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WannaCry Virus Impacts 99 Countries Around the World

The General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) at King Khalid University has warned users not to interact with any suspicious files or programs received via e-mail at this time because of the electronic attack of the Wannacry virus. It is a member of the Ransomware family, which encrypts the files on hacked devices, and releases files in exchange for money. The IT Directorate further noted that the program is currently being sent to some countries (million malicious messages per hour).

The Directorate pointed out that the virus works to encrypt devices for ransom money like the rest of the viruses of this family (wannacry), which began its attack yesterday in more than 76 countries using the weekend to reach as many devices as possible in the world without resistance. Moreover, the viral programs that are called (ransom programs) are different from the viral programs that attack computers such as Shimon, as these programs destroy the device only without asking for money, while the ransom programs ask for money.

For his part, the Chief Information Officer, Dr. Salem Alelyani, said, "All the ports used by the ransom virus attack have been closed, and all operating systems in the servers of King Khalid University have been updated."

How can a Ransom Virus penetrate your computer?

  • You receive a message from an anonymous mail containing malicious software
  • Lure the user to download a file so that it will inspire you as an important or personal file
  • You upload the file to your computer or personal phone
  • Virus encrypts data on your device and locks it with a password
  • The sender will issue a financial claim in return for clearing the password

 How to protect your computer from Ransom Virus

  • Update your Windows system to close the gap or at least download the update to close the gap.
  • You can close the property that contains this gap as a temporary workaround
King Khalid University, Media Center.

King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) has achieved (ICMG) global Award, through its participation with (mykku) project in the educational institutions branch, representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The award is delivered by the ICMG enterprise which is specialized in constructing and planning IT organizations. In a row, ICMG enterprise is running the award this year for the seventh time since its launch in 2010 AD. Hundreds of specialized information technology bodies participate in the competition every year.

The participation of King Khalid University this year came after a recommendation from an advisory body in the university administration. In a response, the General Directorate of Information Technology has participated in the award. First, the portal team filled in the application of the award, then sent it to holders of the award in addition to experimental data and a guide for the portal of the University. After holders were briefed on mykku project, it was nominated by the jury, with a request for some supplementary documents for the sake of the requirements of the award.

For its part, the arbitrators team conducted an interview with the portal team to reach the final nomination, and then the organizer of the award nominated Dr. Salem Alelyani, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of King Khalid University, for the best CIO award in educational entities, according to specific criteria for the award.

Alelyani: University is the first educational institution to achieve this award since its inception.

It is noteworthy that holders of the Award have congratulated His Excellency the CIO, Dr. Salem Alelyani, inviting him to attend the honoring ceremony which will take place on September 8 this year in the Indian city of Bangalore. Dr. Aleyani is expected to make a presentation of myKKU project and its properties at the accompanying conference.

For his part, the CIO, Dr. Alelyani has expressed his happiness with the achievements, pointing out that achieving such award by the General Directorate of Information Technology was considered pride of King Khalid University in particular and the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general, as King Khalid University is the first educational institution to achieve this award since its inception.

The University is the first Saudi educational institution to obtain ICMG Award.
Media Center, IT

The Rector of King Khalid University (KKU), His Excellency Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Salamy, paid a visit on Tuesday morning, 19 / 12 / 1437 AH, to the Directorate of Information Technology (IT), and the Information Technology laboratory in the Faculty of Administrative and Financial sciences. During his visit, His Excellency the Rector was briefed on the services provided to beneficiaries - students and employees of the university - in addition to available technology. After that, His Excellency went directly to the IT Directorate where he checked all provided technical means, as well as the departments of the directorate, including portal, project management, network management, data center management, help desk, information security, unified call center, and the strategic plan department.

At the end of the visit, His Excellency the Rector, watched a video about IT Directorate which showed the most prominent achievements of the Directorate. Among these achievements are the university obtaining excellence stage in "Yesser" program for electronic transactions, in addition to achieving the first place among the Arab universities according to Webmatrix ranking in excellence branch, based on the offered content via its website. The video also showed the statistics concerning the website of the university, e-services, and infrastructure, where the number of visitors to the portal of the university reached more than three million visitors over the past three months. After the presentation, the Rector launched two services; complaints and occasions; these are modern services which are provided by information technology in the university.

