed under the supervision of the KKU Rector Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Al-Dawood, and is being headed by the Vice - President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr Majid Al-Harbi. In addition, the Organizing Committee included a considerable number of other members who are representing various sectional authorities in the university."

In detail, the first and second sessions begin on the first day at 12.00 noon sharp. The first session will be headed by Dr. Majid Abdul Kareem Al Harbi, with the following personalities taking part : Prof. Bandar Suwailem, Dr. Awad Al-Shehri, Dr. Mohammed El-Shazly, Dr. Ahmed Al-Hussein, and Dr. Mahmoud Dessouki. The second session is headed by Dr. saad bin Hussein Osman, with the participation of Dr. Awad Aljmiei, Mr. Musa Al Qubaisi, Dr. Fatima Al-Sarhani, Dr. Najla Nabarawy, and Ms. Amal Ahmed Henedy.

The third and fourth sessions will start at half past four in the afternoon. The third session will be headed by Prof. Ali Shetwi, with the participation of Dr. Sulaiman Al-Aqil, Dr. Fahd Al-Maliki, Dr. Abdul Wahab Dafa Allah Ahmed, Dr. Asmaa Jalal Saleh, and Dr. Ahlam Abu Qayed. The fourth session will be headed by Dr. Yahya Al-Sharif, with the participation of Mr. Nasser Mohammed Al-Sharif, Dr. Ehood Abu Hija, Dr. Jamila Madni, Dr. Nawal Khayat, and Ms. Nawal Al-Rushoud.

On Thursday, 13/06/1436 AH, the sessions will continue. The fifth and sixth sessions will start at 9.00 O'clock in the morning. The fifth session will be headed by Dr. Marei Bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, with the participation of Dr. Mushabab Saeed Al-Qahtani, Dr. Mutlaq Bin Sayah Al-Balawi, Dr. Khaled Hussein Mahmoud, Dr. Karima Al-Doumi, Dr. Mohammed Al Sinani, and Mr. Hatem bin Fadi. Likewise, the sixth session will be headed by Prof. Shuweil bin Ali Al-Qarni, with the participation of Dr. Omar Busadh, Dr. Mesad Boualem, Mr. AbdulKhaleq Al - Tayeb, Mr. Ahmed Al-Ayaf, Ms. Nujood Al-Faqeer, and Ms. Hend khlufa.

The seventh and eighth sessions will be resumed in the morning at 11.00 O'clock sharp. The seventh session will be headed by Dr. Saad Al-Hamidi, with the participation of Prof. Saleh Abuarad, Prof. Sultan Mikhlafi, Dr. Mohammed Al-Seif, Dr. Mansour bin Ma'ada, Dr. Hussein Ahmed Asiri, and Mr. Shima Al-Shammari. The eighth and final session will be headed by Dr. Hassan Shawkaani, with the participation of Dr. Mohamed Bayoumi, Dr. Ahmed Al-Merrea, Dr. Faez Al Sulaiman, Dr. Mervat Hassanein, Dr. Noof Al-Shammari, and Ms. Hend Habib Al-Mutairi.

Governor of Asir Province sponsors the opening ceremony of the 3rd Scientific Meeting of King Khalid History.
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King Khalid University, represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs is participating on Wednesday and Thursday, 4 - 5 of February 2015 AD in "The Youth and citizenship Conference: values and origins". Umm Al Qura University is organizing the Conference, with the participation of a number of researchers and specialists from universities, educational institutions and authorities that are relevant to young people and their affairs from within and outside the Kingdom. The venue of the Conference is King Abdul Aziz Historic Hall at the University City in Makkah.

The objectives of "The Youth and citizenship Conference: values and origins" are defining and promoting the concept of citizenship, and elaborating the importance of the role of educational institutions and civil society organizations in instilling these values in young people, plus studying the requirements and variables of this segment. Moreover, the Conference intends to study the factors that affect belonging among youth, and how to develop it. The conference will address themes and topics based in general on educating young people to strengthen the spirit of citizenship.

The Conference proves the king Khalid University's pursuit to perform its social responsibility, as well as its scientific and educational obligations. The University, through taking part in such conference, is trying to achieve the aspirations of the rulers of this great nation - May God protect them - who are eager to take care of the youth of this nation, whose affairs they are permanently interested in.

On this regard, the Dean of Student Affairs of King Khalid University, Dr. Merraa bin Saad al-Habash explained that the gathering of Youth and Citizenship is an important issue because it is common in the age in which the young people's thinking is changing. He added that the youth and citizenship issues go hand in hand, adding that "Issues related to youth belonging should be tackled seriously in universities and everywhere due to the large number of spiteful and envious people and scenes in most of modern social networks. They - envious people - are trying to confuse and change young people's thinking. Tackling such topics must be in youth's critical age, so as to enable them to realize the extent of the threat directed to them."

The Dean further clarified, "The university's participation is not limited to a number of deans and Vice - Presidents but also included the participation of the delegation of students and a number of faculty members. The University, represented by the Deanship believed that the targeted category is the youth, in order to benefit them. The University intends to accommodate this experience to university programs in the future - God willing".

