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IT Directorate has established a page to communicate with the alumni of this year. The page includes the following: videos they want to share with others, And tweets via hashtag kku_grade35

The page also provides the ability to share photos via Instagram on hashtag Graduation Ceremony. Note that the page will be available for participation for the following two weeks. You can visit the Alumni page by clicking Here.

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The Faculty of Engineering of King Khalid University (KKU), held recently, a training course for 50 persons, some of them students and some of them those who have recently graduated. The training course was in cooperation with the Saudi Commission of Engineers,  and it took place in the headquarters of the university in Abha. The training course aimed to familiarize students and graduates with the rules and regulations of the engineering career, in addition to work skills in public and private sectors. The training course was held for 25 hours.

On the occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ibrahim Falki, clarified that the course was presented by 5 trained specialists, with long experience in the field. He said, "Specialists engineers are from different areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in order to take part in rehabilitating undergraduates and graduates engineers, and to provide them with information and skills they need in the labor market." Dr. Falki also explained that the course was a rapprochement between the theoretical and technical side of one hand, and administrative aspects, and the practice of the profession, on the other hand, linked with the rules and regulations applicable in the labor market". He added, "The course is suitable for those who wish to join public or private sectors, or who are interested in running their own business after possessing appropriate expertise."

The President of the Saudi Commission of Engineers in Asir branch, Eng. Ali Ben Ayed Marzn, had this to say, "This course is part of many courses organized by the Saudi Commission of Engineers for undergraduate students. We extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al dawood, and the Dean, Faculty of Engineering, for hosting the event and for providing facilities to make the training course a success."

It is noteworthy that the course included axes of preparation and processing specifications of projects, and preview and evaluation of buildings and supervision of small enterprises, in addition to the concept of project management. Also included are the axis of modern engineering concepts (value engineering, green architecture, smart cities) as well as communication skills (self - marketing).

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Female Graduates' Affairs Commission of the faculty of Arts and Education of King Khalid University, headed by Professor Fatima Shaya (a lecturer at Pedagogy and Curriculum Department), prepared a table that included all the courses that are being offered during the second semester of the academic year 1435/1436 AH. The purpose of the action was to inform the graduates on how to look for a job. Last Monday, the first course titled 'strategies to get a job and how to write a CV and pass a personal interview', was presented in the presence of 53 students from all sections of the Faculty.

The course aimed at the graduates of the first semester, who are expected to graduate this semester (the academic year 1435/1436 AH). In addition, the course was in line with the keenness of the faculties of Arts and Education Deanship to communicate with alumni and recruiters.

The course began with a workshop in which Ms. Fatima Ali Shaya presented and publicized a detailed explanation for the unit, and the importance of these courses to prepare graduates for the labor market. Then Ms. Arwa Awad Al Mohsna (a lecturer at Pedagogy and Curriculum Department) spoke about all the axes of the course; from identification of the target, to the career purpose, to relationship building, in addition to how to prepare a resume and  a personal interview, and how to pass an interview. Al Mohsna provided examples of good and bad resumes.

The course witnessed a great turnout with so many questions asked, and inquiries about the difference between a Cover Letter and a CV. All inquiries were answered, and models for some of the questions that can be asked during an interview were distributed too. At the end of the course, questionnaires were distributed to evaluate the course. As well, distribution of attendance certificates for all attendees followed.

On their parts, the attendees expressed their admiration of the course, and further thanked those who were in charge for touching their needs. The attendees demanded similar extra courses to help them improve themselves. The names of a number of late students, who show their desire to attend the course in its next schedule ( 16, 17 /6 / 1436 AH ) were registered.

King Khalid University, Media Center

27 thousand applicant so far

University urges graduates of Secondary schools to speed up applying

King Khalid University, represented by the Admission and Registration Deanship, urges all students, who wish to join the University in its main center, Abha, or in one of the colleges affiliated to it in the provinces of the region to speed up inserting their applications and desires of the disciplines, according to priority on the portal of the University (http:// registration ( /init).

 The Dean of Admission and Registration at the University, Dr. Saad Bin Mohammed Bin Dajm stressed on the University pursuit and desire to absorb sons and daughters of the region, and give them the opportunity to complete their university education, with a commitment to the principle of justice and equality among all applicants in all admission processes .

 He also revealed that the university has completed the approval of the start of admission in Bisha (students) in the faculties of Medicine, Engineering (Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering), and in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Ahad Rafidah. Admission for the English Language Department will begin, students only. In Abha, admissions for Bachelor's degree in the Accounting Department (students) in the Faculty of Administration and home Economics will start too.

 He pointed out that the number of students applying to the portal to enroll this year 1435/1436 amounted to approximately 27 thousand applications until 02/08/1435 AH. It worth noted that the deadline for closing the portal is 08/22/1435 AH, and he said, "No application could be accepted after that date, "he added," Only the applicant could enter his main data, and he should ensure validation and arrange desires according to priority. Regarding the marks of Secondary Certificate, it will be sent from the Ministry of Education, while the National Center for measurement and evaluation will provide university with the highest capacity and grades, obtained by students".


Bin Dajm explained that nomination for new students, both sexes, will be proceeded in three phases. The first phase will begin on Saturday 23/08/1435 to Tuesday 08/26/1435 AH for students who have qualified percentages ranging from 80% to 100 %, and the university will ensure that the students who obtain such ratios, will join one of the undergraduate programs depending on the student's ratio, and arranging the student's desires, and the number of seats that were approved in the last meeting of the University Council.

