Training Course

King Khalid University, Media Center

On behalf of His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Solamy, the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Majid Al Harbi, opened the activities of the second qualifying course for the scholarship of teaching assistants and lecturers. The course is organized by the scholarship and attraction administration in the Graduate Studies and Research Vice-Presidency.

The course has discussed four important themes in a scholar's life, initiated by Dr. Majid Al-Harbi who discussed the subject of how to choose the right country and university, and how to email foreign universities, in addition to how to perform standardized examinations required for admission to the University for Post Graduate Studies.

Dr. Al Harbi pointed out that the course is being held for the second year in a row. The purpose was and still a scholar's preparation before joining a scholarship program. Moreover, the course aims to provide a scholar with all the knowledge that may help him/her. Dr. Al Harbi wished those who joined the course to take te maximum advantage of it.

For his part, the General Supervisor of the scholarship Administration Attraction, Prof. Saad Al-Omari clarified to the attendees the subject of scholarship regulations and systems in the Saudi universities, and how to communicate during the mission with the attaché.

The member of scholarship and training committee, Dr. Ali Al Shati talked about the third theme of the course; the academic and legal systems of the countries of scholarship that receive scholars from King Khalid University.

The last theme of the course was presented by a member of the teaching staff from the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Dr. Saeed Al Sarf. He talked about how it is important for a scholar to adhere to the nature of culture, social customs, religious rules, and regulations and laws admitted in Saudi Arabia, while he/she in the country of scholarship, as well as when writing dissertations and scientific research.

At the end of the course, teaching assistants and lecturers met with members of the Standing Committee of the scholarship and training. It was an open meeting to exchange questions and information on the subject of scholarship.

It is worth mentioning that the course is provided for both men and women who are going to join a scholarship program. They were about 390 beneficiaries.  Attendees are going to be delivered a special certificate which will be one of the requirements of scholarship in the future.

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