Al Salamy said, "We are all proud of the existence of young Saudi energies who work for the betterment of the technical field in our university

His Excellency, the Rector, talked about the importance of information technology in any institution, stressing the need to keep up to date in the field of information technology in all universities in general, so as to achieve advanced academic environment. The Rector further expressed his happiness with the technical evolution reached by the university through the Directorate of Information Technology. He said "We are all proud of the existence of young Saudi energies who work for the betterment of the technical field in our university. As an evidence of this advancement is the achievement of advanced places in Yesser program for electronic transactions, and in many of the world rankings. "

At the end of the occasion, His Excellency - the Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Dr. Salem Alelyani, honored the Rector, who, according to the CIO words, "is the biggest supporter of the administration". Dr. Alelyani also honored a number of success partners of university employees.

paying tribute to efforts of its employees
King Khalid University-Media Center-IT

The General Administration of Information Technology (IT), in King Khalid University (KKU) was honored by his Excellency, the adviser of Communications Minister, who is also the director of Yesser Program, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Sulaiman Al Orainy. The occasion of the honoring was in the presence of His Excellency, the adviser of Education Minister, who is also the General Supervisor of Information Technology (IT) in Ministry of Education, Dr. Yousuf bin Ahmed Al Ohal. Others in attendance include staff of the General Administration of IT in King Khalid University, as well as Colonel Abdullah Al Hattlan, from the National Information Center. This honoring came as a result of IT's great efforts in the success of overall business of electronic system transactions in the education sector (University system). The celebration took place on Wednesday 22 / 10 / 1437 AH.

The university system is a technology system containing special electronic services to universities. It has been built in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Yesser Program and Ministry of Interior represented by the National Information Center. King Khalid University is considered one of the first public universities that have joined the system to become integrated with it.

Dr. Al Orainy : The system will make the education sector at the forefront of service sectors in the Kingdom.

From his part, Dr. Al Orainy has clarified that the system would make the education sector at the forefront of service sectors in the Kingdom, noting that Yesser program seeks through its partnership in the system with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to support government agencies in the Kingdom. This will result in the adoption and establishment of electronic national systems in order to serve the entire community. Moreover, such partnership will help in decision making. At the mean time, he noted that Yesser is working to collect a number of electronic services for a number of governmental agencies services in order to be presented to the beneficiaries in the form of complementary service systems that contribute to achieving the vision of the Kingdom in 2030.

It is worth to mention that recently the General Administration of IT at KKU has achieved great success in the field of government electronic transactions. Results of the sixth measure indication of Yesser program for turning to electronic transactions have shown outstanding outcomes for King Khalid University (KKU). The result showed University is within the outstanding category, among other 160 government entities. In sixth measure indication of Yesser program, the government entities were divided into four categories according to their results; the first category was the distinctive, which exceeded the degree of maturity (95%), and the last category was the red one. According to the national plan, the participating entities could not move up to the next level (the level of excellence) unless they were within the distinctive category. Furthermore, only 14 entities in number have reached the excellence stage, and King Khalid University was among those outstanding actors. 

The Ministry of Communication is honoring Information Technology (IT)
IT Directorate.

The General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) of King Khalid University (KKU) has accomplished the first training course that has been offered to the university stakeholders, faculty members and staff. The training course targeted the university available entities - male and female - that were trained on the use of systems and technical services.

Service Request Management system (SRM).

The first training portfolio was about Service Request Management (SRM) through which the user could submit his / her complaints electronically without the need to call the technical staff or the administration. The problem will be handled automatically, and then the user will receive immediately an SMS after getting the complaint resolved.

Enabling 700 users.

Courses have been held in several sites under many professional trainers. Over the last two weeks, trainees have exceeded 700 male and female employees, and courses have seen a great reaction from the university stakeholders.

Actors involved.

