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King Khalid University, Media Center.

King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality, held a number of training courses for teaching staff, and other employees - male and female. The training took place in the summer vacation period, at the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The number of beneficiaries of the training program reached 340 trainees, including 90 faculty members, with the number of employees reaching 250 trainees.

During the training program, there was a training course for academicians entitled "the standards of quality of university teaching and mechanisms of activation." The course was presented by Dr. Mohammed Al-Fuhaid, in the presence of 40 trainees from faculty members, male and female. In addition, there was a course for administrators under the title "role of administrative leaders in the academic development." Employees also attended a course entitled "quality in work and job performance guarantee."

On this occasion, the Dean of Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Marzn Al Shahrani, praised the role played by the university administration represented by His Excellency the Rector, Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Salamil, and His Excellency the Vice President, Dr. Ahmed Al Jbaili. The Dean explained that the administration of the University had offered continued support for training and development as they believe in the essential role of training in improving the skill of the faculty members.

Al Hakan: Training contributes to raising the level of education of faculty members. 

On the other hand, trainees confirmed that the program was important and extremely useful.  The Dean of the University Center for the study of female students, Dr. Ola Alhakan, talked about the importance of those courses. She confirmed that those training programs ensured the quality of education at the university. She believes that training contributes to raising the level of education of faculty members, which has positive affects on educational outcomes for the students of the university.

The Vice President for Community College - female section in Khamis Mushayt, Dr. Dawla Manae, hs also hinted to the importance of such courses. She believes that continuous training helps employees and teaching staff to keep pace with rapid and successive developments nowadays. She also stressed on the significant impact of training on raising the level of job performance at the university section in Khamis Mushayt. Dr. Dawla ​Manae hinted to the importance of such courses. 

The following dignitaries thanked the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality for organizing the training program: they are the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Mahyal Asir, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kaid Asiri, the Vice Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Qarni, and the Vice Dean of Languages and Translation College, Dr. Ali bin Hussein. They believe that such training courses contribute to the advancement of faculty members and staff in various aspects.

University to train more than 340 academicians and employees.
King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, the President of King Khalid University (KKU), Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawood, has stressed that he would not interfere in the selection process of distinguished faculty members of colleges, entrusting the authority to the deanship of colleges, because of their contact with reality, and their full knowledge of the special people who are very beneficial to the university and to the colleges, which will positively affect the university outcomes. This pronouncement came during the Presidents' meeting with the members of the Faculty of Financial Administrative Sciences, including a number of deans and university agents. The meeting took place at the conclusion of his inspection of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences.

President Al Dawood had visited the smart halls - they are about 20 in number - which have recently been built by the college, and from which 15 thousand students would benefit. The President looked into the available devices provided in the halls, and their potential and capacity.

The Dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Dr. Mohammed Al Abbas, had earlier welcomed the President of the university and the audience, informing them that the college provided those infrastructures with that capacity in order to achieve a qualitative development of the faculty members and the students, stressing that the quality of the work environment at the college reached an advanced levels, where the college had become paperless in all its dealings. The Dean continued, "We seek to provide excellent scientific environment to graduate high administrative and financial efficiencies." Dr. Al Abbas added " the college seeks to get the best Saudi working environment award."

After that a special visual display was provided. The display was about the academic selection, to define how to select, and the stages involved in the selection, in addition to how to choose the faculty members, and the principles and criteria of the selection that are based upon.

At the end of the meeting, the President answered the questions and queries from the faculty members, from the students, and from the employees in attendance, during which he presented a proposal for the meeting of the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, in addition to the Dean of acceptance and Registration, in order to find a positive solution to the issue of overcrowding of students in the halls of the two colleges, even if the university would have to hire new buildings.
It is noteworthy that President Al Dawood had stressed the necessity of activating the visits of faculty members of the University to other universities, in order to achieve the greatest benefit from their expertise, which contributes in the graduation of high-quality and competent graduates of King Khalid University.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency the President of King Khalid University (KKU), Prof. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawood has today, Tuesday 18/11/1436 AH, sponsored the reception ceremony of new faculty members. The venue of the ceremony is at the Headquarter of the University in Abha. It is known that King Khalid University is arranging such ceremony every year to welcome new faculty members and to let them know about the rules and regulations of the university.

The ceremony started with an introductory video about the university. Then, the Dean of Employees and Teaching Staff, Prof. Abdullah Hadi gave a speech, in which he welcomed the new faculty members. The Dean noted, "The Deanship is always happy to celebrate and welcome its guests who came to deliver an important message to the service of science." He further said," In the university, we have scientists and professors from more than 25 different countries. They represent windows for science, knowledge and values. "

On their turns, both the Deanship of Development and Quality and the Deanship of e-learning presented a quick overview of their activities and the services provided by the two deanships, pointing out that faculty members could take advantage of these services.

After that, the Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Sultan Al Farah gave a speech, in which he quickly gave a presentation on the academic system of the University. He also gave a simple explanation of how the faculty members could deal with academic movements in the university.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the President of kku gave a speech, in which he welcomed the new faculty members who have recently joined the University, asking God - the Almighty - to grant them success. He said, "Undoubtedly, at King Khalid University, we are proud of this scientific constellation that will undoubtedly be beneficial scientifically." He added, "I am always proud of these multiple scientific stripes in our university from different countries, to share with us the process of education and scientific research in our University." Adding that the selection of new faculty members were carefully conducted, in order to fully support and enhance the educational process.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Last Wednesday, the Community college for girls at King Khalid University Abha, held a welcoming celebration for the new faculty members. The venue was the theater of the College. Dean of the college, Dr. Munira Abu Hamama, and the director of employees' affairs, welcomed the gathering. The occasion also witnessed viewing of a number of informative videos.

