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The Intellectual Awareness Unit of King Khalid University participated in the activities of the Scientific Forum of the Holy Quran and Sunnah Project for the Protection of Homeland Security in Madinah.

The General Supervisor of Intellectual Awareness Unit, Dr. Yahya Al-Bakri, said that the University's participation comes from its belief in the purpose of the forum. He said that the forum seeks to demonstrate the legitimate rooting of national security and its various issues from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger. The forum also is an attempt to highlight the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its distinguished institutions. Furthermore, the forum serves to clarify the foundations, characteristics and means of security in its various aspects (intellectual, social and media) in the light of the guidance of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. It also presents the applications and the implications of achieving security in its various interlocutors (intellectual, social, and media related) in the light of the guidance of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet.

It is noteworthy that the university was honored within the participating entities by His Excellency the General President for the Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque, Sheikh Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sudais.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector, Dr. Faleh Bin Raja Allah Al-Salami, sponsored today the first forum for scholarship students. The meeting was organized by the Deanship of Student Service, to celebrate the scholarship students and the exhibition accompanying the forum.

In his address, Rector Al-Salamy welcomed all the scholarship students in their second country and wished them more success.

He added that the university is looking forward to increasing scholarship grants at all different levels. It- the university- also looks forward to increasing the specializations for. He pointed out that the university has approved a fund for special scholarship students and is in the process of preparing its administrative and financial regulations. This fund is designed to support scholarship students, feel their needs and facilitate their lives at the university. At the end of his speech, rector advised the students to be the best ambassadors for their countries.

The ceremony began with a recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by a short film, in which the number of scholarship students was mentioned; 640 from 19 countries. The film also talked about the role of the Deanship of Student Service through the management of grants and the provision of free housing for them. After that, there was a word given to scholarship students, presented by a number of students and in different languages.

 Then, the student Abdul Salam Faisal, from the State of Yemen, gave a poem that won the approval of everyone, followed by a folklore show to students of grants from the State of Yemen, and a section for competition, and proverbs and terminology, followed by a folklore show for students from Syria. At the end of the celebration, all the attendees took Memorial photos.

King Khalid University, Media Center

19 scientific and research papers were presented on the sidelines of the Preserving Grace Forum, which is being organized by King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Deanship of the Community Service and the Continual Education. The presentations were in four sessions which came on the first and second day of the Forum, and which discussed ways and means to preserve grace, as well as to rationalize its use and the necessity of thanking Allah for it.

The first session of the Forum discussed - on the first day - a study by the professor of High Studies at the Faculty of Islamic Law at King Khalid University, Dr. Aboud Bin Dire, entitled "The Concept of Grace and the legitimate Vision of its Preservation and Rationalizing its Use".

At the same session, a Prof. Dr. Mohamed Kamel, who is the Head of the Quran and Sunnah Department in Umm al-Qura University, presented a study in which he discussed the "Legitimate Vision Concerning Preserving Graces Positively and Negatively".

A professor of the Faculty of the Administrative Sciences and Arts from the University of Al-Jawf, Dr. Al Saed Farou, talked about his study on the subject "Preserving Grace and Rationalizing its Use from Legitimate Vision".

From her side, an Assistant Professor in Hadith and its Sciences, in the Faculty of Science and Arts for Girls in Mhail Asir, Dr. Asmaa Obadah, presented a paper on the "The Practical Behavioral Prophetic Guidance to Enhance the Preservation of Grace with Community Members".

Finally, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sunnah and its Sciences in King Khalid University, Dr. Shihab Abu Zahou concluded the first session singling out a study about the Prophet's approach in dealing with the blessings from the perspective of the Sunnah.

On the second day of the Forum, a Professor of the Belief and the Contemporary Creeds in King Khalid University, Badria Asiri, presented a research paper which discussed the subject of thanks the blessings, and its impact on its preservation and development.

The Vice President of the Organizational Committee of the Forum, who is also the Dean of Community and the continual Education, Dr. Mubarak Hamdan, presented a scientific paper in which he talked about the culture of food consumption, and its developmental impact from educational vision.

Dr. Fawzi Sweileh, a Professor of the Rhetoric and an Assistant Criticism in the Department of Arabic Language, also presented a research paper, which he addressed the subject of appropriate deliberation to preserve grace in Quranic discourse.

At the end of the second session, Mr. Amer Al-Dakhil, from the Branch of Alber Association in the Eastern Region, presented research study in which he talked about the role of preserving grace projects in supporting the food security in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Mohammed Imam and the students - Mofleh Shahrani, and Tariq Al-Qahtani - from the Department of Chemistry at the King Khalid University, started the third sessions of the Forum with a discussion on a research study in which the subject was the production of "Biodiesel from Edible Oils after using it in frying".

