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Under the patronage of His Excellency, Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, Rector of King Khalid University, the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education organized a workshop on activating and spreading the culture of volunteering. The activity took place yesterday morning in the Central Stands of the University City in Abha.

The workshop was attended by the Director of the Coordination Council of the Aseer Charity Organization, Mr. Ali Hassan, and the Deputy of the Technical College in Abha, Mr. Maalawi Asiri. The Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education at the University, Dr. Mubarak Hamdan, moderated the workshop. During the workshop, participants presented shows on volunteering and its impact on the society.

The workshop aimed mainly at introducing the participants to the concept of voluntary work, its importance, its fields, and mechanisms. Participants in the workshop participated in the discussion, dialogue, and brainstorming.

The workshop was also attended by the Friends of the Coordination Council in the Aseer Region, a number of employees of the charitable societies, the Civil Defense Department in Abha and Khamis Mushait, the Office of Social Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, in addition to a group of University students and volunteers.

At the end of the workshop, and in the name of the University, the Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education honored the participants with certificates of appreciation for the considerable efforts put forth to ensure the success of the workshop.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the patronage of His Excellency, Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed Al-Issa, King Khalid University is organizing the First Theater Festival for Saudi universities, which will gather innovators and performers hailing from all university theaters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The five-day event will begin on Sunday the 22nd of Rabi' Al-Awwal in the Lasan Theater and the Mahala Campus Theater.

Ten theater teams, who represents numerous Saudi universities, are going to participate in the festival. Participating acts will be chosen according to the clearly defined standards and technical requirements of theatrical festivals in the Kingdom. By all means, it will have to be suitable for the recipient audience, namely the youth, in addition to the presence of a minimally acceptable level of technical participation.

With regards to the momentous festival, His Excellency, Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, Rector of King Khalid University stressed that the University’s hosting and organization of the festival comes as part of its awareness of the importance of theater and its long history in human cultures and its active role in building the values of truth, goodness, and beauty. He commented, “Undoubtedly, holding the first Theater Festival for Saudi universities would contribute to the exchange of views and a diversification of experiences in our university theater programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. University Theater has been a way to explore artistic abilities that creates segways to the world of art and creativity."

He pointed out that the spirit of youth is the real the winning horse. Thus, the Saudi government has paid considerable attention to promote this spirit of innovation in theater.

Al-Solamy also thanked HRH Prince Faisal bin Khalid for his steadfast support for all of the activities of the University and his contribution to the growth and development of the region. He thanked His Excellency, the Minister of Education, for his patronage and for his continuous interaction in all aspects that would help accelerate rapid development of Saudi universities in various fields. Rector Al-Solamy also thanked the Association of Culture and Arts in Abha for its positive partnership in the establishment of the festival.

In turn, the Dean of Student Affairs at the University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Aideed, who is also the Chairman of the Festival said that the Deanship is honored to host the first Saudi Theater Festival in its first release under the patronage of the Minister of Education and the attendance and participation of ten Saudi universities. He added that holding the First Theater Festival is based on the directives of the Rector. He clarified that theater has a significant role in improving students’ talents and in raising viewer awareness, in addition to its role in developing students’ knowledge, cultural and artistic experiences. Dr. Abdullah Al-Aideed emphasized the deanship's keenness on activating the role of theater in the life of University students through the establishment of the Theater Club, which has contributed to the cultural and artistic movement inside and outside of the university.

