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King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the patronage of King Khalid University President, Prof. Abdul Rahman Hamad Aldawood, the Vice - President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Majid Al Harbi has sponsored the coronation ceremony for the winners in the first national competition in photography. It can be recalled that the competition was held on the occasion of the 84th National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the slogan "The Homeland in a photo". The ceremony was arranged earlier today (Wednesday 2/3/1436 AH) at the Headquarters of the University City in Abha.

Immediately upon his arrival, Al-Harbi visited stands in the accompanying exhibition, where he had a look on the winning photos, as well as a number of distinctive photos. In a speech on the occasion, he confirmed that the contest was to promote belonging and loyalty to the nation among members of the community. The contest was also considered a contribution by the university in national events, thus proving its presence in national competitions by being involved in the numerous segments of national competitions and activities, and by encouraging young talents, and introducing them to develop their photographic talents. The University, through arranging such competitions, is trying to encourage students to draw inspiration from the glorious National day in their work, and to perpetuate the day via cameras.

Then, the first places winning cash prizes were announced. Prizes were worth SR 50,000. In the first place came Abrar Omar Baoge from the city of Jeddah, and Ali Hussein Al-Kodsi from Abha City. The third place winner was Majid Ahmed Altijani. Nora Rashid Kherfa from AlKharj province came in the fourth place. Arbitration Committee prize nominated Owaied Hamad Al Oweid from Al-Qassim Province.

In the same context, the Technical Director and chairman of the Arbitration Committee, Dr. Ali Marzouk confirmed that the competition has achieved a number of objectives which includes promoting patriotism among members of the community; the contribution of the university in national events through involving in the largest number of aspects of the innovators in its diverse national competitions and activities, in addition to encouraging young talents and introducing them and their creations, and improving their photographic talents.

Regarding the regulations of sorting winning entries, Dr. Marzouk explained that the competition was launched depending on uploading all participating works via a link. In the first phase was the approval for participation and the arbitration by specialized committee, which picked works that met all the regulated conditions. In the second phase, four participation were chosen to win the competition prizes. He added, "In recognition of the wonderful artistic competition, the Committee proposed a fifth prize entitled "The Prize of the Arbitration Committee".

University to culminate the winners of "Homeland in a photo" competition
King Khalid University, Media Center

A student Walid - Al-Tardi - has emerged the 1st place winner in the "University photographer" competition. He received the shield of the competition plus a SR 3000 cash prize. This happened during a celebration to announce the winners of the "University photographer" competition, which was sponsored by the King Khalid University Vice - President Prof. Marrai Hussein Al-Qahtani. The celebration was organized by the Student Affairs Deanship, represented by the Wesal Media Club within the "University photographer" competition in its fourth version. 

In the second place was a student named Muhammad Al-Sedran who received a SR 2000 cash prize, and in the third place came another student named Muhammad Al-Shbrami with a SR 1000 cash prize.

The competition targeted all the students of the university so as to discover and improve their talents in photography. Moreover, the competition determined specific areas for depiction such as the human part, motion and the University.

Selecting the winners depended on three bodies: Asir photography Club Referees Committee under the supervision of the Club President Mr. Ahmed Al-Hader with 70%, the students' voting at the university with 20%, as well as the activation of the role of social networks in voting via Anstagram application with 10%. The number of voting students reached 500, and the voters via Anstagram reached 15, 000. Voting was about 49 participation.

On this regard, the Dean of the Student Affairs Deanship Dr. Merrai Al-Habash stated that the activity was totally organized by the students, and the role of the Deanship was just to supervise. He said, "The Deanship aspires to spread the spirit of teamwork among the students, and help them to acquire enough confidence through participating in such fairs" He added, "Our aim is not just determining the best photographer in the University, but furthermore, we seek to educate the student about the history and the importance of photography"

It is noteworthy that after two days, the location of the fair is going to be transferred to the new headquarter in Asir Mall . The purpose of transferring is to activate the role of community partnership between the university and the society.             

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