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Opening Ceremony of the Tebian Program

The Deanship of Students Affairs is pleased to invite you to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Tebian Program and the accompanied activities in the central auditorium building, auditorium No.6, at 09:00 am. The ceremony will be under the patronization of His Excellency, the president of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Falah bin Raja Allah Al Solamy.  

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On the occasion of the arrival of Eid al Adha, King Khalid University (KKU) presents sincere congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and to the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz. Also, the congratulations extend to the Arab and the Islamic nations, asking God - the Almighty - to accept the pilgrims’ pilgrimage, to perpetuate over us the blessings of safety and security, and to enable us to see more occasions of Eid Al Adha for many more years.

Happy Eid

Happy Eid
Congratulations on the Arrival of Eid Al Adh<div class="gmail_default rtejustify" dir="ltr" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 255); font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: large; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"><span style="color:#000000">On the occasion of the arrival of&nbsp;<strong>Eid al Adha</strong>, King Khalid University (KKU) presents sincere congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman&nbsp;bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, to the Crown Prince, His royal highness, Prince Mohammed bi
Congratulations on the Arrival of Eid Al Adh
On the occasion of the arrival of Eid al Adha, King Khalid University (KKU) presents sincere congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, to the Crown Prince, His royal highness, Prince Mohammed bi
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On the occasion of the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, King Khalid University (KKU) offers the highest and sincerest congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to His Highness, the Crown Prince, and to His Highness, the Deputy Crown Prince. In addition, the University congratulates the Saudi people and the Arab and Islamic nations, praying to God - the almighty - to perpetuate the blessings of security and safety, and to accept everyone's fasting and good deeds.

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Mr. Fahad Bin Nomah, the official spokesman for King Khalid University ( KKU ) has clarified that the University did not stop the summer term as it has been circulated recently, and that the summer term will continue in the University, and the priority is for graduate students, and then the rest of the students, according to what is available from classrooms, and from members of the faculty, in the summer semester.

Mr. Bin Nomah indicated that selecting topics depends on the approval of the faculty member, and then the faculty, for the total commitment and teaching in summer, and there was no compulsion, because it is an official holiday for the faculty member. He further clarified that the acknowledged conditions set by the academic committee was that the summer semester was for the graduate students in the first, then all graduate students classrooms will be available for the non-graduate students to register, and the faculty member shall be available for the summer semester. Mr. Bin Nomah concluded by saying "the University also took into account in terms of dates - of the start of the study in the summer - in order to allow the students to enjoy the holiday of Ramadan and Eid.

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Under the patronage of King Khalid University President, Prof. Abdul Rahman Hamad Aldawood, the Vice - President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Majid Al Harbi has sponsored the coronation ceremony for the winners in the first national competition in photography. It can be recalled that the competition was held on the occasion of the 84th National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the slogan "The Homeland in a photo". The ceremony was arranged earlier today (Wednesday 2/3/1436 AH) at the Headquarters of the University City in Abha.

Immediately upon his arrival, Al-Harbi visited stands in the accompanying exhibition, where he had a look on the winning photos, as well as a number of distinctive photos. In a speech on the occasion, he confirmed that the contest was to promote belonging and loyalty to the nation among members of the community. The contest was also considered a contribution by the university in national events, thus proving its presence in national competitions by being involved in the numerous segments of national competitions and activities, and by encouraging young talents, and introducing them to develop their photographic talents. The University, through arranging such competitions, is trying to encourage students to draw inspiration from the glorious National day in their work, and to perpetuate the day via cameras.

Then, the first places winning cash prizes were announced. Prizes were worth SR 50,000. In the first place came Abrar Omar Baoge from the city of Jeddah, and Ali Hussein Al-Kodsi from Abha City. The third place winner was Majid Ahmed Altijani. Nora Rashid Kherfa from AlKharj province came in the fourth place. Arbitration Committee prize nominated Owaied Hamad Al Oweid from Al-Qassim Province.

In the same context, the Technical Director and chairman of the Arbitration Committee, Dr. Ali Marzouk confirmed that the competition has achieved a number of objectives which includes promoting patriotism among members of the community; the contribution of the university in national events through involving in the largest number of aspects of the innovators in its diverse national competitions and activities, in addition to encouraging young talents and introducing them and their creations, and improving their photographic talents.

Regarding the regulations of sorting winning entries, Dr. Marzouk explained that the competition was launched depending on uploading all participating works via a link. In the first phase was the approval for participation and the arbitration by specialized committee, which picked works that met all the regulated conditions. In the second phase, four participation were chosen to win the competition prizes. He added, "In recognition of the wonderful artistic competition, the Committee proposed a fifth prize entitled "The Prize of the Arbitration Committee".