A Professor from Geography Department in King Khalid University, Dr. Adel Moutamad, presented a research paper entitled "the Environmental Data in Asir is Grace Deserves the Maintenance".

A Professor of Islamic Culture in Taibah University, Dr. Sultan Shaheen, presented a research study entitled "Preserving Grace Project in the Charity Warehouse in Madina and its Impact on the Individual and Society."

A Professor from Islamic Studies Department at King Khalid University, Dr. Umm Kulthum Hakum, also provided her research paper, which is specialized in preserving grace in Hajj season, through which she illustrated a look at accomplishments and a pause on the challenges.

A professor of Fiqh at King Khalid University, Dr. Asmaa Shehata, concluded the third session with a scientific paper in which she talked about the topic "Preserving Food by Irradiation, the Ruling and Regulations". The irradiation has several advantages. One of the most important of these advantages is protection of food from spoilage.

While the fourth session dealt with a paper on "Food Security in the Quran", presented by an Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies Department, Dr. Hanan Qasem Anzi, a Professor of the Faculty of Science in King Khalid University from Mahayel Asir Branch, Dr. Hamidi Keshek, presented a research paper through which he talked about the purposes of the Islamic law, and its doctrine in the preservation of the blessings of The Almighty Allah.

Dr. Amira Nour Aldeen, a Professor of Textiles and Clothing from King Khalid University, presented a paper entitled "Increasing the Use of Second-hand Clothes and Employing them as  New Products".

A Professor from the Faculty of Engineering in King Khalid University, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sisi, presented a research paper, in which he singled out "The Rationalization of the Electric Power is a Collective Responsibility".

The session was concluded by a paper presented by a Professor from the Anatomy Department, in Faculty of Medicine, in King Khalid University, Dr. Iman Nashar, in which she dealt with a comparative study from her preparation about the awareness of some students of  the health faculties in King Khalid University, and those at Mansourah University in Egypt, on the concept of preserving grace.

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His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, the Governor of Asir region - may Allah preserve him - patronized Today (Monday) the opening ceremony of 'Preserving Grace is Our Responsibility' Forum, which was organized by King Khalid University (KKU), and represented by the Deanship of the Community Service and the Continual Education, in the central amphitheaters, at the University City, in Abha

Immediately after his arrival, His Excellency, the Governor, opened the accompanying exhibition and checked out the participating bodies. After that the ceremony started with the recitation of some verses from Nobel Qur'an, and then the President of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawood, delivered a speech in which he welcomed His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of Asir region, stressing that from the university 's responsibility towards the society after education and scientific research, it has to organize other functions such as this Forum, which is undoubtedly not only about preserving  grace but also about what we should keep in mind, of the great blessings of Allah upon us, and the most important grace are the true faith, the grace of religion, the blessing of security, safety and health.

Aldawood: King Khalid University always takes into account raising the awareness of community and students.  

His Excellency the KKU President continued, as well as the grace of Allah upon us regarding the wise leadership, in addition to the blessing of this great country that in every moment we feel that we are in the paradise. He added: “I say that because of what we see around us in many countries that they wish to live what we are experiencing in this immaculate country.” The President also noted that the university has always focused on educating its male and female students, as well as the community. He added: “we should make them feel that these blessings are not for enjoyment only, but also for us to reflect and thank Allah for these blessings to endure”.

President Al Dawood also thanked His Royal Highness, the Governor of Asir region, for his presence and patronization of the Forum, and for his continuous support of the University in all of its activities, adding that: “This is not surprising, Your Highness, you always make us used to your support, you are always standing with us, and you are always asking about the university”. President Al Dawood thanked everyone who contributed to the establishment of the Forum and its participants; researchers and students, and sending his thanks to all who responded to the invitation from the officials in the region. The President concluded his speech by praising Allah (SWT), for the blessing of safety and security, asking Him to preserve this country and its leadership, to support our troops, to grant peace and mercy to the soul of our martyrs, to heal our wounded, and bring them back to us safely and victorious.

The President of the Organizational and Scientific Committee of the Forum, who is also the Dean of the Community Service and the Continual Education, Dr. Mubarak Hamdan, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the sponsor and the audience, pointing out that 'Preserving Grace is Our Responsibility' Forum came as serious effort to spread the culture of praising the blessings and rationalizing its usage to achieve the concept of sustainable development. Dr. Hamdan stressed that preserving the blessings and rationalizing their use contribute to the sustainability of the blessings, and in their growth and duration for the successive generations. Dr. Hamdan added that the Scientific Committee had received nearly 60 research and scientific papers addressing the Forum's topics, and a number of scholars and researchers participated in it from inside and outside of the King Khalid university and from some Saudi universities, as well as participation by some charity organizations interested in preserving grace, in addition to the participation of a number of male and female students in presenting research under the supervision of their teachers.

