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As part of the first Tawasol Program with scholarship students organized by King Khalid University in the United Kingdom, the Dean of Faculty Affairs Dr. Mohammed bin Hamed Al Buhairi will conduct numerous interviews with Saudi scholarship students hoping to attract the best and brightest to work at the university.

In the same context, a meeting was held with scholarship students in the city of Cardiff to train them on academic life in universities. It included the most important duties of the faculty member and his functions as well as the methods of professional development and career advancement.

Al Buhairi has noticed to the university' keen interest and diligence in hiring national experts and specialists to work in the academic field where they can contribute with their colleagues in achieving the University's plans and strategic vision. He also stressed the substantial benefits the University receives from hiring qualified and highly competent Saudis for vacant positions.

King Khalid University, Media Center


The Vice - Presidency of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research of King Khalid University (KKU) has organized a Workshop on "Mechanism of Departments' need for academic jobs", and the consequent of the role of the colleges and departments, and their relation to Saudization policy and scholarship. The workshop was attended by the Vice - President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr Majid Al-Harbi, in addition to a considerable number of Colleges' Deans and Heads of Departments.

At the occasion, Dr. Al-Harbi clarified that the workshop was held in view of the urgent need to make a precise and clear roadmap for academic requirement. He further stated the relevance of the workshop as consequent to the appointment in academic jobs and the hiring of teachers from outside the Kingdom, in addition to the Saudization policy and the transition program from a department to another and from a college to another college.

In turn, the Supervisor of the Scholarship and Polarization Management, Dr. Hassan Hamli, gave a word in which he clarified the new map for the organization of academic departments' need for jobs. Through the workshop, a number of visions and debates were discussed 

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