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His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector Prof. Dr. Falah bin Raja Allah Al Solamy, visited the university campuses in Tuhama last week. He was received by the General Supervisor of the University Campus in Tuhama, the Dean of Science and Arts, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Qaid, and the Dean of the Community College, Dr. Ahmed Al Amer.

During the visit, Al Solamy reviewed the educational processes at the College of Science and Arts, the College of Applied Science at the female Academic Complex in Tuhama, and the development plans.

After that, he moved to the Community College in Muhail, and he stressed the importance of providing all the necessary services needed by the college, and in the case of any shortage, it should be urgently reported in order to provide the best services for the students of the campuses. Then, he visited the College of Science and Arts in Rijal Alma’a.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The General Administration of University Relations at King Khalid University organized last Sunday 22/2/1436 AH a recreational expedition for more than 80 members of the teaching staff. The expedition was to the 7th Honey Festival, which is currently taking place in Rijal Almaa Governorate. A number of members of the delegation expressed their happiness with what they saw including the organization of the festival, which included more than 22 participants, who displayed their products of pure honey that is extracted from the finest species of bees that have been fed on plants and natural flowers.

On the occasion, the president of the festival committee, Mr. Ali Hayani welcomed the University delegation visiting the festival, praising the move, which proves the University's support to the festival. He said, "The visit by members of the university has a positive and significant role in the success of the event, as it will serve as a great motivation for us to continue to offer all what is necessary to make the festival a success." Hayani called on the University President to create a community partnership with the festival, noting that such a partnership will add a lot to the festival in the coming years.

The entourage included in their trip a visit to Rijal Amaa village. On arrival there, they were received by the supervisor of operation of the village, Mr. Ibrahim Mosfer. He welcomed the visiting delegation, and accompanied them in an introductory tour of the village buildings, which has many sections that have unique heritage character that distinguished the Governorate in particular, and the Asir Province in general. The members of the delegation were also introduced to certain customs and traditions that Rijal Almaa is famous for.

On this regard, Dr. Khalid Alakhali, a doctor at Pharmacy College of King Khalid University, evaluated the idea of the trip, as well as the idea of organizing a festival for honey in the region. He said, "by virtue of my specialty, I call for coordination between the university and those in charge of the festival. There should be a scientific research into the possibility of medicinal uses of honey, which can be developed to lead us to new scientific discoveries.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency the King Khalid University President, Dr. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood received in his office today, Wednesday 12/1/1436 the governor of Rijal Almaa, Saeed Ali Mubarak, and a number of sheikhs and intellectuals. During the reception, Aldawood expressed his delight with this important visit that reflects the interest of the people of the governorate and their support to the educational process. Aldawood showed the much care the university directs to Rijal Almaa governorate, and he-the President- is aware of its importance and terrain difficulty, which makes it necessary to establish colleges for boys like girls' ones, which the University has established earlier. He said, "I realize well what the governorate needs of colleges like the rest of the provinces. We are looking forward to establishing a university for Tehammah like those in Najran, Jizan and Bisha."

On his turn, Mubarak thanked the University President for the warm reception. Mubarak also was pleased with what he saw of excellence and development, which reflect what the university has reached recently. He said, "Thank you for all interest you gave to us, especially when you established the colleges of girls, which resulted in stability. In the coming days, we are looking forward to establishing colleges for boys too, God willing."

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