Dr. Hamdan concluded by pointed out that those research and working papers would be presented in two ways, the first collection would be presented in scientific sessions, and the other one would be presented in the form of scientific posters.

The Deanship of the Community Service and the Continual  Education also presented - during the ceremony - a number of graphic presentations - which emulated a number of graces - and stressed that these blessings must be preserved and appreciated, included the blessing of security, health, food, energy, as well as the blessing of water, in addition to providing a documentary about the Deanship and their services.

At the end of the ceremony, His Excellency, the Governor of Asir Region, honored the participants and sponsors of the occasion, and in turn, he received a trophy from the President of the University.


opening the "save the grace is our responsibility" forum
King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, is organizing a forum titled "Saving the grace is the responsibility of all of us," which will take place at the University City in Abha, from the 13th to the 15th of the next month. There will be an exhibition to accompany the forum, and to provide experience to those who are involved in the forum.

On the occasion, the Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education, Dr. Mubarak Hamdan, has explained that a group of academic researchers from a number of Saudi universities was going to participate with a number of summaries and studies that will be presented during the days of the forum, as well as a number of posters. Moreover, the forum will include an accompanying exhibition which will witness the participation of a number of charity organizations in addition to a number of governmental entities. A number of governmental entities from the region will participate in the exhibition, including the Directorate General for Agriculture, Preventive Affairs section of the Directorate of Drugs Fight in Assir, the General Directorate of Education in Asir, and a branch of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in the region, in addition to the General Directorate of Water resources, Social Affairs, and the Deanship of Community service and Continuing Education of King Khalid University.

The exhibition will include the participation of a number of charities in the region as well, including, keeping grace Association, Shokr, Parents Association, family Development Association in Abha, in addition to Etaam (feeding) Association. As well, the exhibition will witness the participation of Charity House in Medina which will present papers and experiments in the field of keeping the grace.

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On Monday, 9/11/2015 AD, King Khalid University (KKU), represented by Biology department, launched the 2nd Scientific Forum for the department. The forum was organized by the Cultural and Social Committee in the department of Biology, in collaboration with the Student Activities in Science College. The forum is aimed to enrich the research skills and refine them, in addition to publishing and scientific discussion skills for students in the Department of Biology, through the integration of their research projects along with those of the teaching staff and researchers in the Department.

The meeting started with a lecture presented by Dr. Essam Hassan. The lecture was about scientific applications of the methods of immunological measurement. Then, a lecture on the concept of time biologically was presented by Dr. Kamel Al-Tamimi. Moreover, Dr. Ibrahim Eid, gave a lecture about dynamic growth of water hyacinth: Modeling approach, followed by another lecture presented by Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Tayeb, in which he talked about mechanical molecular for cur cumin in resisting sensitive cancer cells and drugs resistance. There was also a lecture on biotechnology applications in plant pathology: an increase in strbohA gene in potato plant and genetically modified Alarabidobsis improves resistance against Elvirtisaleoma wilt disease.

On their part, Master degree students displayed posters of their own. Then, there was a workshop at the laboratories of Biology Department, with Dr. Mohammed Fawzi and Mr. Jamal Al-Shaboury as presenters. The workshop was about a visit to the botanical herbarium of the department and making a definition and weeding to some wild plants to get a vegetable extract from them. After that, came a workshop with presentations from Dr. Fahmi Gad and Mr. Haitham Mekawi. It was about a visit to the Animal Experiments center and proceeding to an injection section of the plant extract to mice, and how to get samples of them. Finally, a workshop for isolation and extraction of DNA in molecular biology was presented by Dr. Hisham Abdul Latif and Mr. Mohammed Hamada. At the end of the workshop, there was a celebration, at which all the attendees had lunch at the restaurant of the College.

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The King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Faculty of Administration and Home Economics, is organizing the 1st Child Forum in Abha. The occasion will take place on Thursday 29/10/2015 AD. The Forum, which comes under the slogan "Forthcoming generations' nutrition", also comes within the celebration of the International Day of the Child.

The event will include many awareness sections on diabetes and on obesity in children, in addition to the healthy food for the children, the hygiene, and other important vital issues that are related to the children. Moreover, the event will include recreational competitions, sections for games, free coloring, and face painting, as well as giving presents to the children in attendance.

