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The second day of the Conference on Media and terrorism reveals,

80% of those who belonged to the terrorist organizations have been recruited through social networks;

The second international conference titled "Media and Terrorism: means and strategies", which is being organized by King Khalid University (KKU), during the period from 7 to 9 of this month, has continued its activities by holding a number of sessions.

The second day of the conference witnessed a session about recruitment strategy and followers industry. Dr. Guido weld Mahfouz, from the University of Nouakchott Mauritania, opened the session with a paper titled "terrorist groups exploitation of social networks to recruit young people and to promote their ideas; Face book and Twitter as two models"

The study aimed to identify the most important social networks used by terrorist groups to recruit young people and promote their ideas, as well as to stand on the fact of the ideas that are promoted through these sites.

Also, the study sought to identify the targeted youth groups, mainly by these terrorist groups, to draw attention to the multiple risks resulting from the use of social networks, to refrain from communicating with terrorist groups, and not to listen to ideas that promote them. As a result, the study presents a set of recommendations that can contribute in disrupting the operations of terrorist groups.

The study further pointed out that some recent studies have confirmed that 80% of those who belonged to terrorist organizations, such as ISIS (the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq), were recruited through the means of social communication, and that the number websites that belong to global terror groups has reached 50,000 sites in 2016, compared to the 12 websites in 1997.

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King Khalid University, Media Center.

His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the Governor of Asir province is sponsoring on Tuesday evening (18/6/1436 AH) the 17th Graduation Ceremony of King Khalid University (KKU) students for the academic year 1435/1436 AH. The event will take place in Prince Sultan sports City in Mahayal. The number of the graduating students is expected to reach 10,598 - males and females combined.

On this occasion, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Al Dawood expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to His Highness the Governor of Asir province for his patronage of the graduation ceremony of university students and for sharing with his children the joy of graduation. The Rector noted that the event is an evidence of the keenness of the rulers in this blessed country to support the education process. In addition, the Rector clarified that the event is an evidence of the Governor's keenness to support different activities and events of the University. The Governor always shares with the students their different achievements.

          Rector Al Dawood: The University is proud to its alumni who are armed with academic knowledge in all disciplines,

          both theoretical and practical, and who will contribute in the construction and the elevation of this country.    

Commenting about the event, President Al Dawood said that the university is proud of its alumni who are armed with academic knowledge in all disciplines, both theoretical and practical, and who will contribute effectively in the construction and the elevation of this country: Construction would be within the overall development being witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in various fields, and "This will be achieved thanks to God - the Almighty - and then with the support and assistance of our leaders – may God help them ", "I pray God to grant the alumni success in their future endeavors.

At the end of his statement about the event, the Rector congratulated the parents of the students on the graduation of their children, expressing the University's happiness about the graduation of this constellation of students.


For his part, the Dean of Admission and Registration of the University, Dr. Sultan Bin Saad Al Fareh highly appreciated the patronage of His excellency the Governor Asir region to the graduation celebration of the 17th batch of males and females students. The students belong to various levels of education as follows: 79 graduates are of the doctoral degree, 1,257 are of the Master degree, 7,919 are of Bachelor degree, 550 in the diploma of education, and 793 in diploma.

Talking about the event, Dr. Sultan Al Fareh congratulated the alumni on the achievement they accomplished so far, saying such achievement "is as a natural result of their perseverance and hard work". He further called on the alumni to put all their efforts towards contributing to the renaissance and prosperity of the Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that the graduation ceremony for male students will be held under the patronage of His Highness the Governor of Asir in the Prince Sultan Sports City in Mahayal, while the graduation ceremony for female students, will take place in the University Theater, in the University City in Abha, after Maghrib prayer.


Prince Faisal bin Khalid sponsors the 17th Graduation Ceremony of the university.
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