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King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector Dr. Falah bin Raja Allah Al-Solamy, issued an announcement appointing Dr. Khalood Abu Melha as the University Vice Dean for Female Student Affairs. This was based on the decision of the interim council entrusted with the mandate of Higher Education. Dr. Abu Melha has also previously held the position of assistant university vice dean of student affairs.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Deanship of Student Affairs of the King Khalid University (KKU) is organizing, in collaboration with the Zohra Association for breast cancer, the events of breast cancer awareness campaign. The campaign will take place at The University Center for the study of female students on Sunday, 1/11/2015 AD.  The events are within the activities of the month of global awareness to the cancer disease, and its comes under the slogan and hashtag #اكشفي_السرطان

On this important matter, the Vice - President of the University Center for students, the Assistant Professor Dr. Nemma Ali Riyadh revealed that the events aimed to educate women who suffer from cancer about the most important developments in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, adding that, the events aimed to prove the importance of early detection of the disease and its risk factors of infection. Dr. Nemma said, "The activities of the campaign will continue for three days, a day for 4 colleges of the University of King Khaled. Tuesday will be for the following entities: The University Center for the study of female students, the Community College, the College of Education in Abha, and the Faculty of Administration and Economy in Abha. Wednesday will be allocated to the following schools: Faculty of Arts in Abha, the Faculty of Science in Abha, the College of Arts and Sciences in Sarat Ubeida and the College of Arts and Sciences in Ahad Rafidah and in Dhahran Al Janoub. Thursday will be for the Science and Arts School in Khamis Mushayt, Applied Medical Sciences in Mahyal, and the Deanship of Graduate Studies in Abha".

The campaign will also witness various events such as conducting awareness lectures, introduction on how to perform breast self-examination, and the establishment of an introductory awareness corner that will be managed by members of the teaching staff and volunteering students. Moreover, the activities of the event will include an initial examination clinic to be supervised by a doctor from Health Affairs office in Asir, and members of the college.

The University Center for the study of female students Alsamr has launched the hashtag #التوعية_بسرطان_الثدي_بالمركز_الجامعي. It included a number of awareness tips regarding the disease of cancer, and the date of the start of the campaign. Through the hashtag, excerpts of the activities will be published.

KKU, King Khalid University, Media Center

The employees of Student Affairs Deanship have celebrated with the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Merrea Saad Al-Habash, on the occasion of winning the University President's confidence. Dr. Al-Habash is to remain in his position as the Dean of Student Affairs Deanship for another period. The Celebration was attended by the Vice - President of the Deanship, its employees and some former employees.

The ceremony began with a word given by the Vice - President of Student Activities Deanship, Dr. Nasser Al Gomishan. In his speech, Al Gomishan welcomed the attendees, congratulated the dean and affirmed that the Deanship was operating under the best condition of providing effective activities and beneficial programs.

In turn, His Excellency the Dean, stated in his speech on the occasion, that the Deanship, with the full cooperation and efforts of its men, "is able to lift the name of the university high, and to achieve the goals and vision of the deanship, by participating in improving the university students' levels, as well as the services rendered to the whole university community". The Dean further praised the brilliant staff of the Deanship, plus the positive atmosphere, which stimulates work and productivity.

The leaders of the Deanship also used the occasion to honor some of the sector's employees. Those honored were Professor Fawaz Al-Otaibi, Mr. Abdullah Olayyani, and Mr. Ali Wahhabi, all of whom obtained a Masters degree in their respective disciplines. Further more, the leaders expressed happiness for the contribution of all employees, in addition to welcoming the newly - assigned and transferred staff, wishing more success for all employees.


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