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King Khalid University, represented by the Library Affairs Deanship, starts its participation in the 24th round of the Doha International  Book Fair. Its activities were inaugurated on Wednesday evening in the presence of approximately 360 international publishing houses from 29 countries.

The Dean of Library Affairs, Dr. Saad Bin Qasem Al-Khalidi, explained the keenness of the university to participate in relevant regional and international events to display scientific outputs. He also added that a primary purpose is also to showcase the regional image of the university and the role it performed after the unparalleled support and directions of the His Excellency the University President, Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood. He added that the university held a distinct position within the book fair that included many of the publications and works of its employees which varied from specialized scientific research to books. 

At the end of the Community Partnership forum which was organized by King Khalid University under the slogan Community Partnership looking forward to sustainable Development from 13 to 15/2/1435AH, some of the participants and forum guests expressed their happiness for what they saw on the margin of the forum out of scientific sessions and lectures which participate in developing and forming partnerships with the community. They explained that this forum reflects the active role of King Khalid University towards the community and our country in general.

Dr. Salem Al-Wahabi, A Member of the Council of State, thanked King Khalid University for arranging this forum and said that all included points and ideas are considered essential and necessary to improve the performance of community partnership and to look for new and successful ways for further development. He admired King Khalid University's experiment towards the community, and he added that the university has about 50 colleges distributed in different governorates of the region which is considered the primary factor to enable the university to carry out real community partnerships in various governorates and centers.  

Dr. Saad Al-Otaibi of King Saud University thanked His Excellency, the President of King Khalid University and the organizers of the community partnership forum for superb organization. He also said that sessions that were held on the margin of the forum were an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas, views, and knowledge in the aspect that it is the most important part of the nature of the work of community partnership and the nature of the work of universities.

Eng. Mahmoud Al-Shami,  Director of the Jana Center which is affiliated with the Sulaiman Al-Rajhi Charity Institution, said that the Jana center has nine branches all over the Kingdom and that they were looking forward to cooperation and partnership with King Khalid University. He further related that his center would like to launch a new branch of the institution in Abha in collaboration with King Khalid University to support families in need.  

Dr. Hassan Al Sherim, the Director of Al- Sibe’i Charity Institution added that community partnership at King Khalid University is an opportunity with great merit that will create increased coordination among charity associations, community leaders, and government entities to work together to enhance public benefit within the region. He asserted that King Khalid University is deeply rooted in the fabric of society and has produced leaders in the humanitarian field nationwide.

Eng. Mahmoud Turkistani, Vice President of the National Commercial Bank thanked King Khalid University for its invitation to the National Commercial Bank to attend the forum and said that the university gave us the chance to highlight the role of the National Commercial Bank in the social responsibility field and that King Khalid University serves as a role model for the rest of the universities to pay greater attention to social responsibility. He added that awareness couldn't proceed without the Kingdom's well-known scientific centers, so we were conscious of taking part in this forum especially as it is the first forum of its kind in the southern region.

King Khalid University, represented by the Admissions and Registration Deanship (Awards Department), will broadcast the awards ceremony of Safar 1435AH for all students. This comes from the University's interest and care of its students to coincide with final exams. The University wishes best of luck to all.  

The technical committee of the Health Diploma Alumnus Program of Rehabilitation held a meeting in the Community Service and Continuous Education Deanship on Monday 13/2/1435 AH in the presence of the committee President Dr. Khalid Al Gelban besides the committee members. The committee visited the student auditoriums, and His Excellency the University Vice President Dr. Mare Al Qahtani joined the group.

During the visit, the committee members were keen to speak with the students, answer their inquiries and motivate them to obtain maximum benefit out of the program.

The members of the committee also visited the venue of the Academic Committee to inspect the pedagogical strategies and learner performance of the English Language program. Daily reports that are prepared after field visits to study halls were examined, and feedback was given.

The impressions of His Excellency the Vice President and the President of the Technical Committee were positive. They were impressed by the educational outputs of the English language program and related that they would like them to continue performing well.

They all left the location of the Deanship wishing good luck to complete the program in a way that will achieve expected goals.   

E-learning unit at Education college at the University of King Khalid presented number of scientific meetings within a series of distant international teaching via the network through the Blackboard Collaborate and virtual classroom Illuminate Live! Sessions.

three meetings were presented, the the first one presented by the Head of the Department of Educational Technology at the University of Helwan Prof. Dr. Nabil Gad , and the second meeting was by Professor of Educational Technology and Co- Director of Quality Deanship of e-learning at King Saud University , Dr. Mustafa Judat , the third meeting was by a professor of assistant educational technology at Mansurah university Dr. Hanan El Khalil .

The meetings had a large attendance of specialists, researchers, teaching staff from King Khalid University and 12 Arab universities.


King Khalid University President, Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Aldawood  issued many administrative resolutions included:

  • mandating HE Dr. Amer bin Mohammed al-Husseini Al-Shehri as a supervisor of the General administration of investment.
  • Nominating Dr. Yahya bin Abdullah Hassan Sharif to be the Dean of Humanities college.
  • Nominating Dr.Khyria Mohamed Ali Al Hassan Aseeri to be a dean of Arts and Education Colleges for girls/Abha.

•  Renew the nomination of Dr Zhbh Abdullah Saad Al Raúzh as a Dean of Science college for Girls/Abha.

  • The general supervisor of media and public relations and official spokesman at King Khalid University, Dr. Mohammed bin Hamid Buhairi, announced these resolutions wishing all success in their tasks.



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