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Within establishing University Awqaf workshop

Al Namlah: We are in a different stage and need to self-resources under the umbrella of the government

Within the workshop of establishing Awqaf for King Khalid University, in collaboration with the Creative Centre for Studies and consultancy and training at King Abdul-Aziz University, former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Prof. Ali Al Namlah said that private universities and institutions should be a financial tributaries for the government because we relied on the government a long time, and it is time to find self-resources.

Al Namlah explained that the project of establishing Awqaf for King Khalid University is a big project as it could provide the University with its needs. The project needs a long time, thus it would be enough to just start now, citing olive tree, which is grown now but for coming generations. He added that there were universities that were established depending on endowments. The best example of this is Harvard University, whose endowments estimated with $36 billion and is not kept in the banks, but is invested and the University just takes advantage of profits and investments which are called assets.

Al Namlah wonders, "Why the government should always do everything! We are in a different stage now in which we used to rely on the government for everything. We must live the current stage, relying on own resources, such as endowments. But, everything remains under the umbrella of the government and with direct full responsibility, sovereignty, supervision, and monitoring. The government is in need for helping arms from the civil and charitable sectors"

At the end of his speech, Al Namlah confirmed that there should be a great benefit from the local houses, not the international ones, which have experience in the establishing endowments. These houses could be good supportive for such projects. 

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Governor of Asir Region, His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, - on the sidelines of the opening of the first Saudi Conference of Environment, under the slogan 'Sustainable Exploitation of Natural Resources' - sponsored signing two strategic partnership agreements. The first agreement is between King Khalid University, and the Ministry of Social Affairs. The University was represented by the Vice President for High Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Majid Al Harbi, while the Ministry of Social Affairs was represented by the General Director of the Asir branch of the Ministry, Mr. Hakim Shahrani. The second agreement was between the University and Al Bilad Bank. The University was represented by the Dean of Research and Strategic Studies Institute, Dr. Abdul Latif Al Hadethi, while Al Bilad Bank was represented by Mr. Abdulaziz Mohamed Anizan.

Regarding the University agreement with the Ministry of Social Affairs, His Excellency, the Vice President for High Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Majid bin Abdul Karim Al Harbi, clarified that because of the University's social responsibility, and its national and development duty, it had entered into that agreement through which it seeks to activate the partnership of programs provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs, and to contribute with development centers in supporting various social activities. Dr. AL Harbi assured that the University would effectively participate in the provision of scientific consultations to resolve family, financial, and community issues, and to provide ideas and applicable solutions to various social phenomena. Dr. Al Harbi further informed that the University would provide academic expertise in the treatment of a number of negative phenomena. For example, divorce cases and disobedience, among others, saying that  the University would also contribute with its expertise, in drafting and reviewing regulations, plans, and programs of social institutions and charity organizations, as well as cooperation with the organization on joint activities, conferences, workshops, forums, exhibitions, and to facilitate the acceptance of people with special needs and orphans. The University will also participate in the provision of training courses and educational psychological counseling, for the Ministry employees in the region.

With regard to the cooperation agreement with Al Bilad Bank, the Dean of Research and Consulting Studies Institute in the University, Dr. Abdul Latif Bin Ibrahim Al-Hadithi said that, in the University's and Al Bilad Bank's efforts to achieve the required integration and cooperation, that agreement showed the recognition of Al Bilad Bank for the important and developmental role of King Khalid University in the Kingdom, and from the Bank's concern to support the mission, and to take care of some of the University activities and programs. Dr. Al Hadithi said: “We are pleased to sign this agreement and we thank the officials for their response and their fruitful cooperation which will reflect - God willing - in the development and in the improvement of this relationship, in a way that will benefits the development in Asir Region. We seek to frame the cooperation partnership agreement with Al Bilad Bank as one of the Kingdom's leading financial institutions, and we will seek to develop it, God willing, in a way that benefits the University and its employees. The bank will offer a set of banking and financial facilities for the University employees and students".


King Khalid University, Media Center

In a way to activate partnership between Dentistry School of King Khalid University and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Asir branch, Mr. Abdul Hakim Gibran, the Director of the branch in company of a delegation, paid a visit to the School. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the services which are going to be provided to the employees of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, the House of Social Welfare, Observation Management, and Girls' Clinic.

On this remarkable occasion, the Dean of Dentistry School, Dr. Ibrahim bin Suleiman Al Shahrani, explained that aspects of health partnership were in favor of the patient and alleviation of pain. Dr. Suleiman Al Shahrani added, "Believing in its vital role, Dentistry School has harnessed all possibilities in order to be a strong contributor in securing all the branches the Ministry of Social Affairs may need."

The visit also included a tour to the sections of the Dentistry School. Guests on the visit checked the technical and medical sections and they were briefed on what the School offers to the patients. They want to transfer the experiment to the Comprehensive Rehabilitation and social welfare centers.

At the end of the visit, the two parts came out with a number of recommendations including that, the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center should provide the School of Dentistry with complete files that contain the names of patients and their health status before starting treatment procedures. Dentistry School has to perform, whenever possible, necessary maintenance to dental units at the comprehensive rehabilitation clinic. Moreover, the School should pay a weekly therapeutic visit every Tuesday to the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. The School also should try to integrate with the Social Affairs office to provide tools and dental materials. The School is also committed to send an evaluation team to the dental clinic of Social Welfare House in order to determine the status of the clinic and its suitability to serve as a prelude to finding a mechanism for medical cooperation to help guests in the two sections, men and women. Also, the School has to pay evaluation visit to the dental clinic in Observation Clinic in order to determine the status of the clinic and its suitability to work in preparation for the submission of dental medical services to its patients.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood yesterday evening received in his office, the Director of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Asir branch, Mr. Abdulhakim Al-shahrani. The Rector also received a number of the ministry's employees and a group of orphan students who are sponsored by the Ministry.

At the beginning of their meeting, Aldawood welcomed the visitors and expressed his pleasure with the visit, noting that the university is always looking to providing services to the community, as one of its most important goals, after education and academic research courses. He said, "You are an integral part of the university in terms of your work, thus we put our services in your hands to achieve what you are looking forward to."

In his turn, Mr. Hakim Al-shahrani thanked the Rector for his warm reception. He said, "We are happy about our presence in this great academic edifice, which has become a landmark and a luminous candle in the education of Saudi Arabia," He added, "Our main objective through this visit is that there should be cooperation between the branch of the Ministry in various pastoral and developmental fields, in addition to the Social Security and the female supervision and the university, because of its great potentials in the field of research and community service."

Al-shahrani stressed that the Ministry's branch in Asir "is expecting a great support from the university. Support could be by providing the Ministry with specialized research studies, and by facilitating what the members and the employees of the Ministry of orphans may need, such as facilitating the completion of educational stages at the university, so as to be able to provide specialized social services".

High School Graduates of the orphans also gave a word in which they expressed their desire to complete their study at the university in order to be able to serve both the religion and their homeland, when armed with the weapon of science.

On this, Rector Prof. Aldawood considered the orphans' word, stressing that they would be treated with special treatment regarding acceptance. He further pointed out that if anyone applied for community service diploma programs, he / she would be exempted from paying any fees. Moreover, in his speech, Aldawood gave the orphans a number of tips when choosing specialization they would like to join. He said, "When choosing specialization, you must take note of three points: first, the ability to understand the specialization one wants to engage in, as well as the desire to pursue it; never join a specialization you do not like. Finally, continuity; and this is important in terms of after graduation and the labor market needs."




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