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King Khalid University, Media Center.

King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality, held a number of training courses for teaching staff, and other employees - male and female. The training took place in the summer vacation period, at the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The number of beneficiaries of the training program reached 340 trainees, including 90 faculty members, with the number of employees reaching 250 trainees.

During the training program, there was a training course for academicians entitled "the standards of quality of university teaching and mechanisms of activation." The course was presented by Dr. Mohammed Al-Fuhaid, in the presence of 40 trainees from faculty members, male and female. In addition, there was a course for administrators under the title "role of administrative leaders in the academic development." Employees also attended a course entitled "quality in work and job performance guarantee."

On this occasion, the Dean of Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Marzn Al Shahrani, praised the role played by the university administration represented by His Excellency the Rector, Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Salamil, and His Excellency the Vice President, Dr. Ahmed Al Jbaili. The Dean explained that the administration of the University had offered continued support for training and development as they believe in the essential role of training in improving the skill of the faculty members.

Al Hakan: Training contributes to raising the level of education of faculty members. 

On the other hand, trainees confirmed that the program was important and extremely useful.  The Dean of the University Center for the study of female students, Dr. Ola Alhakan, talked about the importance of those courses. She confirmed that those training programs ensured the quality of education at the university. She believes that training contributes to raising the level of education of faculty members, which has positive affects on educational outcomes for the students of the university.

The Vice President for Community College - female section in Khamis Mushayt, Dr. Dawla Manae, hs also hinted to the importance of such courses. She believes that continuous training helps employees and teaching staff to keep pace with rapid and successive developments nowadays. She also stressed on the significant impact of training on raising the level of job performance at the university section in Khamis Mushayt. Dr. Dawla ​Manae hinted to the importance of such courses. 

The following dignitaries thanked the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality for organizing the training program: they are the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Mahyal Asir, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kaid Asiri, the Vice Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Qarni, and the Vice Dean of Languages and Translation College, Dr. Ali bin Hussein. They believe that such training courses contribute to the advancement of faculty members and staff in various aspects.

University to train more than 340 academicians and employees.
King Khalid University, Media Center

The King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Deanship of Teaching staff has announced the start of receiving University employees' scholarship applications. Employees who would like to complete their postgraduate studies, whether to get a diploma after bachelor degree, or Master, or PhDs degrees could apply for the program.

The deanship has identified the mechanism of sending requests. The applicant has to fill in the form of request consent, then send it by "Enjaz" program to the employees' scholarship fund, before 30 - 11 - 1436 AH.

The deanship has provided a number of rules through which the application will be accepted. First, the employee must have spent at least four years at the university. The employee does not have any administrative irregularities, the employee's job performance evaluation of the last year should not be less than excellent, in addition, the employee has to obtain the acceptance of one of the recognized universities or institutes. Also,the applicant must pass a test for the language of the study, by providing the results of one of the standard tests of language. Finally, the applicant should have obtained a rating not less than good in bachelor degree, in addition to applying employees' scholarship list.

King Khalid University, Media Center

In the presence of the Assistant of the University Vice - President for female's colleges, Dr. Kholoud Abu Melha, and a number of colleges' Deans, the university celebrated with its members of the teaching staff - males and females - who have won the Excellence Award. The celebration was organized by the Deanship of Quality and Academic Development last Sunday at Abha Palace Hotel.

Dr. Mimi Alsaeed Ahmed from the College of Arts and Sciences, sarah Obeida won the first place in the Excellence award, university teaching aspect. Dr. Abeer Mohammed Zakaria, from the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences for Girls, Bisha in came in the second place while Dr. Asmaa Fathi Abdel Aziz from the College Arts and Education for Girls, Abha came in the third place.

In the award aspect of distinguished employee, the first place went to Tahani Seif Al-Dosari from the College of Arts and Administration, Bisha. In the second place came Mona Ali Al Khzeim from the Deanship of faculty and staff members, while in the third place came Sharefa Mohamed Ibrahim from the Faculty of Science and Arts for Girls, Mahayal Asir.

In the award for outstanding student, the student - Eman Gherm Al Ayadh - from the Faculty of Medicine won the first place, while Samar Safr Al-Majadah from the Faculty of Science came in the second place. In the third place was Jumana Mohammed Albeili from College of Education, Abha.

