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His Excellency King Khalid University Rector Prof. Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al Dawood has today in the morning, inaugurated the Dental Technology Department of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at the university branch in Khamis Mushayt (Lasan). The department includes 5 private laboratories for partial dentures, a lab for full dentures, as well as crowns, bridges, orthodontic, and a special laboratory for Albrooslin (coloring structures).

On the occasion, the students of the Faculty gave a detailed explanation to the Rector of the university, inside the laboratories, about the mechanism of work, and how to prepare the structures and the stages these structures go through before approval by the supervising teaching staff members.

For his part, President Al-Dawood thanked the students and the faculty members for what they are doing, stressing the university's readiness to provide full support to the Faculty for the sake of the betterment of the educational process. The costs of establishing and equipping of dental technology laboratories is estimated to more than 7 million Saudi Riyals. The project is implemented on an area exceeding 500 square meters, and has a number of 5 laboratories equipped with the latest medical devices. Also, the Laboratories can accommodate 130 students, including 15 intern students. 

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Faculty of Dentistry of King Khalid University has secured the membership of the International Organization for Dental Research, USA (IADR)" thus being the first school among the Saudi schools to join the organization and to put its logo on the site of the International Organization for Dental Research."

Joining the organization is as a result of the faculty members' and the students' research participation, in addition to the quality of the overall output of the Faculty.

Regarding this important development, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al Dawood has congratulated the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shahrani. The Rector also congratulated the faculty members and all the students on this achievement, which will be an incentive for the faculty to provide more excellence.

On his part, the Dean of Dentistry, Dr. Ibrahim bin Suleiman Al-Shahrani has stated that the Faculty had been granted the institutional membership according to the IADR standards for faculty members' and students' researches conducted. He said, "The International Organization for Dental Research in the United States is the highest research platform in the field of Oral Health Research."

For its part, the International Organization for Dental Research has thanked the King Khalid University Dentistry School for its support to the association through its message to push research wheel and increase knowledge so as to improve oral health worldwide.

Due to the faculty members' and the students' research participation and the overall quality of its output.
King Khalid University, Media Center

The Faculty of Dentistry at King Khalid University has achieved the first place as the best scientific poster, which was submitted by Dr. Ghadir Wadi'I, a Lecturer in Dental Reformation Department at the Faculty of Dentistry. The achievement was during the Faculty's participation in the 12th Dentistry conference. The Conference was held in Makkah, in the presence of a considerable number of doctors, lecturers and specialists in dental medical field. The event took place on Wednesday last week, 13/6/1436 AH.

Arbitrated posters exceeded 90 in number. The Faculty of Dentistry participated with 11 scientific research posters, which were presented by the students of the Faculty under the supervision of a number of faculty members.

On the other hand, a student of the Dentistry Faculty of King Khalid University, Faisal Al-Omari has won the third place in the 6th Student Conference (Community Service Branch), which was held last week, in Jeddah. The conference is a scientific competitive conference that is held annually and aims at providing an opportunity for all Saudi students to present their research projects, creative ideas, and entrepreneurial initiatives, across its different axes. The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Ibrahim bin Suleiman Al Shahrani emphasized that the University continued to increase students' participation in student conferences. Saying further "We aspire to rehabilitate the students in line with the vision of the wise leadership in creating a scientific base, which is able to contribute to the development of the country and promote it." The Dean further said, "The Faculty interacts in diverse medical conferences, to keep up with local and global scientific events in order to keep update with all what is new in the field of dentistry. Consequently, we could make use of these innovations and apply them in the forthcoming days"

King Khalid University, Abha

The School of Dentistry, which is participating in the King Khalid University Health, Awareness, and Cultural program in Tehama Asir, has provided a digital advanced device RVG.  The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry (the Advanced Dental Repair Consultant), Dr. Mohammed Al-Qarni explained that because of the support being received from the university administration, one of the most modern devices in the world, and the first in the Southern Region, was provided. He said, "The device works through "Wi-Fi" technology to display rays directly on the electronic screen, regardless of the reception position. The device provides easy, smooth, and high accuracy, in the process of taking diagnostic radiology of the mouth and teeth."

