Facuty Members

King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the patronage of King Khalid University Rector Prof. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al-Dawood, the University Vice - Presidents, and the Supervisor of Information Technology, the website of the Faculty Members and Staff Affairs Deanship was launched. The action took place in the Meeting Hall of the University Council.

The Dean of the Faculty Members and Staff Affairs Deanship, Dr. Abdullah bin Hadi Al-Qahtani started the ceremony thanking the Rector, the University Vice - Presidents and all the attendees for honoring invitation to the ceremony lunching the website. He further emphasized the importance of the Faculty Members and Staff Affairs Deanship's website and the services it provides for the teaching staff, employees, and the visitors of the website, in general.

This was followed by a visual presentation for the services provided by the Deanship. The presentation was presented by Mr. Ali Shaaban Asiri in which he clarified how a user benefits from the website, the services provided, and some icons to help the members of the site.

Then the Rector gave a word on the occasion. He said, "We are all happy with this meeting, which was devoted to the accomplishments of the university in general and that of the Deanship of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs, in particular. The action keeps pace with technology and the development of the Kingdom, and is an initiative of the deanship in cooperation with the General Directorate for Information Technology. Moreover, the event indicates the keenness of His Excellency the Dean of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs, the Deanship Vice - Presidents, and the staff who are in charge of this work. The wonderful initiative came from the most effective actor in the University, thus launching this service will distinguish the deanship because of its important role in providing services for the faculty members and staff - male and female."

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