Dr. Al-Aideed related that the performances will include the following in the table below:

Representative Play
King Faisal University Al-Haqiqa
Taibah University Thokoub
King Abdulaziz University Al-Mathaf
Jeddah University Don Quixote on Snape Shot
Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University Al-Hasemah
Jazan University Station Does Not Leave
King Khalid University Beyond the Darkness
King Saud University Makasson
Taif University Coffin

It is noteworthy that the festival will honor several influential figures in the University Theater field in particular and in the Saudi theater in general. Furthermore, practical symposiums will be held after each presentation. A number of specialists in the field of theater are going to submit two symposiums about theater, the first will be about the university theater and the other about the Saudi theater, in addition to many other special events.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, Rector of King Khalid University, sponsored the International Day of Persons with Disabilities event on Tuesday morning, the 17th of Rabi' Al-Awwal, in the Central Stands. The event was organized by the Guidance Center at the Deanship of Student Affairs.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Rector Al-Solamy attended the accompanying exhibition, which included the participation of nine bodies, including the Al-Bassam Center for Special Needs, the Ibn Rushd Center for Ophthalmology, the Department of Special Education at the Faculty of Education, the Abha Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, the Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation, the Abha Sports Club for Special Needs, in addition to the Special Education Department of the Aseer region's Education Administration. At the end of the tour, Al-Solamy participated in the wheelchair mobility exhibition.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a promotional campaign video was presented about the functions and efforts of the Center for Guidance in the University, which highlighted the most important activities in directing, guiding, and increasing awareness amongst University students in a wide variety of areas. Furthermore, the program included a presentation of the highly coveted special programs for people with special needs offered by the Center for Guidance.

Rector Al-Solamy proclaimed, “It is nice to meet every year on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities so that everyone will remember this precious group in the community, as well as to review the plans and services provided to them.” He further stressed that the University aspires to provide better services for those with special needs. He added, "I greatly encourage my fellow faculty members to support this precious class in our hearts and to facilitate the removal of all obstacles they may face to in their pursuit of success." Rector Al-Solamy emphasized that the University is ready to provide complete support and promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Following after, he thanked everyone who contributed to organizing the event.

In turn, the Director of the Center for Guidance, Mr. Abdullah Al-Dreem, thanked the Rector for sponsoring this ceremony. He pointed out that the Center for Guidance aims to raise societal awareness about disability issues and to understand the requirements of its various groups, in addition to providing full support in multiple fields. Mr. Al-Dreem pointed out that the University, represented by the Rector and the Dean of Student Affairs, provides unmatched attention and support for its students with special needs to overcome difficulties during their academic career. He further elaborated that the most prominent achievements of students with special needs of the University for this year was in the Federation of Saudi Universities Competition where they achieved first place at the level of the Saudi Universities in Goalball and third place in the overall standings of the competition.

At the end of the ceremony, the Rector honored the University athletics team of people with special needs for achieving spectacular success during their participation in the Saudi Universities Championship, in addition to honoring the participants in the ceremony. He received a commemorative shield from the Center for Guidance on this occasion.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Intellectual Awareness Unit at King Khalid University participated in the Awareness Exhibition. It included the full participation of the media and groundbreaking research publications. The exhibit occurred in the honorable presence of the Advisor of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Governor of the Makkah Region, Prince Khalid Al-Faisal for moderation on Sunday 15/3/1439 at the King Faisal Hall for Celebrations in King Abdulaziz University. The Unit was honored to present a commemorative gift to the sponsor of the ceremony, the Advisor of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Governor of the Makkah Region, His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al Faisal bin Abdulaziz. Equally important, a commemorative gift was provided to HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Bandar, the Deputy Governor of Makkah, and HRH Prince Mishaal Bin Majid, the Governor of Jeddah. The exhibition was graced by the attendance of the Rector of King Abdulaziz University, the Rector of the University of Bisha, and Tabuk's University Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, in addition to the Deputy Director of the Center of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef for Care and Advice.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the aegis of His Excellency, the Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Issa, the second gathering of the Sports Federation of Saudi Universities was held.

King Khalid University participated in a number of games during the competitions. Its goalball team came in the first place after beating the goalball team of Al-Qassim University. The result was 11 - 5.

Ziyad Al-Kharib won the gold medal in the Discus Throw Competition. The special needs team achieved third place in the stadiums of King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa.

The Director of the Department of Sports Activities at the Deanship of Student Affairs, Mr. Ali Al-Wahhabi, said that he was happy with the positive results. He added, "We look forward to achieving greater results in the coming competitions, God willing."