In the award for  community service - individuals women - the awards were withheld for both the first and second places. However, Dr. Shanifa Al-Qarni who is the Dean of University Center for girls' study, came in the third place.

In the award for community service - institutions - the first place went to the Girls' Community College, Abha, while the second place was won by the College of Arts and Administration, Bisha. The College of Science and Arts, Belqarn came the third place.

Earlier, the Vice - President of Academic Quality and Development Deanship, Dr. Hessa Al Maloz has stated that the celebration was a reflection of the university's great keenness to honor outstanding employees, as well as students. The action of honoring personnel is a part of a plan by the university to develop the spirit of competition among employees. She added, "The award came to motivate everyone to redouble his or her efforts."

The Vice - President further said, "Award committees paid great attention, and applied all objective standards in choosing the winners. Hence the numerous number of assessment by these committees before announcing the winners."

On this regard, the Dean of Girls Community College in Abha, Dr. Munira Abu Hamama congratulated all winners. She stated, "I thank the university on this move, which is one of the biggest incentives for honest competition in the work, and a step towards innovation in performance."

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Management of Medical Services of King Khalid University, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health has provided 1000 vaccine for Meningitis, and another 1000 vaccine for Seasonal Flu. The medications were provided for the employees of the various sections of the university who wish to perform Hajj this year.

In this regard, The Medical Service Management expressed its willingness to receive, and vaccinate employees who wish to perform the Hajj, and stressed on the need to take the vaccination dose within a sufficient period before performing the Hajj, so as to guarantee the pilgrims' protection from epidemics that always accompany the pilgrimage season every year.

Moreover, the Management has noted that the ministry of health has made Meningitis vaccination a precondition before traveling to Hajj, as Meningitis is a serious infectious disease. Vaccination against influenza is not less important than meningitis, so the Saudi Ministry of Health advises all travelers for Hajj to take seasonal influenza vaccination especially patients with Chronic diseases such as heart, kidney, respiratory tract, nerves, diabetes, and pregnant women, as well as HIV patients.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Feeling of depression that may affect students, their parents, and even employees, because of change in the routine, which they used to do during the summer vacation, is something natural. Starting a new study year has its worries, which affect most individuals whatever their age, social or educational status. This is the clarification given by Dr.Bushra Ismail, an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology at King Khalid University.  She indicated that this case could be named "The depression or worry of a new study year", which is considered a transition period between the vacation time of enjoyment, staying awake for late hours, and traveling, and that of coming back again to the routine that is associated with going to sleep early, and leaving entertainment stuff.

Dr. Ismail also indicated that the issue may affect parents because of the feeling of some financially difficulties, especially that of meeting the necessities of  their children,  or because of commitments such as dropping off a wife at work place, or the kids at schools, at times that coincide with the father's time of reporting to work, hence usually gets to work late. Dr. Ismail assured that some people could overcome these pressures and even don't feel it, but others may be easily affected by these pressures because of their fragile personalities, consequently they suffer sadness, sorrow, despair, worry, and depression. Those with fragile personalities could also suffer from Spastic Colon, which is one of the most spreading conditions that are frequently noticed when starting a new study year. Dr. Ismail explained that the most important physical symptoms associated with depression in the first week of study are: loss of appetite or the openness of appetite, and this varies, depending on personal life style, sleep disorders, sleeping difficulty, in addition to indigestion, frown face, the slow motion, headache or the pain of Migraine.

On these and other related conditions, Dr. Ismail  suggested that the state institutions such as the media, and all relevant ministries must play their roles in raising awareness of this issue by setting up programs and awareness courses. She also pointed out the role of schools and universities in providing comprehensive awareness programs such as setting awareness week for students both male and female, and for parents and teachers, so that recreational activities could permeate the activity, in addition to seminars and presentations, explaining in a simplified form the nature of school and university life. Dr. Ismail has asked for providing a psychological counseling center within each school, to be supervised by specialists, in order to provide counseling and treatment services for such cases. 

King Khalid University, Media Center

On behalf of the President of King Khalid University, the Vice-President of the University, Prof. Marei Bin Hussein Al-Qahtani patronized the annual greeting ceremony held by the Department of relations of the university, on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr. The occasion took place at the headquarters of the University in Abha city.

During the celebration, the people congratulated one another, seeking God's blessings on the occasion. A number of Vice-Presidents, Deans, members of the University Council, teaching as well as administrative staff attended the celebration.


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