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Under the patronage of His Excellency the President of King Khalid University (KKU), Prof. Dr. Falah bin Raja Allah Al Solamy, the University, represented by the College of Sciences and Arts in Dhahran Al Janoub, held an honor ceremony for the soldiers stationed on the southern border who are participating in the 'Decisive Storm and Restoring Hope' operations from all military departments.

On behalf of the KKU President, and the Vice-Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad Al Du'ajim honored 310 soldiers from officers and members of the armed forces, special forces, public security sector staff and field operatives, national and border guards, and the UAE Armed Forces.  

During Dr. Du'ajim's speech at the ceremony, he clarified that the honor ceremony emerges from King Khalid University's religious, national and societal message. He emphasized that, "This initiative is to honor the security leaders stationed on the southern border, and as a symbol of gratitude and loyalty to those heroes, and to commemorate them, asking Allah the Almighty to perpetuate our country's security and stability, to support our soldiers, to give them strength and to be merciful to the martyrs. He added, "This initiative is among many initiatives adopted by the university to stand with those who ensure the security of our homeland."  

The commander of the Border Guards Sector in Dhahran Al Janoub, Colonel Nasser Al Qahtani, expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by the University and its employees to hold this initiative, which will contribute, 'God willing' to support, encourage and honor the soldiers stationed on the southern borders. He also said, "The deeply rooted relationship between the institutions of this homeland with its security personnel is similar to an unbreakable chain that shows the national cohesion. And what King Khalid University has done today confirms the deeply religious national connections between this nation's institutions and the society."

After that, the ceremony continued with a series of poetry recitals, traditional displays, and performances presented by the Dharan Al Janoub Traditional Band. The ceremony was concluded by giving the honored from various military departments certificates and medals of honor.

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King Khalid University, Media Center

Humanities College of King Khalid University has issued the first edition of its arbitrated periodical and scientific magazine – a semi - annual production. The magazine which appeared in more than 400 pages, contains 7 Researches. It aims at spreading out researchers' scientific production in the disciplines of the Human Sciences, and it is concerned with the original researches that haven't been published in either Arabic or in English language. Additionally, the magazine aims at contributing to highlight the role of Islamic civilization in enriching the humanities. Another aim is adding to the content of knowledge in that discipline, and at demonstrating the efforts exerted by the researchers in the studies, by pointing out adequately the scientific researches that are related to human sciences.

It is worth mentioning that the magazine is under the supervision of the King Khalid University President, Prof. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al Dawoud. Other notable personnel involve in its production include Prof. Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Shahrani who is the chief editor, while the Board of consultation has 15 members from the Saudi universities as well as from other international universities, such as Harvard University, the University of Essex,  the University of Manchester, and Yarmouk University.

Humanities College issues the first edition of its periodical magazine.

King Khalid University (KKU) represented by Dentistry Collage has offered a medical services for an estimated number of patients reaching nearly forty thousand (40,000) patients and follow up in male department clinics at KKU.

Also more than five thousand (5,000)  female patients and follow up received treatment in Al Assamir department of  KKU. All these patients (nearly 106.850) have been treated with conventional high quality and professional standard care in this field.

By this process, KKU is looking forward to decrease the pressure on Ministry of health facilities as well as and to save time for patients and for all those in need of service in this area. Also to accelerate the process of treating citizens under specialists and consultants supervision from deferent dentistry specializations, which are rare to be found all in one region. One of the most prominent ambitions  of dentistry collage to develop and promote mouth and teeth health care in Asir region.         

KKU is also looking forward to reinforce the principles of community partnership project in Asir region. In thius regard,  the KKU community will have the  responsibility, of developing local communities  that will be in charge of specific in the region, including its 16 provinces.

It is an ambitious project that aims at  offering medical, awareness and educational services. It also includes field researches that serve local targeted community such as  schools, in every provinces.

Dentistry Collage of KKU achievements have not  stopped by this; it also managed to graduate more than 302 dentists to achieve health revolution  to serve Asir health facilities in particular,  and to participate in national  development programs in general .

It is worth to mentioning that Dentistry Collage is distinguished by its assistance and development in infrastructure in the region, and by establishing high quality clinics and dentistry workshops in male and female departments.

The college  also   provides  international conventional technology in this field, where it has been established two hundred and five (205) male clinics and a hubndred and twenty one  (121) female clinics,  equipping  them with necessary  pre clinical training simulation workshops to improve students training  using the latest treatment methods,  thus contributing to develop specialized practical and medical abilities of region's work force .   


King Khalid University Council recommended opening new colleges in a number of medical and engineering majors at Maha’el Aseer after studying this suggestion  thoroughly from the council and nominated committees in the university and it will be raised to Higher Education Council to approve it. This all took place when The University President Pro.Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Aldawood headed the University Council in its first meeting for this academic year 1434/1435AH in the presence of the Secretary General of Higher Education Council Dr.Mohamed Bin Abdul Aziz Alsaleh and the Council members including Vice Presidents, Deans, Supportive Deanships at the university. The Council exposed to group of critical issues such as discussing the final account of King Khalid University 1433/1434AH. The Council thanked our wise leadership for its ultimate support to the University.

The spokesman of King Khalid University, Dr.Mohamed Albehary revealed that the Council discussed many suggestions suggested by different units of the University  which aim to improving the academic work in the University. Also, the council discussed the organizational structure and editing boards for scientific magazines in the University and he gave his recommendations needed towards them.

At the end of the meeting, the Deputy President of the council thanked the wise leadership for its ongoing support to universities in general in order to give a hand to these universities to achieve their goals and aspirations. He also thanked Higher education Minister for his ongoing follow up for the university and for his support on all levels. 

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