King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University, represented by the Research Center, which is affiliated to Faculty of Dentistry, participated in the workshop that was organized by the Ministry of Higher Education under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Khalid Al-Angari and was inaugurated by His Excellency the Deputy Minister, Dr. Ahmed Al-Seif. The purpose of holding the workshop is to discuss ways to enhance the participation of female researchers in the process of scientific research.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Farsi, the Vice - President for Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Dentistry, and the Deputy President of the workshop's Research Center, participated as a representative of the center. He said, "It was a fruitful meeting - thanks God. It began with a meeting of the representatives of the centers with the researchers in various disciplines focusing on identifying obstacles they face in the field of scientific research."

Next came a meeting of the representatives of the centers with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Al-Ohaly, and the Secretary General of Research Centers, Dr. Sami Abdul wahab. The meeting was to discuss ways to overcome previously identified obstacles.

Dr. Al-Farsi stated that the Ministry of Higher Education currently supported 22 research centers in various disciplines in Saudi universities. He added that King Khalid University has emerged the only center which specializes in dental research.  He said, "The Ministry of Higher Education has established these centers to contribute in actualizing the vision of the Kingdom; transforming to the knowledge economy". Clarifying further that "we could not achieve that goal without the support of innovators, male and female. We have to transform their creative ideas, of course through scientific research, to commercial products that could be useful in supporting the local economy."

He added, "In King Khalid University, we are blessed with atmosphere that is convenient for research processes, which is comparable to what is obtained in global universities. This due to the efforts being exerted by His Excellency the University President, Dr. Abdulrahman Aldawood, His Excellency the Vice - President for Graduate Studies and the Scientific Research, Dr. Majid Al Harbi, and the Dean of Scientific Research Deanship, Dr. Eid Al-Otaibi."

Dr. Al-Farsi pointed out that the Faculty of Dentistry, led by the Dean - Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shahrani - has proved to this meeting its ability to excel and lead in the field of scientific research in the specialty of dentistry.

He concluded, "We are blessed - thanks to God - then to the wise leadership - with a tremendous renaissance in the field of scientific research. Research centers are one of the most important means that enable innovators to actualize their intellectual innovation, so that they can be beneficial to their nation." He explained that all research centers welcome the joining of male and female researchers, promising to support them in that regard.

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