University to culminate the winners of "Homeland in a photo" competition
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His Excellency the President of King Khalid University, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Medical City of the University, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood approved the logo of the Medical City. This was during the meeting held to determine an appropriate logo for the city.

His Excellency the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Medical City, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rafidi explained that the committee, which was formed to select the logo received more than 19 participation from both the students and stakeholders of the University. All participation were presented to the Board of Directors, including the Committee's recommendation.

The loge that was chosen was from a student called Abdullah Abdul Rahman Alhomood from the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences. The student was inspired by the idea from King Khalid University logo.

Approval of the Medical City logo
In a Joint Partnership Initiated by the Faculty of Languages and Translation
IT General Directorate

King Khalid University has been nominated as an accredited center to conduct the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which is considered the most famous and accredited test in the world. The aim of the test is to assess the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers.

Being an accredited center is a result of the successful joint cooperation between the Faculty of Languages and Translation of the University and the British Council over three semesters. Since then, e-courses have been provided to get the applicant ready for the IELTS through the International Teaching Program at the Deanship of e-learning.

It is worth mentioning that the first date for the test will be on February 7, 2015, AD, and it is going to be available for both sexes. The Test center for male students will be in the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Guraiger, while the female students will attend their examination at the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Alsamer.

Further inquiries on the following

To register for the test, please log in by clicking (here)

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IT Directorate has established a page to communicate with the alumni of this year. The page includes the following: videos they want to share with others, And tweets via hashtag kku_grade35

The page also provides the ability to share photos via Instagram on hashtag Graduation Ceremony. Note that the page will be available for participation for the following two weeks. You can visit the Alumni page by clicking Here.

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A team at King Khalid University completed a study entitled "The Social, Psychological and Educational Impacts of Computer Games on Children" (A Field Study on Parents in the Aseer Region). The study reviewed the pros and cons of these games on the psychological, social and educational development of children. It also ended up with the results of the field study done by the team plus the proposed recommendations.

The Dean of the Research and Advisory Studies Institute at King Khalid University, Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Hadithi, said that this study is gaining importance in relation to raising children, rationalizing their behavior and maintaining their psychological balance. It is an obsession for most families. Although it is natural in any human culture to practice educational/entertainment games, which rely on societal principles to highlight the individual abilities of children, today's games, due to the information revolution, occupies the lives of children and adolescents. We get used to the scene of the child who plays computer games alone for long hours. Therefore, this phenomenon and its dimensions require conscious supervision and deep understanding.

Al-Hadithi added that psychologists, educators, and social workers from our faculty participated in the study. The study targeted 657 parents of primary and middle school students in the Aseer region. The percentage of male children in the sample was 53%, while females were 47%, 50% were at least 12 years old, and the other half were less than 12 years of age.

The study showed that 55% of the study sample of children in the Aseer region spend two hours or more per day playing computer games. As for the kinds of computer games played by the child, 33% of the games were represented by the mobile phone, 28% by PlayStation and Xbox, and 23% by the iPad. For children's attitudes towards electronic games, 51% of the target sample practice playing computer games with complete focus, attention and emotional and intellectual immersion, which may affect their levels of study and occupy a large part of the child's memory. Sadly, game developers are trying to demolish and overcome the factors of time and space, which is an unnecessary encroachment on early childhood development. This is contrary to education process which focuses on building the child's personality within the known limits.

Al-Hadithi: this study is gaining importance from raising children, rationalizing their behavior and maintaining their psychological balance

The study also highlighted the positive social effects of the child's use of electronic games. The most important of which is that approximately 40% of children acquire the skills of organizing roles when they share with others. Therefore, the child's interaction with these games will satisfy positive social tendencies. The study also handled the negative results, which reflect negatively on the child in terms of selfishness, preference for isolation, indifference to society, and communication with unknown people through the conversations offered by some games.

The study concluded with a number of recommendations, including guiding parents to regulate the number of hours of children's use of electronic games, linking them to the level of educational improvement, holding instructional/educational programs for parents and children about the harmful effects of electronic games and directing families to ban downloading bad programs. The study also recommended teaching the child to play roles in working groups to develop social intelligence, and directed children to educational games which inspire thinking and analysis, in addition to a proposal to create a classification system for electronic games according to (age, cultural, qualitative ...) like the "Entertainment Software Classification Board" and the idea of the Ministry of Education to adopt influential electronic games and incorporating them into the curriculum. Finally, the study advised holding many field studies on the relationship of violence, anger, aggression, and creativity to electronic games and child interaction.

About Computer Games and Their Psychological and Educational Impact on Children


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