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On behalf of His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy, the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad Dajjam, sponsored the honoring ceremony for the consultation and guidance unit supervisors in the university. The Deanship of Student Affairs organized the ceremony in the Consultation and Guidance Center in the presence of senior leadership and employees. Additionally, a similar ceremony was held in the female section in the presence of Vice Rector, Dr. Kholoud Abu Melha.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a visual presentation was presented highlighting the achievements, statistics, and figures of the center. This was followed by a speech delivered by the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdullah bin Mansour Al-Aideed, who briefed the audience on the role of the units and the services offered by them, as well as the center's strategic plan for next year and its mechanisms for development. After that, an open session was held in which the supervisors of the units in the colleges spoke about the obstacles and challenges they currently face.

At the end of the ceremony, the university vice-rector for academic affairs delivered a concluding speech on a number of topics centered on the importance of the guidance center and related units. He also stressed that the university rector is keen to solve any problems that may hinder the students during their academic career and help ease their college experience.

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