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King Khalid University.

In a public competition, King Khalid University announced vacancies for Saudis. The University has invited those who have the appropriate academic and practical qualifications to apply for these jobs. Registration through the University's portal starts from Sunday 26/4/1436 AH and will last for five days.

Who could apply for the competition?

  • Those who do not work in the governmental sector or occupy a lower rank than the qualification they were assigned, and all terms of the announced jobs apply to them.
  • Those who have had previous services in the state or the private sector.
  • The staff of the university who have spent two years in the rank they occupy, except for those who occupy a unique position and they have a minimum of academic and practical qualifications as stated in classification guide. The job that the employee would like to compete for must come within the rank he already occupied. Those who have sufficient qualifications to occupy the job according to the terms of the declaration are excepted to apply.
  • Those who work in the private sector, and who own academic qualifications and practical experiences, which are approved from the same entity and appropriate for the area of specialization.
  • Note, that those who have previously worked in governmental agencies must clarify in the submitted certification of service the name, job title and rank they used to occupy, the start date and the end date, and the reason for termination of that service. The same applies to the workers of the private sector. Their certifications must include all above mentioned details, but additionally experience certifications must meet the accreditation of the General Organization for Social Insurance, or they could attach a statement from the Insurance authority that covers the service period.

How to apply for jobs:

  • First, an applicant has to attach photos and documents on his device before starting the registration process because the documents are uploaded on PDF format, and application cannot be completed unless one uploads documents.
  • Secondly, log and register on the university's portal:

Required documents:

  1. A copy of the national ID card
  2. A copy of the academic qualifications and courses, if any.
  3. A copy of experience certificates and Social Insurance information.


To have a look on the list of jobs, click here

To log into the registration portal through the e-recruitment portal, click here

Should one face any technical problems during submission, please email us on the following e-mail:

Starting from the first rank to the tenth.
King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University participates in "Profession Day Exhibition", which comes as a companion to the graduation ceremony of the seventh Group of King Abdullah's program for Scholarship in America. The exhibition will take place on Saturday, 25 Rajab, 1435 AH, and will be hold over till the 28th of the same month.

The Saudi Cultural Mission in America is organizing the exhibition annually, in which a number of government and private bodies will participate, such as ministries, universities, and, colleges, specialized research centers, companies, and banks. The Profession Day aimed at attracting graduates of all stages of Higher Education, Bachelor, Master's, and PhD.

 In this regard, The President of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al-Dawood clarified that the university will present in the exhibition 208 vacancies, including 158 jobs as Assistant Professor, 50 lecturers and teachers in the disciplines of scholarship, including medical science, Health Science, Engineering, Computer Science, the Basic Sciences, Legal Sciences, Management and Languages.

Al-Dawood mentioned that this exhibition is an indication of the state's interest in providing the best career opportunities for national competence that are trained and qualified academically and scientifically with high-level to participate in the service of the development process led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques - may God preserve him -.

 He added that the university's participation in the " Exhibition of Profession Day" emphasizes its quest to attract the graduates of the program of King Abdullah for Scholarship to work in it and  "contribute to the recruitment of the talented of this program, which allowed the universities a great opportunity to localize their academic jobs and occupy them with the children of our dear country. Those scholars achieved the aspirations of our wise leadership and confirmed its aspirations that they will return to their country and has been armed with science and knowledge."

Al- Dawood conclude his speech thanking the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz and the Crown Prince and Crown Deputy – may Allah protects them -, for their ongoing support to their student children(male and female) in the Higher Education stage regarding scholarship program. This program absorbed large numbers of students who will return to contribute to the advancement and welfare of our country.

He also thanked the Minister of Higher Education and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education for what the Ministry is doing to oversee scholars and motivate them to provide the best levels of achievement the is expected from them.


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