The second stage begins on Tuesday, 04/09/1435 AH for students who have qualified percentages ranging from 75 % to 79.99 % and the university will ensure that students who obtained those ratios, will join Regular Undergraduate programs.

Third and final phase will be on Tuesday, 09/11/1435 AH for students who obtained less than 75 %. Acceptance at this stage will be according to the availability in Regular or Affiliation BA (only female students )or community college Diploma .

He added the subsequent steps to close the e-portal relies primarily on text messages. He also stressed on keeping the mobile devices on the operating mode to follow up all incoming text messages from the university and the student takes full responsibility for that. There is no need for coming to the university. Only for female students, there is no need for sending flies by mail. All the admission processes will be automatic via text messages and e-portal and this make King Khalid University as the first Saudi University initiative in using this ability. For male students, they must send their files to the university after receiving the text messages which include sending their graduation certificates via Express Mail Service (EMS).

To make it easier for students and their parents, the deanship have established the service of (Guide for Academic Admission) on university website (Deanship of Registration and Admission), which includes a guide admission for the academic year 1435/1436 AH, as well as general conditions and the outline of the admission, and the dates of candidacy and calculating the marks of GAT and EAT and secondary rate.

 In addition to that, the deanship offers the possibility of communicating with Registration and Admission Deanship through the official social networks:


Face book:

You Tube:  

In which all students' queries will be answered in all matters relating to admission by the deanship  specialists.

 For non-saudi students who have legal residence permit , they must enter their requests on e-portal starting from 14/8/1435 to 25/8/1435 AH. 

The Deanship will also receive your queries on the following telephones:

Office of Admission (males) 0172417952

Office of Admission (females) 0172414795

Prepared by: Mansour Al-Ayaf

Photographed by: Khleel Al-Asimi

  • Al-Dawood: His Royal Highness Prince of Asir Province's patronage is evidence of rulers' keenness and interest

  • Al-Salateen: University delivered a constellation of cadres

  • 12163 Alumni from all provinces of Asir region 

  • Proper Party for female graduates

  • Dajem: Graduates for Doctoral degree reaches 8, Master’s graduates 872, Diploma graduates 669, while the total number of graduates for the BA degree, male and female reaches 9869, and Applied Diploma 745. 

The Prince of Asir Region, His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz, honors the university’s 16th graduation ceremony today, 22/6/1435 AH. The ceremony held at the University Theater, Al-jrejer after Al-Maghrib (Sunset prayers) in the attendance of King Khalid University President, Prof. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood. 

His Royal Highness, Prince of Asir Province's patronage is evidence of rulers' keenness and interest 

His Excellency, the University President, Prof. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al Dawood, clarified that the patronage of His Highness, the Prince of the Asir region, of the ceremony and his sharing of the graduation joy with his children is evidence of the keenness of His Highness and the leaders in this blessed country – may Allah save them- to support the education process.

Al-Dawood added that, "… the university is proud of its alumni, who are armed with science and knowledge in all scientific, medical and theoretical disciplines, so that they can contribute to building and elevating  this country, as well as taking part in  the overall development witnessed by the Kingdom in various fields."

Well-organized Graduation Ceremony for female Alumni

In this regard, the university Vice-President for Girls' College, the Chairman of the organizing committee of graduation ceremony, Prof. Ali Bin Nasser Al-Salateen confirmed that the ceremony is an unforgettable moment for all students, male and female, so we it is a must to show it off properly.  He added that the university is delivering to the community a constellation of scientific, academic and cognitive cadres in all fields. The number of graduates reaches 12163 alumni affiliated to different colleges at different governorates of the region of Asir and from different scientific degrees: Doctorate, Master, Postgraduate Diploma, BA, and Applied Diploma. There will be a well-organized Graduation Ceremony for female Alumni besides a party for each college of the university.

12163 Graduates from different governorates of the region of Asir 

In this regard, the Dean of Admissions and Registration, Dr. Saad Bin Mohammed Dajm, confirmed that the total number of graduates amounts to 12163  students, "… as the number of graduates for Doctoral degree reaches 8,  Master’s graduates 872, Diploma graduates 669, while the total number of graduates for the BA degree, male and female reaches 9869, and Applied Diploma 745.

He added that each year the university delivers groups of students to the labor market to start leading the development process of this generous country …

The alumni expressed their happiness about this occasion, showing that all efforts that were exerted last years vanished this day. They confirmed that they are harvesting today the results of science and knowledge and they are willing to serve their community and take part in its development and to move forward the wheel of economy and development. They also express their desire to obtain job opportunities that of course should be suitable for them.

IT Directorate Participation

It is worth mentioning that the IT Directorate at KKU is willing not to miss this moment by arranging a live broadcasting for the party through the university portal and coverings will go on for the following days.


Al-Dawood: Prince's patronage is evidence of rulers' keeness and interest

 Graduate Studies Deanship at King Khalid University announces starting the admission for available postgraduate programs for the stages( Master& PhD) in the next year 1435/1436 AH for all students, boys and girls. Application will be via the university portal on the following link starting from Sunday 23/04/1435 AH to Saturday 7/05/1435 AH cording to the following terms:

1- Master admission terms

2- PhD admission terms

3- The most important information to apply via the portal.

4- Postgraduate programs available for admission 

5- Admission Guide    



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