accompanying exhibits

King Khalid University, Media Center

On the sidelines of the Second International Conference on Media and Terrorism (methods and strategies), which is being organized by King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the media and communication department, during the period 7 to 9 of this month, two accompanying exhibitions were held. The first exhibit included fine art paintings and cartoons. The second came under the title "efforts of Saudi Arabia in fighting against terrorism"

The exhibition of fine art paintings and cartoons came under the name of 'caricature defeating terrorism'. This exhibition contained posts of the most prominent cartoonists in Saudi newspapers. The number of posts reached 14 panels and 21 paintings. In addition, a number of actors participated with awareness pavilions, most notably was the pavilion of the Ministry of the Interior, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), in addition to the participation of the security snapchat with a private pavilion at the show.

Regarding the other exhibition, it offered 40 panels on "the Kingdom's efforts in the fight against terrorism", in which the most prominent photographs of the kingdom and its leaders, government and military sectors in the fight against terrorism were displayed.

For his part, the supervisor of the exhibition, who is also a member of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Hassan Awagi, has confirmed that the exhibition organizers had worked to exploit art to fight terrorism, pointing out that the artist's feather and the photographer's camera were better than a thousand words. He further emphasized that art in general, had its impact on the individual and on the society, and "it reflects our world's culture and development".

It is noteworthy that the second exhibition was held in collaboration between King Khalid University and the Saudi News Agency (SPA).

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