It is noteworthy that the conference participants, during its sessions, are handling 4 main axes. The first axis will address the theme of "the fact of citizenship". The second axis will focus on "the role of social institutions toward citizenship development," the 3rd theme is "The role of educational institutions toward citizenship and its values" while the fourth theme is "Youth of universities and identity."

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King Khalid University is participating in the exhibition and conference of Higher Education Ministry in the 6th round. The conference will take place in Riyadh city, and it will be from 26 to 29 Jumada II 1436 AH.

Earlier, the University Vice - President for Health Colleges, Dr. Khalid Mohammed Jelban had met the Organizing Committee to discuss the participation of the university. During the meeting, the members had reviewed what has been done in the Committee's previous meetings, in addition to the recommendations which have been approved.

Moreover, during the meeting the attendees reviewed the designs of the university location in order to choose a final design. It is noteworthy that the University location which is participating in the exhibition occupies an area of 54 square meters.

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King Khalid University, represented by the University Medical City is organizing an international conference under the title "University Health Systems: Concept and message".  The conference is going to be held from 15 to 16/01/1437 AH, corresponding to 28 - 29 / 10 / 2015 AD.

The Executive Director for University Medical City and the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, Dr. Abdullah bin Awad Al Rafidi has stated that the conference would be held within the expansion plan of the Ministry of Higher Education in establishing medical cities and university hospitals. Such establishment will depend on the generous support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud's government. Furthermore, Al-Rafidi informed that holding the conference at that time was deliberate in order to support the stakeholders of the new university hospitals, which are distributed over the whole Kingdom - nearly 19 university hospitals in various phases of construction and operation.

About the objectives of the conference, Al-Rafidi reported that the conference was aspiring to take advantage of local, regional, and global experiences in the establishment and operation of medical cities and university hospitals. In addition, the conference would seek to discuss various global viewpoints in that essential issue, as an attempt to come up with recommendations that would support the concept of university health systems, and enhance their role in community services. Also expected recommendations may include the training of health colleges' students and graduate students, as well as the role of medical research in the advancement of the message.  Al-Rafidi further said, "The aim of the conference is also to inform the global spokesmen, who are going to take part in the conference, and the expected attendees, about the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this area and how it is progressing and achieving success."

Regarding the topics on the agenda of the conference, the Scientific Committee has approved several pillars such as strategic directions, the functions of university hospitals, and the quality in the delivery of health care services in the university hospitals. Other topics which are going to be discussed during the conference includes, challenges and opportunities of human power, operating the new university hospitals, challenges and strategies, e-university hospitals, sources of self-financing, health insurance in health care provided by university hospitals, challenges and opportunities for research in university hospitals, increase capabilities of health practitioners, and the importance of enhancing teamwork spirit in university hospitals.

It is worth to mention that a number of spokesmen have been invited for the conference. They are expected from universities, scientific, and medical institutions, which have testimonies of excellence in Saudi Arabia, in the Gulf countries, in Europe, in North America, and in Asia.

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 With an official invitation from the World Organization for the International Ranking of universities - QS, and as the spokesman of its Conference, King Khalid University Vice - President for Development and Quality, Dr. Ahmad bin Yahya Aljbaili has presented a lecture entitled "Improving the academic performance strategies, and its relationship with the international ranking of the University". The lecture was conducted in the opening session of the Organization's first International Conference, which was held in Dubai, from 12 to 14 November 2014 AD. During the conference, the Organization announced the ranking criteria for Arab Universities.

This invitation proves the outstanding experience and promising initiatives of King Khalid University in the field of development and quality, which consequently accompanies a strong performance and achievements.  As a result, King Khalid University has achieved progress in different world rankings with higher ratings, thus exceeding the rates of progress in all Saudi universities. To be a model for other Saudi Universities, King Khalid University moved forward 35 ranks in the QS ranking, which considered the University as a good and a worthwhile model the other universities should take benefit from.


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Student Affairs Deanship of King Khalid University has conducted a number of free training programs and workshops for its students.  These activities are in preparation for the Sixth Scientific Conference for the students of Higher Education, which is going to be held in Jeddah from 10 to 13/ 6/1436 AH. The Conference is organized by the Ministry of Higher Education.

 Courses include University students in Bachelor and Graduate Studies courses in various disciplines and research areas. They include areas such as scientific research, innovation, entrepreneurship, photography, as well as Plastic art, cartoon art, and recitation.

Note that courses for the male students will be held in the Central Stands, while the Auditorium of the Dental Faculty will be the venue female students. Moreover, trainee will be granted accredited certificates by the Deanship after passing the course. Courses will be conducted every Monday and Tuesday of the week until the end of the semester.

On this issue, the Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Mera'e Alhabash stated that holding such courses were a part of the University President's vision. The President had mentioned on many occasions and meetings that labor market was currently in urgent need of skills more than knowledge, and those skills could be gained through practical training courses. As a natural result, these courses are going to enhance the knowledge students gained in classrooms, thus make them capable of competing in the labor market, in addition to building their personalities.


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