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As part of the first Tawasol Program with scholarship students organized by King Khalid University in the United Kingdom, the Dean of Faculty Affairs Dr. Mohammed bin Hamed Al Buhairi will conduct numerous interviews with Saudi scholarship students hoping to attract the best and brightest to work at the university.

In the same context, a meeting was held with scholarship students in the city of Cardiff to train them on academic life in universities. It included the most important duties of the faculty member and his functions as well as the methods of professional development and career advancement.

Al Buhairi has noticed to the university' keen interest and diligence in hiring national experts and specialists to work in the academic field where they can contribute with their colleagues in achieving the University's plans and strategic vision. He also stressed the substantial benefits the University receives from hiring qualified and highly competent Saudis for vacant positions.

Self-Employment Jobs in King Khalid Medical City

King Khalid Medical City in Abha is announcing the desire to employ doctors and pharmacists in the self-employment program under "rehabilitation and training" contracts. 

The program will enable the employees to work and to specialize in the areas listed in the pdf file where the required conditions are there. 

Application for the jobs will be available through the following link (CLICK HERE). The exercise starts on 7/10/1436 AH and lasts for 14 days.


Names of those who are admitted to the written examination for the investment management.

The General Directorate of Investment announces the start of the written examination for those who have been accepted in principle, and who have met the terms of the announced available jobs. Earlier, the Directorate had announced the need for National qualified professionals to occupy these jobs.

The examination will be - God willing - on Thursday, 25/7/1436 AH at the Central stands, stand no.7 in the boys' University City, Al-jrugar. The examination will be at 10 a.m. Applicant must bring the following:


Dates of job interviews.

The Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs of King Khalid University is announcing the dates of job interviews for the candidates according to the attached table.

The Candidate should bring the following:

  • The original copy of the identity card.
  • The original copies of experiences.
  • The original copies of qualifications.

To view the table,  click here



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