Universities Governance

King Khalid University, Media Center

Within the framework of the university's pavilion participating in the 7th International Conference on Higher Education, the Dean of Student Service at the University, Dr. Mari Al-Habbash, held a panel discussion on the working paper that will be presented at the conference. The worksheet entitled, " Governance in Saudi Universities: Modeling Vision 2030"

Dr. Mrei began the session by discussing how to transform Saudi universities from large schools to become strong houses of expertise so as to serve the future directions of the country, and thus achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030. The session was attended by a number of the university's vice-presidents and deans.

He stressed that universities, if they want to play their real role, have to follow governance in which they enjoy independence in intellectual, financial, and administrative levels, citing the presentation of a number of experiments in American and British universities, in addition to other private universities.

During the session, a model was presented on activating governance to identify its characteristics and obstacles that may hinder the activation of this administrative form.

It is noteworthy that the King Khalid University has a center for corporate governance which is specialized in the fields of research and studies, consulting, training and classification. This center enjoys independence in technical, administrative, and financial fields. It is also affiliated to the Rector's directly and was established by the resolution of the Council of Higher Education No. 21 \ 47 \ 14 at its 47th meeting held on 27 \ 8 \ 1428H, Royal approval No. 8626 \ MB at 27 \ 9 \ 1428 AH.

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