Clinics of the School of Dentistry also receives 9 cases through the diagnosis of oral disease and fillings clinic, and through Clinic of Pediatric Dentistry. There was also the gum disease, as well as oral and dental surgery clinic, preventive clinic for children, in addition to the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, sterilization, and medical records.

It is noteworthy that Dental Camp pavilion enjoys the presence of special medical staff - 34 consultants and interns - in order to provide all medical, educational, and awareness services, with the latest examination devices, in addition to devices to mix filling, and identifying its color.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Faculty of Dentistry has participated in the 26th Saudi International Conference of Dentistry, which was organized by the Saudi Dental Society of King Saud University in Riyadh. The venue was International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of King Khalid University, Ibrahim Al-Shahrani has stated that the Faculty was keen on making efforts in order to deliver a unique scientific event, which would serve the field of dentistry, and to keep pace with the latest preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Furthermore, the Conference aspired to provide the best health services in the Kingdom.

Al-Shahrani clarified that the conference was attended by a group of local and international spokesmen, and specialized researchers in the field who came from various advanced countries. 25 of the most prominent scientists in dentistry, who are the keynote speakers in the conference, spoke and presented issues and researches in the different aspects of dentistry. Moreover, the spokesmen offered scientific papers made in the form of short lectures and scientific posters in addition to a number of continuing medical education programs and workshops.

It is noteworthy that 6 students from the university (KKU) participated in the Conference. They are: Abdul Rahman Al-Asmari, Heba Al-Qarni, Amal Shiban, Nora Abu Melha, Zainab Medawi, and Afnan Alayash. All of them participated with scientific posters.

King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University, represented by the Research Center, which is affiliated to Faculty of Dentistry, participated in the workshop that was organized by the Ministry of Higher Education under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Khalid Al-Angari and was inaugurated by His Excellency the Deputy Minister, Dr. Ahmed Al-Seif. The purpose of holding the workshop is to discuss ways to enhance the participation of female researchers in the process of scientific research.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Farsi, the Vice - President for Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Dentistry, and the Deputy President of the workshop's Research Center, participated as a representative of the center. He said, "It was a fruitful meeting - thanks God. It began with a meeting of the representatives of the centers with the researchers in various disciplines focusing on identifying obstacles they face in the field of scientific research."

Next came a meeting of the representatives of the centers with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Al-Ohaly, and the Secretary General of Research Centers, Dr. Sami Abdul wahab. The meeting was to discuss ways to overcome previously identified obstacles.

Dr. Al-Farsi stated that the Ministry of Higher Education currently supported 22 research centers in various disciplines in Saudi universities. He added that King Khalid University has emerged the only center which specializes in dental research.  He said, "The Ministry of Higher Education has established these centers to contribute in actualizing the vision of the Kingdom; transforming to the knowledge economy". Clarifying further that "we could not achieve that goal without the support of innovators, male and female. We have to transform their creative ideas, of course through scientific research, to commercial products that could be useful in supporting the local economy."

He added, "In King Khalid University, we are blessed with atmosphere that is convenient for research processes, which is comparable to what is obtained in global universities. This due to the efforts being exerted by His Excellency the University President, Dr. Abdulrahman Aldawood, His Excellency the Vice - President for Graduate Studies and the Scientific Research, Dr. Majid Al Harbi, and the Dean of Scientific Research Deanship, Dr. Eid Al-Otaibi."

Dr. Al-Farsi pointed out that the Faculty of Dentistry, led by the Dean - Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shahrani - has proved to this meeting its ability to excel and lead in the field of scientific research in the specialty of dentistry.

He concluded, "We are blessed - thanks to God - then to the wise leadership - with a tremendous renaissance in the field of scientific research. Research centers are one of the most important means that enable innovators to actualize their intellectual innovation, so that they can be beneficial to their nation." He explained that all research centers welcome the joining of male and female researchers, promising to support them in that regard.

King Khalid University, Media Center.

King Khalid University, represented by the Dentistry College, has started implementing a cooperation agreement with Asir Handicapped Children Association. The agreement states forming a joint teamwork, starting from the current academic year 1435 - 1436 AH. The teamwork will contain 42 intern and 12 members of the teaching staff. Note that Monday is set aside for receiving cases starting from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 O'clock pm. with an average of 8 cases a week. The initiative proves the University's pursuit of achieving one of its most important of its goals - delivering needed services that could help in building the community.