1. Office of His Excellency the Rector.        

2. Office of His Excellency the Vice - President.    

3. The Vice - President for Educational and Academic Affairs.

4. The Vice - President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.

5. The Vice - President for Health Specialties.

6. The Vice - President for Development and Quality.

7. University Vice - Presidency for Girls.

8. Deanship of Admission and Registration.

9. Deanship of Student Affairs.

10. Deanship of Graduate Studies.

11. Deanship of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs.

12. Deanship of e-learning.

13. Deanship of Development and Quality.

14. Deanship of community service.

15. Deanship of Library Affairs.

16. Deanship of Scientific Research.

17. Media Center.

18. Security and Safety Management.

19. Scholarship Management.

20. The General Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs.

21. The General Administration of University Relations.

22. Faculty of Sharia.

23. Faculty of Humanities.

24. Faculty of Languages and Translation.

25. Faculty of Education.

26. Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences.

27. Faculty of Pharmacy.

28. Computer Faculty science.

29. Faculty of Engineering.

30. Faculty of Medicine.

31. Faculty of Sciences.

32. Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences.

33. Community Faculty.

Upcoming courses.

Information Technology (IT) has promised to provide more training courses about all the systems and services provided by them to facilitate the thread of work for the employees of the university.

Users' empowerment and the cooperation of the university entities.

For his part, the General Supervisor of Information Technology, Dr. Salem Alelyani, has thanked all the engaged bodies, and has expressing his great pleasure with their collaborating with the coordinators of Information Technology. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) further explained the permanent pursuit of Information Technology to enable the employees of the university to use their services to the fullest without trouble, promising them more effort for greater achievement.

IT completes successfully the first training course.
IT Directorate

The dedicated team of officials of the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) has made an assessment of websites of different sectins of the King Khalid University, which are 109 entities in number. The Evaluation was conducted for the period before the 20th of Muharram 1437 AH, and it was according to the following criteria:

  • Theme (color - layout - fonts).
  • Update content continuously.
  • Coordinate and arrange the location and content pages.
  • The importance of the site's content topics.
  • Correct Links.
  • Good User's Experience.
  • Tags writing and diversity.
  • Linguistic expressions and spelling errors.
  • Contact Details and how to respond and react to user's inquiries.

Evaluation results unveiled the following entities obtaining the first places:

On this occasion, The General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) has offered its sincere thanks and appreciation to these entities in recognition of their distinctive and active participation in the success of their websites, in particular, which in turn reflected in the success of the website of the university in general, wishing them further excellent and continuous outstanding work. At the same time, the Directorate hopes the rest entities of the university will perform as good as these distinguished entities so as to attain better standard through the application of evaluation criteria, as other evaluations will be conducted in the coming period.

Information Technology evaluates the websites of the university entities
IT Directorate.

In its pursuit of protecting and updating the computers that are in the domain of the university, the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) at King Khalid University (KKU), has, two weeks ago, applied a new system to manage the university peripheral devices. The devices affected by the system belong to employees or to teaching staff, or even those in the laboratories. In its first move, the General Directorate of Information Technology scanned all devices that are associated with the domain of the university in order to stand on these devices' need to systems and programs.

Stats and results.

An Initial survey has shown the presence of more than 3,100 devices that are linked to the domain of the university, mostly running on Windows 7 and above operating system, with about 600 devices running on older software (XP). After using the new peripheral devices management system, most of these devices have been upgraded, thus, the number of devices which were running on old software was decreased from 600 to 45, and this was just during the two weeks.

Reports also showed the presence of a wide range of devices that were not afforded anti-virus program, or the program was disabled. In addition, some of the devices had expired and unlicensed software, which in turn exposed the devices to problems both in the possibility to get viruses, or malicious software or even being liable to lose the user's data.

Providing anti-virus software.

In connection with the anti-virus protection and securing users' computers, The Information Technology relied on a well-known anti-virus program, namely "Symantec," on its last version, which is updated within their systems. Therefore, the IT Directorate has begun, during the last week, installing Symantec program on the university devices that are within its domain. Most users have noticed the installation on their computers. (Add statistics on viruses)

Access through the university domain to take advantage.

It should be noted here that all provided services are just for the devices that are associated with the domain of the university; therefore, the Information Technology has made clear the need for users' access through the university domain to ensure the full use of services. At the end of this report, there is an explanation about domain access mechanism - autonomously - by the user himself, or by contacting directly the Help Desk (8000) whose staff will start adding you directly on the domain.

The next steps.