Al-Wahhabi congratulated the players of the goalball team: Ziad Al Kharib, Ahmed Hakmi, Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Saeed Hamoud and Mu'adh Al-Qahtani who scored 24 points and brought home first place.

He also emphasized that the University special needs team achieved third place and fourth place at the university level with 38 points after collecting five medals in the athletic competitions. He added, "The University achieved first place in the Discus Throw Competition and won the gold medal.”

Al-Wahhabi announced that Ahmed Hakami took home the silver medal in the 400 meters race. The same athlete won third place and the bronze medal in other competitions. In the Javelin Throw Competition, Ziad Al-Kharib won the silver medal. In Pétanque, Abdullah Al-Qahtani achieved third place and the bronze medal. In total, the University scored 62 points, ranking third among the 17 universities that participated in the event.


His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, honored the General Administration of University Relations and its distinguished employees.

The Director of the General Administration of University Relations, Mr. Mansour Saeed bin Sarhan, and the distinguished staff of the administration expressed their profound gratitude and pride in receiving recognition from His Excellency. They thanked the Rector for the generous gesture and emphasized that the honor bestowed upon them is an unmatched motivating agent that will encourage them to succeed in providing operational excellence.

King Khalid University, Media Center

On behalf of His Excellency, the Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed Al-Issa, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, sponsored today, Sunday morning, the opening ceremony of the First Theater Festival for Saudi Universities at the Al-Mahala Campus Theater.

On the occasion, Rector Al-Solamy gave a speech in which he stressed the importance of the theater field and the great extent to which the University has and will invest in it. Rector Al-Solamy emphasized the vital importance of the event and asserted that it means the world to our University to host this event in pursuit of a spectacular contribution worthy of the watershed theatrical movement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He said, “Today, we welcome this constellation theater performances in our dear country, and we are confident that we will meet and exceed the primary goals and aspirations of this blessed meeting." The Rector further stated that the University was keen on securing world-class arrangements and technological infrastructure for the festival to ensure the atmosphere will be one to remember for years to come.

Rector Al-Solamy conveyed to the guests and participants the welcoming message of the Governor of the Asir Region, HRH Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz. He explained that HRH Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz wishes the festival phenomenal success. Immediately after, Al-Solamy thanked the Minister of Education for his steadfast support for all that would advance the educational process and student engagement. The Rector also seized the opportunity to thank members of the organizing committees for establishing the festival.

The event included a screening of the video entitled "Theater: The Language of Communication." The presentation reviewed King Khalid University's efforts to support and activate the role of the theater and efforts to host the First Theater Festival of Saudi universities. In addition, the presentation illustrated landmark achievements in the Saudi theater field along with the numerous stages of development.

For his part, the Vice Dean of Student Affairs at Taif University, Dr. Mansour Al-Harthy, thanked King Khalid University for organizing and hosting the festival and taking the lead in operations. He said, “We want to create a new concept in the culture of University Theater. We would like to attend similar festivals in different universities around the Kingdom."

At the end of the ceremony, the Rector honored Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Tami, Mr. Muteb Al-Thawab, and the Saudi Culture and Arts Association in Abha for their active role in the development of Saudi Theatre. He also honored the Theater Activities Director at King Khalid University for bringing home first place in the Best Scenography Category at the International Pioneers Festival in Morocco.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, the Rector of King Khalid University, honored six students from the University who received international awards. The Director of the Talent, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Center, Dr. Mohamed Bin Khammash Al Maghrabi, co-presided over the awards ceremony.


For his part, Dr. Al Maghrabi said that obtaining these awards was due to the dedication towards innovation received from both the Rector and the University Vice-President for Academic Development and Quality. He added that all the award-winning innovations participated in the center's competitions and obtained advanced positions. After receiving guidance from the Arbitration and Innovation Development Committee, they were equipped to compete on an international scale. Dr. Al Maghrabi asserted that all the innovations which obtained international recognition under the aegis of the University would become funded start-up companies in support of our country's precious economy.

