King Khalid University (KKU) represented by Dentistry Collage has offered a medical services for an estimated number of patients reaching nearly forty thousand (40,000) patients and follow up in male department clinics at KKU.

Also more than five thousand (5,000)  female patients and follow up received treatment in Al Assamir department of  KKU. All these patients (nearly 106.850) have been treated with conventional high quality and professional standard care in this field.

By this process, KKU is looking forward to decrease the pressure on Ministry of health facilities as well as and to save time for patients and for all those in need of service in this area. Also to accelerate the process of treating citizens under specialists and consultants supervision from deferent dentistry specializations, which are rare to be found all in one region. One of the most prominent ambitions  of dentistry collage to develop and promote mouth and teeth health care in Asir region.         

KKU is also looking forward to reinforce the principles of community partnership project in Asir region. In thius regard,  the KKU community will have the  responsibility, of developing local communities  that will be in charge of specific in the region, including its 16 provinces.

It is an ambitious project that aims at  offering medical, awareness and educational services. It also includes field researches that serve local targeted community such as  schools, in every provinces.

Dentistry Collage of KKU achievements have not  stopped by this; it also managed to graduate more than 302 dentists to achieve health revolution  to serve Asir health facilities in particular,  and to participate in national  development programs in general .

It is worth to mentioning that Dentistry Collage is distinguished by its assistance and development in infrastructure in the region, and by establishing high quality clinics and dentistry workshops in male and female departments.

The college  also   provides  international conventional technology in this field, where it has been established two hundred and five (205) male clinics and a hubndred and twenty one  (121) female clinics,  equipping  them with necessary  pre clinical training simulation workshops to improve students training  using the latest treatment methods,  thus contributing to develop specialized practical and medical abilities of region's work force .   


King Khalid University

Yesterday, a delegation from Saudi Commission for Medical Specializations visited KKU to evaluate the training center in dental restoration and Endodontics section, Dentistry College, and to recognize it as a training center belonging to the Saudi Specialty Certificate Program.

Vice Dean of Educational and Academic Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Al Hasoon  welcomed the delegation and expressed the university strong desire in cooperation with all sectors that provide services to the educational community.

The delegation was consist of: Scientific Council Chairman of Saudi Board in the dentistry specialization, Dr. Saud bin Mohammed Al Orfali, and a member of the Scientific Council of Saudi Board in dental restoration and Endodontics Dr. Abdulrahman bin Sulaiman Ghufeili, and Scientific Council Chairman of Saudi Board in dental restoration Dr. Reem Mohammed Al Dhalaan. 

Dental Technology Department at Applied Medical Sciences College, Khamis Mushat participated in the world Day for Oral Health. It is a unique today because of the collaboration between the department and the Dentistry World Union which is considered the biggest dental organization all over the world. This year the department stayed in Special Education Compound, Abha.

The event started at 9.00 O’clock a.m. with verses from the Holy Quran, then introduction word and the activities that will be carried out during this day presented by the Assistant Dentist, Khalid Ahmed Mearaf. Followed by an educational lecture about oral and teeth health presented by Dr. Shadab Ali. After that Dr. Abdulmajeed Oksha presented a practical demonstration of how to take care of teeth especially for people with special needs. Then, the clinical detection on the students and teachers of the complex started by dividing them into groups supervised by Dental and Oral Medicine Specialists, Dr. Yahia Ahmed Alfathi, Abdulmajeed Oksh, Ahed Al-Shahrani, Aymen Salam, Shadab Ali, Khalid Ahmed Mearef (Assistant Dentist) besides a group of the department students.

The event was concluded by distributing gifts for the students of the complex and appreciation Certifications to the Director and teachers.  




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