University Council Committee

Its Mission:

Preparing meetings of the Committee of the University Council and reporting its decisions.

The following are its most important duties:

1. Receiving topics required to be submitted to the University Council and ensuring that decisions are carried out

2. Preparing the Council agenda and submitting topics to be studied, discussed and reported to members

3. Issuing invitations to Council members

4. Notifying concerned bodies, such as the Department of Public Relations and the university Information Office, of meeting schedules

5. Preparing the meeting venues and ensuring that they are properly supplied and equipped

6. Preparing meeting minutes, ensuring they are printed, signed by members, their procedures completed and that they are classified and catalogued for easy reference

7. Submitting minutes to the concerned persons for approval

8. Reporting decisions, after the approval of the minutes, to concerned bodies for implementation

9. Preparing information required for submission to the Higher Education Council

10. Reporting decisions of the Higher Education Council to the concerned bodies for implementation

11. Submitting requests for financial compensation for Council Members, receiving correspondence delivered to the Council's Secretariat and following up

12. Preparing an annual report project about University Council activities and achievements