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King Khalid University-Media Center

His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector Prof. Dr. Falah bin Raja Allah Al Solamy, visited the university campuses in Tuhama last week. He was received by the General Supervisor of the University Campus in Tuhama, the Dean of Science and Arts, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Qaid, and the Dean of the Community College, Dr. Ahmed Al Amer.

During the visit, Al Solamy reviewed the educational processes at the College of Science and Arts, the College of Applied Science at the female Academic Complex in Tuhama, and the development plans.

After that, he moved to the Community College in Muhail, and he stressed the importance of providing all the necessary services needed by the college, and in the case of any shortage, it should be urgently reported in order to provide the best services for the students of the campuses. Then, he visited the College of Science and Arts in Rijal Alma’a.

King Khalid University-Media Center

Under the patronage of His Excellency the President of King Khalid University (KKU), Prof. Dr. Falah bin Raja Allah Al Solamy, the University, represented by the College of Sciences and Arts in Dhahran Al Janoub, held an honor ceremony for the soldiers stationed on the southern border who are participating in the 'Decisive Storm and Restoring Hope' operations from all military departments.

On behalf of the KKU President, and the Vice-Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad Al Du'ajim honored 310 soldiers from officers and members of the armed forces, special forces, public security sector staff and field operatives, national and border guards, and the UAE Armed Forces.  

During Dr. Du'ajim's speech at the ceremony, he clarified that the honor ceremony emerges from King Khalid University's religious, national and societal message. He emphasized that, "This initiative is to honor the security leaders stationed on the southern border, and as a symbol of gratitude and loyalty to those heroes, and to commemorate them, asking Allah the Almighty to perpetuate our country's security and stability, to support our soldiers, to give them strength and to be merciful to the martyrs. He added, "This initiative is among many initiatives adopted by the university to stand with those who ensure the security of our homeland."  

The commander of the Border Guards Sector in Dhahran Al Janoub, Colonel Nasser Al Qahtani, expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by the University and its employees to hold this initiative, which will contribute, 'God willing' to support, encourage and honor the soldiers stationed on the southern borders. He also said, "The deeply rooted relationship between the institutions of this homeland with its security personnel is similar to an unbreakable chain that shows the national cohesion. And what King Khalid University has done today confirms the deeply religious national connections between this nation's institutions and the society."

After that, the ceremony continued with a series of poetry recitals, traditional displays, and performances presented by the Dharan Al Janoub Traditional Band. The ceremony was concluded by giving the honored from various military departments certificates and medals of honor.

King Khalid University-Media Center

His Excellency, the President of King Khalid University, Dr. Falah bin Raja Allah Al Solamy, has urgently directed the formation of a committee including some of the university administrative and service leaders in order to inspect the building of the female Faculty of Sciences and Arts in Sarat Abidah. They shall also provide critical solutions to any deficit in the educational and service environment for the students.

The University Spokesperson, Dr. Abdullah Hamed, has clarified that the university is striving to move the college to the new building, which will be a giant leap for the college, in terms of providing a distinct educational environment. He reiterated the university's keenness to enable the students to study in the region. As a result, the university rented the building nine years ago and at the same time began to build the appropriate building that it is currently equipping and furnishing in the final stages of the move-in process.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, the President of King Khalid University (KKU), Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawood, has opened the ceremony of the activities of the First Scientific Forum of Science and Arts Colleges for boys and girls, which is organized by the Vice President of girls' colleges, represented by Science and Arts College in Khamis Mushayt. The activities which lasted for two days, took place in the central terraced at University for men, and at the theater of Sciences Faculty for Girls in Abha - King Abdullah road - for women.

President Dr. Al-Dawood expressed his gratitude to His Excellency, the Vice President of the girls' colleges for adopting the idea of Dr. Sraa abo Molha, who proposed the event, which consolidates the academic work at the University.

His Excellency the President added that, that Forum was the first of its kind in the universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, clarifying further that everyone - the management, the faculties and the implementing departments - should feel proud of such a forum because it would be of great benefit - God willing - to the university's and the professors' interests, and it would  be reflected on our students’ levels.

The President of the Scientific Committee of the Forum, who is the Deputy Dean of High Studies, Dr. Areej Mustafa, used the occasion to reveal that the establishment of that Forum, which brought together a group of scholars, researchers and faculty members in the specialty of English and Computer Science, was coming from the belief of the University administration in the importance of those scientific forums, and their roles in development and improvement of the educational process, and from the administration's keenness to advance the scientific levels of research.

Dr. Areej stressed further that, that forum was a response to the needs of researchers and faculty members to update their knowledge, and to develop their performance by exchanging experiences among themselves, in addition to finding solutions to their problems, and those of the students. Dr. Areej stated that it was a suitable event for each of them to present and discuss what the academics reach in the fields of updating curricula and teaching methods, and the latest teaching strategies, so that they could put forward  problems and find their appropriate solutions. Dr. Areej continued, saying that the forum was suitable for presenting the successful experiences of the researchers and the faculty members, so as to take advantage of those experiences, and studies, and to apply the appropriate ones in real, in our classrooms.

Dr. Areej added: “Since the announcement of the Forum, we have seen requests for participation and attendance. The scientific committee has received nearly 70 researches and working papers, submitted by more than 65 researchers affiliated to 17 entities from the University for boys’ and for girls’ colleges, in addition to the participation of a number of female students under the supervision of their teachers”. She further indicated that the Forum presented 24 researchers from the participants' researches through four scientific sessions, in addition to six lectures, and nearly 40 researches in the form of scientific posters.

The participants’ speech was delivered by the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Dr. Abdullah Al Malhi, in which he said that the organization of such meetings was the core of their academic university work, and like other universities, which includes male and female researchers who are able to organize such meetings, and to make it rich by research and recommendations. Dr. Al Malhi stressed that the cooperation between the two sides - men and women - was no longer an option, but it had become a necessity in the light of, the same curriculum, and the conditions and obstacles, and in line with the efforts of King Khalid University for its general development and its academic accreditation. Dr. Al Malhi concluded by noting the honor and the commitment of the President of the university, and of all the vice presidents, were a real support to continue research, publishing and holding seminars and meetings.

It is worth mentioning that the forum included several axes concerned with recent trends in the development of the English language curriculum. The axes include computer science and information systems, modern strategies in methods of teaching English, computer science and information systems; the challenges they face, and the solutions proposed to overcome such challenges, and successful experiences for faculty members.

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