Student Awards


Fouad Abaq from the University Center in Al-Sammer - Medicine and Surgery Department: Gold medal in the Medical Inventions category for her Breathable Blood Sugar Detector Device.

Abdullah Mohammed Al-Halafy from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery:  Silver medal in the Computer category for his Electronic Cards invention.

Mazen Mohammed Al-Bassami from the Faculty of Administrative Science: Bronze medal in the Information Technology category for his Smart Refrigerator invention.

Yusra Hassan Abdo Omar Al-Dharma from the English Department of Rejal Alma's Faculty of Science and Arts: Gold medal in the ITEX Exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur for an Automated Quaranic Classification Device invention. The same student obtained second place in the Productive University category for the same invention mentioned above.

Haneen Ahmed Asiri from the Al-Sammer University Center: Silver medal in the ITEX Exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur for an Oral Cleansing Device invention. She also obtained the bronze medal from Kiwi in Korea in dentistry and the Korean gold medal for an invention in the field of aviation, in addition to the first place prize of the President's shield and a special certificate.

Iman Al-Ayad from the Al-Sammer University Center- Medicine and Surgery Department: Young Author Initiative Award for her book “Najwa from Another Spirit.”

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al-Solamy, received the President of the Municipal Council of the Sarat Obeida Governorate, Mr. Muayadh Al-Zarah, and his accompanying delegation. The purpose of the visit was to discuss a number of mutually beneficial topics, in addition to a means of cooperation between the two entities for the sake of serving the region and its community.

Al-Solamy stressed that the University strives to provide maximal output to promote an educational renaissance in the Aseer region, in addition to serving the society, which is one of its most important objectives.

Following after, Al-Zarah thanked the University's Rector for the services provided to the council by organizing courses and seminars that contribute to the development of the Aseer region, as well as an active partnership that contributes to the rise of the municipal council in relevant academic disciplines.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, the Rector of King Khalid University, sponsored the conclusion ceremony of the Fourth Cultural Olympiad, which was organized by the Deanship of Student Services.

On occasion, Rector Al-Solamy said, "I thank all those who participated in organizing this forum from colleagues in the University Vice-Presidency for Educational and Academic Affairs to colleagues in the Deanship of Student Services. I also thank the preparation and processing committees, and the faculty members serving as arbitrators." He added, "We all know the importance of activity in students’ lives and the importance of the University's significant efforts to promote this vital aspect for the sake of all our sons and daughters." He said, "Undoubtedly, we progress and improve every year in various aspects that include but are not limited to sports, culture and other activities."

Al-Solamy noted that in the near future, the University would host the first theater meeting of Saudi universities. The Deanship of Student Services was the owner of this idea. Rector Al-Solamy emphasized the need for everyone to contribute to the success of this forum as it is a tremendous success for King Khalid University to organize such an event.

Following after, the Vice-President of the Student Services Deanship, Dr. Yahya Al-Qenaie, said that holding such meetings is to honor talent, creativity, participation, and interests, stressing that its core topic is not to create competition. Dr. Al-Qenaie pointed out that colleges of boys and girls at the university and student clubs have been acknowledged for their excellent participation.  Al-Qenaie explained that the Olympic Games were held over a week where more than five hundred male and female students competed in over 17 fields. 46 specialized judges participated in arbitrating these competitions.

It is noteworthy that the seven-day olympiad, in its fourth release, included 17 fields in which the students of King Khalid University competed. For the sake of fairness in selection, the Organizing Committee set two arbitrators in one specialization or interest. The competitions was in the following fields: the most beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran, elocution, cultural competition, poetry, as well as the Sunnah of the Prophet, and the biography of the Prophet, Nabati poetry, and finally a competition in short story. In special competitions, they were divided into works of art, namely, Arabic calligraphy, drawing, photography, caricature, and digital art.


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