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  • Most of the surfers are University students

  • It is necessary to have an application for smart devices

  • Overall appearance satisfaction

In early 2015AD, the General Department of Information Technology has launched the first release of myKKU, which witnessed success and widespread despite the timing of the launch, which coincided with the examinations period at the university. Because IT Department considers everyone as a Partner in this portal, it has showed statistical report, which showed in detail how users interact with this portal, or the so-called KPI (Key Performance Indicator), which included the following criteria:

myKKU Portal Visitors' rate

Since its launch, the number of users of the portal exceeded 4000 users, and most of them were students (80% of the total visitors offset 20% of employees and teaching staff, as shown in the following figure.

Browsing the Portal

The detailed results showed that 59.56% of the portal users browsed myKKU in more than three minutes and fifty four seconds. In this regard, specialists mentioned that it was expected, depending on the fact that this duration is enough to the user at this time to go through all the services in myKKU portal. Besides, it is one of the goals of the portal to facilitate access and speed of access to information.

Returning users

In the same survey, and about users who came back to the portal, it has been shown that 40% of the total users do return to browse the portal again, as shown in the following figure.

Ease of Use

Through the evaluation, and after questioning the surfers of the portal about the ease of access to services, results showed that 40% saw it was stunningly simple, and 30% saw it was easy to use and available for all. The remaining percentages, which included the estimation of average, hard and very hard. 13% saw that browsing was average in usage, and 17% ranged from hard and very hard, as shown in the following Figure.

Overall appearance

80% of surfers accepted and praised the overall appearance of the portal, and thought it was attractive. The remaining 20% opinions ranged between average, bad, and very bad as described below.


Users' notes

In the last paragraph of the questionnaire, which was submitted by the General Department of Information Technology, many myKKU users mentioned positive and negative observations. In the following paragraph, we will focus on the most prominent:  

myKKU is a core of  multiple future versions 

Most observations were about the difficulty of using the service when running from smart devices. Others suggested adding extra services within the academic services, such as description of courses, available communication between faculty members and students, in addition to using Blackboard service directly via the portal without the need to go back to the same service. Furthermore, a significant number of the participants in the questionnaire asked for the need to provide a method of communication between students, such as students' forums. Some of the users thought that there was a shortage in the translation from English to Arabic.

How technicians receive complaints

We went directly to the technicians, who are in charge of myKKU portal, and we exposed them to users' inquiries and observations. They answered that all observations are appreciated, and they help us to make more developments in this portal as being currently issuing the first release and considered the core of a group of multiple versions in the future.  Regarding the English content of the internal pages of the portal, technician said that they are working on resolving this problem drastically. And a large portion of the problem has been resolved, still they have some simple points.  About browsing myKKU portal on smart devices, the technician emphasized that they agree with the users that using the portal via smart devices is not easy enough. So, they are working on a particular application, which will be unearthed soon, God willing.

And for adding extra services, officials emphasized that new services are going to find a place in the second release of myKKU. In this aspect, the technicians asked university bodies to cooperate with them to deploy their services on myKKU because it is easier for the user and a benefit of all.

General Department of Information Technology shows key performance indicator KPI
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