In this regard, the Dean of Dentistry College, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shahrani has stated that the college is taking part in this agreement just to perform its duty in removing any obstacles that may hinder the progress of anyone, and to deliver the best possible services for the members of the community, because of its belief in the responsibility it should shoulder towards different sections of the community.

Al-Shahrani said, "I hope this work is going to have a great positive impact in helping the dear group of handicapped, and oral heath as well."  

Dentistry sets a day for Asir handicapped.
King Khalid University, Media Center

Dentistry College of King Khalid University has begun a training program to a number of dentists in order to obtain Consultant status of the Saudi Arabia Membership program (PhD), in the disciplines of Dental Restoration, the Endodontic Treatment, and the Pulp. The training which is going to be held annually is set for for many years, with the first session coming in October 2014 AD, and with a capacity of up to 4 trainees; two at the beginner level, and the other two at the advanced level.

Regarding this matter, the Dean of the Dentistry College of the University, Dr. Ibrahim Bin Suleiman Al-Shahrani stated that accredited medical centers can grant dentists the PhD certificate, thus becoming of Consultant status, and eligible for the Saudi Membership in the same specialization, and this can be authenticated by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties depending on the PhD Certificate obtained. He said, "The action will affect the quality of service delivered to patients."

Moreover, Al - Shahrani asserted that the College aims at producing graduates of national cadres; both male and female Dentists who will distinguish themselves scientifically and professionally, in accordance with Islamic ethics and values, and in the application of the highest standard quality of education. He said, "Our aim is to exchange scientific expertise among local and international scientific institutions, and to provide needed pieces of advice, scientific and technical services for governmental and non - governmental organizations, who may be interested in the health of the mouth and teeth."

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The Deanship of Dentistry College of King Khalid University held yesterday, Monday 25/8/2014 AD, the annual welcoming ceremony for the faculty members, on the occasion of the start of the new school year. The celebration included a brief introduction about both the University and College to the new teaching staff, in addition to that of the vision, mission and objectives of the College. The occasion included introducing the college activities to the attendees and its study plan for the whole year, as well as what is expected from the new teaching staff. The following respected personalities attended the meeting, Dean of Dentistry College, Dr. Ibrahim Bin Suleiman Al-Shahrani, Vice-President of the college, Dr. Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Qarni, University Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Farisi, and University Vice-President for clinical Affairs, Dr. Abdul Aziz Saad Abu Melha.

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King Khalid University (KKU) has Supported  scientific research by providing a quarter of million Saudi riyal as scholarship  to Dr. Mohammed Al Farsi who undertook the research.The research deals with discovery of  the side effects of Dental Implantation on human genes  responsible for the healing of Dental Implantation in the jawbone.

Dr. Mohamed Abdurhman Al Farsi,  a professor of prosthodontics, who is also  the assistant of Dental implantation program, in addition to being  the representative of Saudi Dental Society in Asir region, praised and appreciated the prevailing excellent scientific environment for research in the Dentistry college. He, as well as the prevailing conducive condition provided by KKU for researches, are living example of King Khalid University's pursuit to achieve excellence by investing recourses for the  improvement of this country's work force. The proof of this can be ascertained by the university's support of Dr. Mohamed during his Masters and P.hD Studies. Dr. Mohamed pointed out thus, " the cost of my doctorate research was about a quarter of a million Saudi riyals, and this support contributed - thanks to God -  in preparing high level scientific research to discover the side effects of Dental Implantation on human genes which are responsible for the healing of Dental Implant in jawbone".

It was pointed out that  Al Farsi joined King Khalid University in 2004, where he worked in Abha General Hospital  and later at the Military Hospital in Khamis Mushayt. From there he was sent to Australia in 2005 to undertake courses in masters and doctorate degrees on an eight year scholarship. During his study there, he conducted his masters degree research which was about 'the design and making of dental implantation using Computer', while  for his  doctorate degree research he decided to do it on 'the side effects of Dental Implantation on surrounding genes'. Al Farsi has since returned to Saudi Arabia, and now he is working as a Vice Dean of Dentistry College for academic affairs at King Khalid University.   

KKU supports research with scholarship


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