For her part, the coordinator of the program, Dr. Heba Ghamri has invited women to attend in the company of their children in order to benefit from what the program is scheduled to present. Dr. heba said, "Girls of all ages, and the boys - of less than 7  years old - are allowed to attend"  

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The activities of the second scientific forum for health cadres in Mahayal Asir were concluded under the auspices of the Rector. The ceremony was organized by the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences for Girls in Mahayal Asir, in the presence of the General Supervisor of King Khalid University branch in Tehama Dr. Mohammed Al-Mezher. Three universities participated in the celebration. They were: the Al-Baha University, the Bisha University, and the Umm Al Qura University. The forum was held over two days, through which 45 scientific paper were provided. The forum committees included: the Scientific Committee, the Organizing Committee, the Committee of the media, the public relations Committee, the marketing Committee, and the Committee of Supportive Services.

On the first day, three sessions were presented during which 14 presentations were made. On the second day, the forum sessions continued with two sessions during which 9 Presentations were made. 23 research papers and 22 scientific stickers were presented, 4 of them were presented by the University of the Baha, two papers from the Umm Al Qura University and 8 papers from the Bisha University.

In the forum, a considerable number of researchers, from various health disciplines and from different universities participated, as well as health consultants from different hospitals in the region. The spokesmen of Mahayel Hospital were Dr. Wael Zakaria, and Umran Javed, and from King Khalid University participating team were Prof. Guzman Karekeran, Dr. Siham Ibrahim, Dr. John Mbrchat, Prof. Iman Nashar, Prof. Nariman Nashar, and Dr. Lonnie Andunsami. Other researchers were Prof. Abeer Mohammed Zakaria, and Prof. Jia Soda, and Dr. Ghada Nather participated.

During the opening, The Vice - President for Health Specialties Prof. Khalid Al jelban, in his speech, clarified that the talk about medical practice, the medical approach based on evidence, and the evidence "has become a global approach, and became the nexus of research and knowledge in practice; and this requires us to focus on research in the production of reliable search, and not remain only users of the existing evidence; instead we be the makers of this evidence". This approach achieves the wonderful integration in a way that the one who has the right opinion is the who owns the evidence. Al-Jelban said: "the university is always keen and eager to support this area, and that of applied research, in order to apply it in line with the global trends."

For his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences for Girls Dr. Mona Mujahid confirmed that that meeting was held under the slogan: "a change in the field of healthcare through knowledge building, and the use of continuing education approach", because of the rapid progress in various medical sciences, it became necessary to organize and intensify conferences and medical meetings. Moreover, researchers and health professionals should be given the opportunity to show their experience and researches. The Dean said, "The most important objectives of the meeting is to improve the quality of health services, plus the exchange of scientific experiences, and the building of bridges to link information from scientific research and experiments with evidence-built practice in health institutions, in order to be used to improve health care for the individual and all members of the society."

The forum came out with a number of the recommendations. The most important was to enrich scientific research in various areas of health care, especially at the regional and international levels. In addition, the forum came out with the principle of spreading the culture of relying on the best scientific evidence by establishing courses for workers in various health sectors, and by making it an integral part of the curriculum and graduate studies programs in medical schools and colleges of Applied Medical Sciences. Additionally, there is the need of subscribing to databases to provide an opportunity for everyone to reach the strongest and the latest research results, and the appropriate and safe application during clinical practices. The recommendations included the need for a direct link between theoretical education provided by medical schools, and colleges of Applied Medical Sciences, and the actual professional practice in the hospitals, and health centers, in addition to the need to use the latest, modern techniques and strategies in education.

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The King Khalid University, represented by the College of Arts and Sciences for Girls held last Thursday 23/4/1436 AH, the first meeting of the alumni and employers in collaboration with the Dean of Student Affairs. More than 100 alumni from 6 governmental and private bodies were in attendance. The program of the forum included sections of the involved bodies which included: the National Institute of Business Incubation, The Youth Council of Aseer Province, the General Directorate of Water in Aseer, Avanta Energies Inc., Abdul Latif Jameel Inc. (Jameel's source of living), and Avon Inc.

During the occasion, each representative of the bodies talked about the vacancies in the services it provides. The representatives also explained the mechanisms used to get the services provided by those bodies. Furthermore, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Saraa Abu Melha explained that the aim of the forum was to introduce labor market employment opportunities in the region to the students of the College, as well as to motivate them towards private productive business through the creation of small productive projects. The forum also aimed at informing the students about the productive families' project and its products, in addition to its supporting institutions.


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