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As part of the first Tawasol Program with scholarship students organized by King Khalid University in the United Kingdom, the Dean of Faculty Affairs Dr. Mohammed bin Hamed Al Buhairi will conduct numerous interviews with Saudi scholarship students hoping to attract the best and brightest to work at the university.

In the same context, a meeting was held with scholarship students in the city of Cardiff to train them on academic life in universities. It included the most important duties of the faculty member and his functions as well as the methods of professional development and career advancement.

Al Buhairi has noticed to the university' keen interest and diligence in hiring national experts and specialists to work in the academic field where they can contribute with their colleagues in achieving the University's plans and strategic vision. He also stressed the substantial benefits the University receives from hiring qualified and highly competent Saudis for vacant positions.

Dates of job interviews.

The Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs of King Khalid University is announcing the dates of job interviews for the candidates according to the attached table.

The Candidate should bring the following:

  • The original copy of the identity card.
  • The original copies of experiences.
  • The original copies of qualifications.

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King Khalid University, Media Center

The Deanship of faculty and staff members of King Khalid University has announced the names of 54 applicants in health service areas. Earlier, the health services jobs have been announced on the University website. The Deanship also announced the date for the personal interview, urging the applicants to be punctual on that date. It should also be noted that the interviews will take place at the Headquarters of the Medical Services Department building, located opposite Asir Central Hospital.

The deanship has set Monday, 1/2/1436 AH as the date for Helping Health Specialties category - specialists and Technicians, at 9.00 a.m., and doctors, at 1.30 p.m. The Deanship reminded all declared names, of the importance of bringing the original copy plus a copy of the following: certificates, written evidence of, work experiences and courses attended, and ID card.

It is noteworthy that the university had announced earlier 36 health vacancies for doctors, pharmacists and technicians. The jobs were presented via competition, and included jobs for men and women in the specialties of: Pediatrics, Obstetric, General Surgery, Abdominal and Urology, Family Medicine, General Medicine, and specialties include Clinical Pathology, Nursing, Pharmaceutical and Medical Secretary, according to Civil Service regulations with labels described in the announcement that was published on 9 Muharram 1436 AH.

Candidate Names for Health Jobs Interviews

Names of the Candidates for those who applied for health jobs interviews 

The Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs at King Khalid University announces the candidate names for those who applied for health jobs interviews. The Deanship hopes from all the candidates to attend the interview bringing with them the original documents. The interviews will be held according to the following table:




Names of those who are initially admitted to be interviewed for teaching jobs

Names of those who are initially admitted to enter the personal interview for teaching  jobs 

King Khalid University announces the names of students admitted initially to enter the personal interview teaching jobs , and the university hopes of everyone to be  obliged to dates shown in front of the name of each one of them, noting that who will be  behind his schedule, we will  rule out his request. 

The university also hopes to bring all original documents submitted in the application. 


Names of the candidates for Scholarship interviews for King Khalid University Hospital

Names of the candidates for Scholarship interview for King Khalid University Hospital
Date and place of the interviews :

Men :
Saturday : 29/04/1435 AH starting at 8.00 o'clock  in the morning
Location: Al-Gryger complex - Central Stands (Building - B)
For women:
Saturday 04/29/1435 AH starting at 8.00 o'clock in the morning
Location: Girls Students' Study University Center, Asir Central Hospital
For inquiries Mr. . Abdulrahman Aledadi : 54370 05057

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