The celebration included the distribution of a guide for new members; teaching staff, administrators and employees, as well as distributing a guide of Student Counseling Unit, and educational brochures to the new members.

On the occasion, the Dean of the college, Dr. Munira Abu Hamama has explained the necessary tasks for the teaching staff, and the importance of participation of the members in the activities and Committees of the college, and that they should have effective and distinctive role in guiding students towards good behavior and in encouraging them to participate in the cultural, health, technical, social, and religious activities of the college.

The Dean also stressed on the need to avoid past mistakes by identifying and correcting their causes and sources. She stressed the importance of reading the brochures and pamphlets that were distributed to each member, so that they will be familiar with the systems of the college in particular, and regulations of the university in general, and they will know their duties and rights.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Sponsored by the President of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al Dawoud, the Deanship of Teaching Staff and Employees is arranging a special reception for the new faculty members for the academic year 1436/1435 AH. The reception comes up on Monday, the 13th of Dhu Al-Qada, and the venue is the Central stands, University City, Abha. The program which includes different celebration will begin with registration at 9.00 am It will be followed by the main part - development and quality - which will be presented by the Deanship of Academic Development. Next, is a comprehensive introductory presentation about the university, the colleges and the departments. On this occasion, the Deanship of Teaching Staff and Employees will discuss the rules and regulations that are set by the university. Additionally, there will be a presentation by e-learning Deanship. Finally, Admission and Registration Deanship will present a glance at the academic system of the university.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Deanship of Dentistry College of King Khalid University held yesterday, Monday 25/8/2014 AD, the annual welcoming ceremony for the faculty members, on the occasion of the start of the new school year. The celebration included a brief introduction about both the University and College to the new teaching staff, in addition to that of the vision, mission and objectives of the College. The occasion included introducing the college activities to the attendees and its study plan for the whole year, as well as what is expected from the new teaching staff. The following respected personalities attended the meeting, Dean of Dentistry College, Dr. Ibrahim Bin Suleiman Al-Shahrani, Vice-President of the college, Dr. Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Qarni, University Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Farisi, and University Vice-President for clinical Affairs, Dr. Abdul Aziz Saad Abu Melha.

King Khalid University, Media Center

In the light of the Ministry of Higher Education encouragement to hold meetings among the Saudi universities, with the aim of consulting, development, and raise the level of performance through the study of ideas and common experiences in this regard and to promote the concept of learned-system among universities, and take advantage of the intra successful experiences among them to guarantee exchanging  experiences among universities, and spreading advantages among specialists and those interested in related topics, King Khalid University is hosting on the fifth of Muharram next year the second meeting of the Deans of the Teaching Staff and Employees in the Saudi Universities

It is expected the meeting will discuss features, services provided to the Teaching Staff, allowances, the exchange of information and coordination between the universities, especially the claims of contractors of questions with officials of contracting at universities in relation to services provided by the university for them and their children such as provision of international schools and health insurance, as well as unifying standards of contractors attraction. 

Prepared by: Mansour Al-Ayaf

Photographed by: Khaleel Al-Asimi

Under the auspices of His Excellence, the University President, Prof. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al-Dawood, the Deanship of Teaching Staff and Employees held a ceremony to honor retired teaching staff and employees in the Central Stands at University City.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the President gave a speech, welcoming the attendees and thanking them for their attending. He explained that honoring those people who spent their lives serving community and neighborhood is a national duty of sorts. He added that they deserve more and wished them success. He also thanked the organizers of the celebration.

The Dean of the Teaching Staff and Employee Deanship, Dr.  Abdullah bin Hadi Al-Qahtani, gave a word thanking the University President for supporting this initiative. He also said that honoring retirees is our duty and the gathering was just to say "thank you" for all that they had done. When honoring them, we in fact honor ourselves. He thanked everyone who contributed to the celebration and meeting. After that, the retirees responded as represented by Dr. Mohammed Bin Yahya Al- Mezher. He expressed his pride in giving the word on behalf of the retirees. He transferred the feeling of happiness the retirees feel due to this generous and compassionate moment, which was offered by the university for the first time. He added that retirees are sons of the University and they offer help when needed.

The ceremony was concluded with a meeting of HE Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Dawood with the retirees to honor them.

Deanship of Teaching Staff and Employees held a ceremony to honor retired staff

Two members of the teaching staff at King Khalid University gained Rashid Bin Hemeed’s award for Culture and Sciences in its 30th round which is sponsored by HE Sheikh Hameed Bin Rashid Alneimy the Governor of Ajman Province and the member of Higher Council in UAE.

A member of the teaching staff in Arabic Department at Humanities College Dr. Abd AlHameed Bin Seif Ahmed Alhosamy got the 1st award in Literature art for his research titled "Structure and imagined living in a novel reference section for El Tarf Abeer Ali – semiotics Vision" Dr.Alhosamy got the 28th round of this award before in 2011AD.

Dr Ahmed bin Saleh Katran A member of the teaching staff in Department of the principles of jurisprudence in the College of Sharia and its Religion Fundamentals got the 2nd position , field of studies and legal legitimacy, for his research entitled "Executions and retribution – a follow in reference legitimacy."


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