The Chief Information Officer, Dr. Salem Alelyani, has stated that the installation of anti-virus program was the first step among other pending steps, including the updating of all systems, the installing new systems and programs that the user needs, the Mubasher service - through which the user will not have to counsel IT employees - in addition to making sure the users have the latest software updates on their computers.

Save files and backup.

The teamwork advises the user to have a backup copy of his / her files in order not to be lost in case of changing save location either on memory - an external disk - or through KKU drive, which is one of the services that is provided in partnership with the Google company.

To get informed about the procedures that all employees of the university are supposed to follow to keep their devices up to date and more secure, check the following links:

To know how to take a backup copy of your files on KKU Drive (click here).

To know how to add the device on the domain for Windows 7 (click here).

To know how to add the device on the domain for Windows 10 (click here).

Complaints and inquiries could be received through the unified number 0172418000

Or through the automatic report on the following link

IT applied a new system to manage the peripheral devices.
King Khalid University, Media Center, IT Department.

mySITE service allows showing the user's site on the Web search engines such as Google

His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University (KKU), Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawood, has recently inaugurated a number of e-services, which have been released by the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT), in the presence of the members of the Standing Committee of e-transactions. Services that have been launched included mySITE service. The new service of mySITE enables all employees of the university to create their personal websites under the university domain. It also enables creating articles, blogs, photo albums, as well as adding research and projects. The service of mySITE is also linkable to the many other electronic services, such as Shamel system, research respiratory, and mykku application.

What mySITE could provide: 

 the service gives the user an advantage to create his / her personal website under the domain of the university in a formal and a credible way. 

 It allows showing the user's site on the Web search engines such as Google.

 making the user feel completely free in creating his / her page, and disseminating it, whether articles or blogs. 

 It became possible with the mySITE service to view photos and to organize them into albums. 

 Research and publications that a user has added on Shamel system or research respiratory could also be imported and displayed directly on his / her personal site through    opening "research and publications" window.

 The mySITE service has many other options such as the option of enabling the user to identify his / her friends' locations.

How to set up your personal website?

A user could establish his/her personal Website by conducting the following steps:

 Through the main page of the site, click on the "Create my website" icon. 

 Log on by entering your username and password.

 Check the website's establishment conditions.  In the case of approval, start creating your own website by adding your resume in text or in a PDF form. Add your personal information, photo, and all your interests, and contact information.

 Through the window of viewing articles, blogs, and public pages, you can add special articles, add text content, and select the preferred language.

 The user could choose photos he / she wants to display on the site. The photos appear in albums, with each album containing a number of photos through "Photo album" window.

IT releases (mySITE) service
King Khalid University, Media Center.

The General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) of King Khalid University (KKU) celebrated on Thursday, November 19 the release of the 8th version of Drupal. The party took place in the Directorate headquarter at the University and was attended by those who are interested in the technology field. The party was accompanied by an introductory workshop about the Drupal system.

For his part, the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Dr. Salem Alelyani confirmed that Drupal system was an international system that the university website has been built on. Dr. Alelyani added, "Drupal system is one of the best systems in the world for the management of content, thus a huge number of world universities such as Stanford University, and international centers and governmental entities as well as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Congress, and the United States Department of State depend on it." Alelyani further explained that the KKU sought to use Drupal, which intensively facilitates client service. In addition, the system enables the user to establish complete pages and websites professionally than ever before. The CIO further clarified, "The party coincides with the global celebration of the release of Drupal 8."

35 trainees from the University stakeholders and computer college students in the training workshop

On the sidelines of the party was a training workshop for 35 students of the Computer College. During the training, the professional team from the IT Directorate showed the students how to setup and install Acquia Dev Desktop 2 program on Win. Devices and Mac. The professionals also talked about installing Drupal, creating pages, changing settings and theme.

It is noteworthy that Drupal system is one of the most popular systems on the internet for the management of content. It is a source open system that was launched in 2001, and it gained reputation due to its ability to manage the content of big websites regardless of the number of visits. The Drupal system also makes content management pretty easy, and it supports different educational systems and languages. Moreover, the system is an important leap towards providing web services, in general, especially when the programming framework has been improved to cope up with latest web technologies, and to set the user free of the old system beliefs. 

A training workshop about Drupal system.


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