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The Girls Community College in Khamis Mushayt has held several activities to celebrate the World Day of the Arabic language. Activities were sponsored by the college Dean, Dr. Dalal Atham, in the presence of a number of Deans, departments Heads, Arabic Language faculty members, teachers of Arabic Language in public education, and a number of students.

The College was decorated with many posters, some of them promoting loyalty to the language of the Holy Quran, while others showed correction to misspellings and linguistic errors.

In an address given by Dr.Dalal Atham - the College Dean - she confirmed that the "Arabic language is an undisputed language and it is a source of pride, honor and dignity for us, in addition to being our way to unity and identity rooting - it is the bowl of our civilization, a nation cannot survive without a language"!

On her part, Dr. Khadija Alhfeza, the Head of the Arabic Language Department at the faculty of Arts and Education also gave a word in which she thanked the College for making the appreciable efforts of holding such remarkable activities. During her speech, she highlighted the reasons why that day was celebrated. AFter that came the turn of Dr. Suhair Al-Qahtani who recited a poem, written by Dr. Assideh Shahbandar.

The sections of the festival varied between songs, acting scenes, grammatical benefits - presented by the students and in an entertaining way - in addition to some presentations that enhance the sense of belonging and loyalty to the Arabic language.

The ceremony witnessed two female workers reverting to Islam, as well as honoring a number of workers as a reward for them after learning the Arabic script and managing to write some Arabic words - again was handled by  some of the students.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a club named "Master of all Languages" Club was opened. The attendees had a look on the work of students, and  later signed a document in Arabic two meters in length.

King Khalid University, Media Center

College of Languages ​​and Translation, and College of Sciences have celebrated the arrival of their new entrants by holding a lengthy program which included several activities. During the celebrations, the two colleges tried to illustrate some of the most important duties and rights of members of the two institutions.

 The College of Languages ​​and Translation, represented by the English Club, organized a reception of the new entrants with the attendance of the Dean of the college, Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, the Vice - President Dr. Ahmed Ismail, the Vice Dean for Development and Quality, Dr. Abdul Khaliq al-Qahtani, the Academic Advisor, Dr. Daoud Mahdi, the College Register Dr. Farouk Haji, the English Club supervisor, Mr. Ali Ali-Omari, and some faculty members. During the ceremony, tips of advice on how to study at the university stage were given to the students. The ceremony also included introducing the university systems to the new entrants, and further advice on how to obtain high grades that guarantee excellence for the student as he progresses in his studies. 

Al-Melhi, the Dean of the Languages ​​and Translation College, stated that the purpose of such a ceremony for the new entrants, was in line with the directives of Prof. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawoud, the University President, and that of the University Vice - President for Academic Affairs, as well as that from officials at the university in general. They ordered a college to receive and welcome its new entrants and to introduce them to the systems of the university and the services provided, in addition to informing them about the facilities at the college, and faculty members who are always there and willing to serve them. At the end, draws and cash prizes were distributed before finally taking breakfast.

In the same regard, College of Sciences has celebrated the arrival of its new entrants for this year by conducting an integrated welcoming program, which was held over three days and which was heavily attended by new entrants. The College Vice - Presidents and faculty members attended the ceremony. The program of the celebration included introducing the students to the university systems, to E-Learning and to all what may be of concern to the student during his stay in the University campus or in the college. After that, there was a short celebration which was followed by a course in safety and occupational health, through which the students were informed of the safety procedures used in the laboratories and how to deal with any eventual hazards. The College arranged two courses for the new entrants, one of them entitled "Towards a Happy Life in University," and the other entitled "The Art of Time Management."

It is noteworthy that the College of Science offers many public programs and activities throughout the academic year in order to participate in preparing the student to succeed in his studies at the university, so as to perform duties expected of him by his community and his country.

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King Khalid University, Media Center

The Assistant Professor in the Department of Arabic Language, Faculty of Humanities at King Khalid University, Dr. Yasser Darwish excels the Checker Program designed by the international corporation of Microsoft when he designed a program to correct misspellings automatically.

Darwish explained that the need pushes him to invent this program as he works in the field of the Arabic language, which requires correcting mistakes and arbitrating researches, dissertations. It was necessary to design a program to handle this problem without wasting time in correcting misspellings or the problems in typing texts such as the existence of a period in the beginning of the line, and the many spaces between words.

He added, "The idea went back to several years ago, when I was working during that period to transfer hundreds of paper books to digital books (electronic). I have collected a huge digital library, exceeded 60 thousand books."

The workshop was held for members of the Department of Arabic at the University of King Khaled and entitled (technical innovations to serve the Arabic language). Darweesh reviewed how the program works when he presented a model of a paper full of mistakes. He proceeded editing process and all attendants realized how the program handled thousands of errors without interference. He also introduced a template of macro which cleans up the file from the errors associated with punctuation and text format.



Regarding the details of the program, Dr. Darwish answered, it is a simple programming work depending on Microsoft Word application in accordance with a technique called Macro.  It starts to store the steps which undertaken by the user, and returns them automatically without interference. He clarified that he did memorization on the Macro depending on the principle of Search and Replace; which searches for the wrong word according to the rules and standards of the Arabic language that were stored before, then, it will delete the wrong word and replace it with the correct one, according to specific regulations.

He emphasized that he inserted thousands of wrong words that are repeated in writing with mistakes. The programming process corrects thousands misspellings automatically whatever the size of the file is.

He pointed out that the spell checker, he designed himself, surpasses the Checker of Microsoft Corporation in terms of correcting and handling misspellings directly. It never refer to words as wrong while they are actually right, which lets the user makes errors. He added that the Dictionary of Microsoft Word have a few words comparing to his Checker which contains thousands of correct words.

Dr. Darwish welcomed the programmers to develop his program to become independent of the Microsoft Word. He urged King Khalid University to take part in supporting such important project, which serves both researchers and students.



Professor at King Khalid University designs a program to correct misspellings
King Khalid University, Media Center

The Faculty of Humanities at King Khalid University, represented by the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, in collaboration with the King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz International Center to serve Arabic language, hosted an expert from the United Nations in Riyadh, HE Prof. Mohammed Fawzi Al-Marayati, within the activities of the Scientific Lectures program, which was held at the Central Stands, Al-Jrejer.

Last week, the expert held a course on the role of language in the social, economic fields, entitled "Language and Sustainable Development and the Role of Language in the Transition to a Knowledge-based Economy and Knowledgeable Society" .

Al-Marayati clarified the importance of the subject, which was discussed in the lecture, especially in light of the lack of interest in such topics in the Arab community in general. A discussion took place during the lecture on a number of points, most notably: sustainable development, knowledgeable society and language and its role in the knowledge-based economy.

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